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Custom Robo Cheats :

This page contains Custom Robo cheats list for Game Cube version. Now we have 0 cheats in our list, which includes . We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Custom Robo on Game Cube platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Secret illegal robo's

by CheatsGuru May 15, 2005

The main boss, Rahu is an opponent you will fight alot through the
game. Every time you fight him he will have different weapons and
sometimes pods. Legs always remain the same. So, there is a Robo setup
that I found best and easiest to take him out. Every time I fought
Rahu I used this same setup:
Body: Ray 01 (Color doesn't Matter)
Pod: Dolphin Pod
Gun: Gatling Gun (I found this to be the most usefull gun available so
Bomb: Cresent (I never really used bombs when fighting Rahu, I did in
other matches though. I used cresent alot, but bombs can be aby you
choose really.)
Legs: Long Thrust

Strategy: Ok here we go. When you start off, try to morph from the
Robo Cube as fast as possible. If you get the first hit it always
makes a world of difference. Using the long thrusts you can easily
move from place to place. Quickly thrust to his current location and
unload a whole clip of Gattling Rounds on him. While he is trying to
reboot unload some more. Each time will do a good 100-125 damage or
so. If you feel you must use your bombs and pods then feel free too. I
never used them on Rahu.
(On Rahu III, the final boss, It's optional, but it helps to
substitute the Gatling Gun for the Dragon Gun. Just stand in one place
and whale on him while you team mates trach him down. But if the arrow
above his head turns red then move.)

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Cheats - Completion bonuses

by Unregistered Apr 30, 2005

When the weird robot attacks Bogey's Café, defeat it then the blue-haired person. When Harry asks if you are going home, tell him that you will wander around. Then go to Hero's home talk to Lucy (the woman that sweeps with the broom), You will tell her about Z, and she will think that it is a band and that you were a security guard. Talk about the band. She used to hear the Groovy Goombas and their hit song "Fire Flower Sunshine".

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Cheats - Custom Robo Cheats

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2005

Here's some awsome unlockables!
First person mode/ Grand Battle/ First peron view / CPUs in VS
mode/ Parts indexs/ Arcade mode=Beat a new journey
Rahu1= In Grand Battle, go to the outside world, go to
Z-Headquarters, go to Issabellas room, go in the tank on the left,
press A on the right side of the tank.
Rahu11= In the outside world, go to the bronze handicap match, keep talking to Lucy and she'll give it to you.
Rahu111= In the outside world in the silver battle royal, go to the broken cart below the holleseum and press A.
That's all for now but I have a lot more for next time!

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Cheats - Extra Modes

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

Complete te story mode for the first time to unlock First person Perspective, and the ability to fight against computers in Vs. mode.

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Cheats - Easiest way to beat Rahu in A new journe

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

To get gold in a single use tournament, do not use Illegal parts as they cut your points in half. Use the following combination, or something of the sort. In the first two to three battles use Metal Ape, Metal Bear, Metal Ox, with these guns: Afterburner (stand back and fire for an easy perfect), Blade (stand back, fire your opponent into a wall, and keep firing for an easy perfect), Halo (stand on ground and fire repeatedly for an perfect). Note: These guns do not too well in Ice Holloseums, In the case of Ice Holloseums, use a Javelin or Halberd type. In battles four through six, use the Peregrine and either Shotgun or Knuckle. Note: If there are more battles than six, use Peregrine and Knuckle, Swift and Shotgun, And Shrike and Flame. For the last battle, use your preferred Robo (for example, Ray 01) and your favorite weapon (probably the Dragon).

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by Unregistered Aug 01, 2006


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Custom Robo Cheats


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