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Harvest Moon: Magical Melody Cheats :

This page contains Harvest Moon: Magical Melody cheats list for Game Cube version. Now we have 10 cheats in our list, which includes 1 unlockable, 1 easter egg, 8 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Harvest Moon: Magical Melody on Game Cube platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Easter Egg - Pig

by fayor Apr 20, 2009

To get the pig, you must first build a level one barn. Once it is built, enter the barn and the pig will be there. Gourmet will give you the pig to keep at your farm. This is a pet like your dog. You don't have to feed it but it would be happy if you did. The pig can dig for truffles. Once you sell a truffle you will get a magical note!

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Secret - 32 Easy Magical Notes

by fayor Mar 27, 2009

1) Take first step
2) Sell first item
3) Reach the top of the mountain
4) Sell a Truffle
5) Light a Fire
6) Make your first Dish
7) Don't talk to anyone all day
8) Stay still for a while
9) Read all books
10) Go to Island
11) Ring Bell inside 20 times
12) Whistle inside 50 times
13) Save 20 times
14) Get Blue Feather
15) Get Married
16) Have a baby
17) Buy enough Kitchen Utencils to make at least 50 Dishes
18) Attend Flower Festival
19) Attend Pumpkin Festival
20) Attend Fire Festival
21) Attend Starry Night Festival
22) Attend New Years Festival
23) Befriend Joe
24) Befriend Kurt
25) Befriend Nina
26) Befriend Dia
27) Befriend Gina
28) Befriend Ann
29) Befriend Eve
30) Befriend Marie
31) Befriend Gwen
32) Befriend Ellen

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Secret - Nina

by fayor May 20, 2009

Nina and her mom Liz, live on a farm. Here they grow crops.
Nina is usually at the farm or in the forest.
If you do not marry Nina she will marry Basil.
your dog
your pig
flowers(ecpesially blue mist)

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Unlockable - Unlock all the people in Flower Bud village

by MiniHarvest Sep 17, 2007

Follow what is below and you should do fine:

Unlockable:How to unlock:
How to unlock Louise:Sometime in summer there is the fireworks festivel,go there and you will meet Lousie.But to fully unlock Louise you have to have the junk shop upgraded by shipping lots of ores
How to unlock Dia and Gina:All you have to do to unlock Dia and gina is ship 30 herbs any type and befirends with Alex to 1 hart.
How to unlock dan and ronald.To unlock these two all you have to do is first go to the horse race which will appear every year on the 17th of spring and the 17th of fall,once you go the you will meet Ronald and dan.But to full unlock them you have to Plant 4 trees.
How to unlock Gwen,Duke and Doug:To unlock these you have to go to the horse race ,and a month later they will both open shop at the same time,and Gwen will help Doug out .
How to unlock Carl and Katie:Carl and Katie work together once you have met Carl at the moonlight cafe ,Carl and Katie will open shop on the 1st of fall.
How to unlock Lyla:Lyla isent to hard to unlock but not the quickest one to unlock either.All you have to do to unlock Lyla is go to the flower fesitvel and ship lots of berries and flowers,but remember that Lyla dosent send you a letter when she opens shop like everyone else dose.
How to unlock Tie and Tim:Tie and tim are quite quickto get,because all you have to do is ship 10 ores.
How to unlock sabarie:Sabarie is the esey one because all you have to do is ship one good clay.
How to unlock Merly:All you have to do to unlock Merly is befirends with Ronald to 3 harts.
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Secret - Jamie

by fayor May 20, 2009

Jamie is a boy if you are a girl in the game. If you are a boy in the game Jamie is a girl. She is a farmer who you will compete against in contests and by shipping items.
If you marry Jamie the game will end. You will get married by the Harvest Queen Lake.

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Secret - Marriage Requirments

by fayor Jun 15, 2009

To get married you must follow these requirments:
-have at least 50 notes
-have the blue feather
-have at least 8 hearts on boyfriend/girlfriend
-must upgrade house to level 3

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Secret - Territory Colors

by fayor Jun 10, 2009

If you push the Z button while outside, the ground will turn different colors. This shows what territory belongs to who. Blue land is owned by you. Yellow and red land is part of other farms. Green land is normally unowned.

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Secret - Quick Sleep Controls

by fayor Jun 10, 2009

Sometimes at night you have trouble finding your way back home. To save all the trouble, go to the menu then push the Z button. It will send you straight to bed.

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Secret - Dumb 10000 step Pedometer.

by Iluvvyuuhunn Mar 11, 2008

Gosh. How many of you Harvesters actually use the pedometer and try to get that note, but is getting tired of it taking up space in your napsack?

I AM! (Was actually.)

So I got this hint. :] When you first get the pedometer, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOUSE. Stay inside and have the pedometer with you. (You can laugh at me all you want if I am making any mistakes. x]] ) GET A RUBBER BAND. : D No I am not asking you to tie your hair. Just get a rubber band and wrap it around the joystick (x] Pardon the fact that I don't use the GCN as much as I did before.) that allows your character to walk and tie it so the joystick is bent all the way to the left or right. Leave your controller their and AFK for about 15-30 minutes. Do whatever you feel like. Doesn't matter.

When you come back, there should be a new shiny note above your head. (This means you can discard the rubber band now or stick it back where it was before.) Say goodbye to the dumb pedometer and throw it back into the box. :]


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Secret - Character's B-day's

by Animallover#1 Oct 17, 2008

Alex: 30th Spring
Basil: 16th Spring
Blue: 20th Winter
Carl: 16th Fall
Dan: 26th Summer
Doug: 7th Fall
Duke: 28th Winter
Gourment: 1st Fall
Hank: 14th Summer
Henry: 12th Spring
Joe: 10th Summer
Kurt: 10th Winter
Louis: 2nd Fall
Meryl: 6th Spring
Michael: 3rd Fall
Ray: 27th Fall
Ronald: 11th Spring
Saibara: 2nd Winter
Tai: 25th Summer
Terry: 21st Winter
Tim: 12th Fall
Theodore: 4th Spring
Woody: 21st Summer

Ann: 18th Summer
Dia: 9th Winter
Ellen: 8th Fall
Eve: 16th Winter
Gina: 20th Fall
Gwen: 8th Summer
Katie: 29th Fall
Liz: 21st Fall
Lyla: 27th Spring
Maria: 15th Winter
Martha: 25th Winter
Nami: ? Spring

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Harvest Moon: Magical Melody Cheats


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