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Digimon World 4 Review :

This game is FUN!

by yoshi114 Jan 23, 2012

Holy S*** i F***ing love this game! it so fun! so too start out you get to pick out of 1 of 4 digimon, and then you enter the D.S.G. which protects the different worlds of digimon throughout the land or something, now you'll notice that your digimon has a weapon, and this, oh hO, THIS! is debatebly the BEST part of the game! there are a ton of different weapons AND armor too kind of "pimp" out your character. and they're all so unique! The weapons are divided into different technique categories , which are as follows: Blunt, Bash, Slash, Stab, Shot, Crush, and MP techniques. Once you get to a certain amount of "tech", you can equip more powerful weapons, which is so f-ing fun! Now the adventure on the other hand, was pretty good i guess, with a somewhat memorable final boss and bosses. the only thing that really bugged me about this game is that it took a LOOONG time to level up. and once you beat the game on all 3 difficulties, AND unlock all the digimon, theres not much to do after that, but this game was amazingly long lsating for me.

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9Story line
The story line here is you trying to find out whose causing all the evil outsiide of your home, to do this, you must progress thru each fairly unique worlds to uncover secrtets about your true enemy.
the graphics were...okay, for gamecube, but they DEFINATLY were not the best, i liked the game, but the graphics could have done better.
they could have done a little better on the sound and music overall but I still came to like it, not bad in fact.
LOVE the gameplay here! yet another fighting/adventure type game that is easy to not stop playing, its VERY addictive, especially when your trying to be able to use a weapon you havent used yet :D
6Lasting Appeal
*sigh* i wish this game had DLC, sadly it is gamecube. it got boring after i defeated every challenge and found every easter egg type thing. DLC or an expansiion pack would make this game near perfect.
(Out of 10)


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