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Survivalcraft Cheats :

This page contains Survivalcraft cheats list for Android version. Now we have 6 cheats in our list, which includes 3 cheats codes, 2 unlockables, 1 secret. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Survivalcraft on Android platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - Dimorubyd

by Unregistered Oct 03, 2016

If you need meat when you start the game dig up two blocks jump and place them underneath you and kill animals. for exsample a bull, rinosorus,bear or wolf just not tigers!!!

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Code - Animal Hunting tips and Tricks

by Rubencheathanger Jul 09, 2013

When hunting for food you mean...Animals is a skill to survive on the island but how do you do that?

Well that's what im going to explain to you.

-First you need the item (Forgot name)that is fake grass.'When you or an animal stands on it the grass will disappear and the animal will fall to death or is trapped in a hole you made.

-Or just hunt it to death by throwing spheres (pretty hard) or slaying it with a Sword (takes a while)

Animals will be scared off when they see you and it's pretty hard to hunt them down.the first option is the hardest way to trap the animal but it's worth trying it.and the 2nd option is the original way to track it down and to get food.But another way to get food is to spawn cows and let them in your farm.When you have low on food you can kill it to get the food you need.

For weapons it's recommended to use Diamond Equipment like Diamond Swords spheres and other to kill them quickly and not to waste time just for one Showdown.

Gunpowders is all right but the animal must be close to the bomb.when close fire it and the bomb will explode.leaving a big hole and the dead body of the animal.

Hope these were Informative!


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Unlockable - Tips and Tricks in Survivalcraft

by Rubencheathanger Jul 09, 2013

Here are the tips and Tricks i discovered in Survivalcraft!

-If you want to let the Furnace fire hold longer place more wood in it.

-Diamond Weapons (like i mentioned in the other cheat) are always super effective!'use it when surrounded by enemies.

-Killing animals like wolves birds and cows (many more)will give you food to survive.

-Create a House to rest and look for who is coming.

-Electricity Panels (You can use them in the later version) are good when you don't want to have your door destroyed.

-It's better to stay at your hideout when night time.Then your terrain is dangerous!

-Craft things to create amazing things!'Read the Recipedia and get the crafting table to do this'

-Get new texture packs to let it look more like Minecraft!

-Riding the horse is a good way to explore your terrain and it moves faster.

-Create things in the creative mode' Save it to your world' then do single player to use your created world.(all things you made in the creative mode are still there when playing Singleplayer)

Hope you liked these!


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Unlockable - SurvivalCraft Seeds.

by Rubencheathanger Jul 09, 2013

In Survivalcraft you have those called Seeds to generate a different Real-life world.

Here are the best seeds or less best seeds so please comment!

Note:All is not made by me all rights go to

CHRISTMASType Christmas in the Seedname you are spawned ti a mountain with flying blocks.and there are very BIG mountains.
MOUNTAINSThere is a mountain that has been dug in various places and it's massive.there are holes in walls thatl let you see other parts.With a lake and another Same mountain in the distance.
EASTERIt has lots of trees and grass,flowers and when you look behind you there are Huge Mountains.
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Code - Diamond Items effictiveness

by Rubencheathanger Jul 08, 2013

In the game you have those Extremely items called Diamond Equipment.LIke the Diamond Machete Spear and other but beware that these items are difficult to craft.

It's possible to first craft diamond i forgot how (Read the Recipedia for more details)then use the Sword or Machete and Mix it with the Weapon (Sometimes it uses more diamonds so be aware of that.

It are VERY STRONG Weapons it can kill enemy's in 2 hits or even 1 KO hit!

Hope this helps for Players of the Survivalcraft!


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Secret - Survivalcraft Gunpowderkegs Power

by Rubencheathanger Jul 04, 2013

This is the first cheat of my new posted game:Survival craft for Android and iPhone.

You can use gunpowder kegs to destroy an area you don't want.Or kill enemy's with it but for what is each gunpowder?

Small gunpowder:Destroying a little land.

Medium Gunpowder:For Destroying enemys you trapped in a Surrounded trap.

Large Gunpowder:For destroying a Huge place and enemy's.

Each has his own doings and ability's so use each wisely.


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