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Animal Crossing Cheats :

This page contains Animal Crossing cheats list for Game Cube version. Now we have 24 cheats in our list, which includes 6 cheats codes, 1 password, 4 unlockables, 1 glitch, 12 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Animal Crossing on Game Cube platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Here are two cheats.

by Sorceress Jul 10, 2007

If you want more Gyriosds for you're house here is a coo, way to do it.
All you need to do is change the date to be like 10 years in the future, and then come back to town and Gyroids should be buried all over the place.

Note: If you ever do this you should always plant trees that you want to grow fast before you go into the future, because they will grow instantly! Cool huh? Oh and you can't forget there is one thing i should warn you about before you do this. When you ten years into the future it acts like you just didn't play for that long so not only will you get TONS or Cockroaches in you're house but weeds will grow EVERYWHERE.

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Secret - Get to the secret isleand.

by Sorceress Jul 10, 2007

IF you want to go to you're island But you don't have any of these or don't even have one of them.

Game Boy Advance
Connecter Cable
Animal Crossing for the Game Boy.

But you do have an AR All you have to do is go to the area where you connect and let Cap'n come by, and then use the Z is jump code to jump into the lake and keep walking down untel you get to you're island.

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Secret - How to get gold items

by Sorceress Jun 23, 2007

gold ax: get a perfect town raiting
gold shovel: find a little spot on the ground that is shining kind of gold dig it up and bury your shovel [this requires two shovels] and it should be a gold leaf tree and when it is full grown when you come into town right by it is a golden shovel
golden net: catch every bug there is and the next day the mayer will delivet it to you
golden fishing rod: catch every fish and the next day the mayer will deliver it to you

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Secret - K. K. songs

by Kanninhamu Jun 20, 2008

Aloha K.K
Cafe K.K.
Comrade K.K.
Go K.K. Rider!
I Love You
Imperial K.K.
K.K. Aria
K.K. Ballad
K.K. Blues
K.K. Bossa
K.K. Calypso
K.K. Casbah
K.K. Chorale
K.K. Condor
K.K. Country
K.K. Cruisin'
K.K. D & B
K.K. Dirge
K.K. Etude
K.K. Faire
K.K. Folk
K.K. Fusion
K.K. Gumbo
K.K. Jazz
K.K. Lament
K.K. Love Song
K.K. Lullaby
K.K. Mambo
K.K. March
K.K. Parade
K.K. Ragtime
K.K. Reggae
K.K. Rock
K.K. Safari
K.K. Salsa
K.K. Samba
K.K. Ska
K.K. Song
K.K. Soul
K.K. Steppe
K.K. Swing
K.K. Tango
K.K. Technopop
K.K. Waltz
K.K. Western
Lucky K.K.
Mr. K.K.
Only Me
Rockin' K.K.
Senor K.K.
Soulful K.K.
Surfin' K.K.
The K. Funk
Two Days Ago

Two Days Ago, Only Me, I Love You, & K. K. song only play if u request them

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Code - Codes

by OrangeYoda May 08, 2008

Requested by NN123456789
(a long time ago)

WB2&pARAcnOwnUjMCK%hTk8JHyrT30,00 BELLS
TarquterMustjeAtLeastHundredGOLDEN SHOVEL
aPShDyYoeR685bafcAlkwcRCmqi3100 TURNIPS
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Secret - Rare Fish Catching Tip

by mecha389 Aug 24, 2009

The 3 rarest fish in (Animal Crossing) are the Arowana/Golden Dragon Fish, Arapamia and the rarest of them all the Cruceathan.

Time of day-mid day
value-10.000 bells
Rarity 9.8

Time of day-after 8pm
Shadow-Huge(Bigger than U have ever seen can clog up stream when sideways)
Rarity 9.9
Weather-clear days NO rain

Time of day-9am to around 6/7 pm
Season-All year
Shadow-same size as Arapamia/Huge
Rarity 10
Weather-Rainy days !ONLY!

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Code - Black Piece codes

by woodenrock Jul 06, 2007

Go to Tom Nook and ask to enter code.(only for GC)

Black PawnSupermayiobroSAoImAlCaOssiNG
Black KnightSupermakiobroSAeImAlCrOssiNG
Black RookaDShHyYoeR685bafyBlkwcRCmqi3
Black BishopaDSLDyYoeR685bafRBlkwcRCmqi3
Black Queen1LhuwvEDA22fmA dagnvzbCvBAsyU
Black KinglLhuwvEDA23fmAdsgnvzbCIBAsyU
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Secret - Take that HRA!

by Unregistered Mar 18, 2008

On Thanksgiving talk to one of your neighbors and they'll say a guys hid'n in a certain acre. It's a turkey. (Duh.) he'll say to steal the silverware from the banquet. Get it, find him again, and he'll give you rare turkey furnature, TV, rugs etc. Keep doin it till ya got all the stuff, and you'll get over 100,000 points from the HRA. Seriosly.

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Code - Cow Shirts 4 All!

by Berry Aug 11, 2007

Go to Tom Nooks and talk to him and press Say Code

HlljazzthemmoYllljazzthemmoGCow Shirt
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Code - Easy gold

by Doomnewb Aug 25, 2008

On january 1st (set the time) go to tom nook and put in this code for 30k and on december 25th if your lucky tom nook will buy turnips for about 752 a piece (cant be spoiled) if i get these coes wrong please say so and put in the right way in commets

100 turnipsaPShDyYoeR685bafcAlkwcRCmqi3
30k bellsWB28pARAcnOwnUjMCK%hTk8JHyrT
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Glitch - Dummy

by axel_fan205 Dec 23, 2008

sometimes you see people in a tent or igloo. When you play a game and win a prize it might be a dummy, when the creators created the game, they noticed it but didn't get it out, imagine that!

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Secret - Catalog items come in instantly

by Sorceress Jun 25, 2007

if you order something from your catalog and then go to your giroid andsave and quit and come right back in your items will already be there

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Code - 30,000 bells FAST!!!

by Unregistered Sep 17, 2007

go to Tom Nook's shop, click other things, then type in the code. You can do this 3 times a day, but to go faster, quit after you get the things and then get back on and switch to the next day then enter the codes again. Repeat this as many times as you wish.

WB2&pARAcnOwnUjMCK%hTk8JHyrT30,000 bells!
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Cheats - Nooks Shop upgrades

by Unregistered Feb 12, 2007

Nook's Cranny:From Start
Nook'n'go:Spend 25,00 bells
Nookway:Spend 50,00 bells
Nookingtons:Spend 240,00 bells (includes two floors and two extra workers Timmy and Tommy)

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Hints - Rock money

by Unregistered Aug 15, 2006

Hit the rocks with your shovel and if the rock turns red hit until the money stops coming out. There is only one rock in a town per day.

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Cheats - Lots Of Money

by Unregistered Jun 20, 2006

here is one way to earn 100,000 bells a day!! put the date on jan.1 and you should get 10,000 bells from your parents then go to tom nooks store and when he asks you what you want go to other things and then another menu should come up. go to say code and type in this for 30,000 bells WB28pARAcnownUjMCK%hTk8JHyrT then tom nook should give you a present for 30,000 bells, but to get a 100,000 bells you have to type this cheat in 3 times. this is an easy way to pay off debt when you have to pay 398,000 bells or higher.

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Cheats - The Basics

by CheatsGuru May 15, 2005

On the night of the harvest moon (September 21) go and talk to the
mayor. He will be along the river somewhere. He will give you a
"Full Moon". Cash it in with Tom for 8000 bells! (only one
moon per person)

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Code - EASY MONEY!!!

by Dialga_Master212 Jan 16, 2008

u enter the codes to tom nook. talk 2 him and say "other things" and "say codes"

1LhOwvrDA23fmtdsgnvzbCIBAsydget train station model 1 and sell 4 45000 bells
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Secret - Ghost

by lovinlife101 Jul 09, 2010

At night (when the moon is up until the sun rises), there will be a ghost roaming around in your town. It could be anywhere. You have to help him though, for he needs help catching some spirits. When you have finished (you need to finish before daytime), he will give you a present. You have a choice. I only remember that he can have all of your weeds gone, and he can paint your roof. I hoped this helped.

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Secret - Money does grow on trees

by Unregistered May 24, 2010

During gameplay go on you're inventory and click on the bell symbol and select discard 100 bells. When you have the bells in your inventory, use your shovel to dig a hole and plant the money you should see a small sapling apear. after a few days you should see a tree with money growing on it. YAY.
Sometimes this dosen't work the tree dosen't always grow

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Secret - A good way to make Bells.

by Unregistered Apr 22, 2010

Get two memory cards and both of them has a city and make sure the city's fruits are different. Use the first game and go to the other city to pick fruits there and come back to your hometown once you have a full inventory. Sell all the fruits to Nook for 7,500 bells if you have a full inventory of them.

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Unlockable - Golden Shovel

by Unregistered Nov 18, 2008

you'll need 2 shovels to do this go and fined any gold part of the ground (bells that were buried) or plant some bells and dig them up don't cover the hole bury the shovel and when the tree is fully groun shake the gold tree and you'll get a golden shovel (i used the password to get it but before i buried a shovel at the gold part)the passwords the cheat

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Password - Free Items

by Becksters14 Apr 14, 2008

It always takes forever to get the whole set of something for your house so here are some passwords to help you. To put them in, go to Tom Nook and talk to him, say "other things" and then "say code" thats where you type the following. ***It is case sensitive so type it in EXACTLY like it says*** SOme times it says you aren't a winner try it another day it might work then.

5iPiES@sTRJmAA shO9cb#9Uh9wO4Get Regal Armoire
2%Q2fhVthAyAY3 O5yYAK9zjHxLo7Get Regal Bed
NintendoGamecu bearenumberoneGet Regal Bookcase
Q6&6KQom9DzR35 DfyDC4%EEpCmiRGet Regal Chair
Grab5aggrsbbag GrabbagGrabbagGet Regal Cupboard
IHkteHheNewWay OCPostingCodezGet Regal Dresser
2%Q3fhMKRByAY3 Z5yYAK9zNHxLo7Get Regal Lamp
2%QYfhMdRByAY3 O5yYAK9zNHxLo7Get Regal Sofa
Mu&x5fw9GINwLS 9ljjHSoLwZMD7&Get Regal Table
ZzicrRe%wwcRMs GX1QbaZv0Z7c8xGet Regal Vanity
xfdaoonfiuhter layuoonfighterGet the Regal Carpet
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Unlockable - Golden shovel and money tree!$$$

by Unregistered Aug 16, 2007

(You need 2 shovels to unlock the golden shovel)

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Golden ShovelFind a glowing spot on the ground and dig up the thousand bells but don't fill the hole back in instead bury the other shovel in the ground and a tree will start to grow. Shake the tree when its an adult and a golden shovel will fall out.
Money TreeDo the same thing as the shovel only bury the money you dig up.
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Cheats - Easier rock hitting

by Unregistered Jan 22, 2007

what u do is u dig three holes behind u when u hit a rock, once u hit your money rock it will be easier to hit the rock and u will get more money doing so.

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