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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Cheats :

This page contains Hitman 2: Silent Assassin cheats list for Game Cube version. Now we have 6 cheats in our list, which includes 2 cheats codes, 1 unlockable, 2 glitches, 1 secret. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Hitman 2: Silent Assassin on Game Cube platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Get M4 Without Silent Assassin Ranking on St. Petersburg Missions

by Dragoon Oct 01, 2011

Play Motorcade Interception. Get atop the tower that is along the main stretch to the palace. Snipe the guy in the limo. After he dies, the UN troops will get off the jeep and come to shoot at you. The jeep will lay down supressive fire. If you can get one of the UN troops between you and the jeep, it should kill him without failing the mission. Pick up the M4 and head to the extraction point. You now have the M4 in your shed--a whole hell of a lot easier than beating the St. Petersburg missions on silent assassin.

From Austin Friend

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Unlockable - Level Select Menu

by TheKing6030 Oct 01, 2011

Edit the hitman2.ini and change "DefaultScene=AllLevels/logos.gms" to "DefaultScene=AllLevels/levelmenu.gms”

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Glitch - Level-Select Glitch

by evilchik888 Oct 01, 2011

First, start a new game or load one from your memory card. Then quit back to the main menu. If you go to Start, you'll have the option of Current Game or New Game. Select New Game and it should warn you about losing unsaved progress. Select Yes and it will bring you to the difficulty selection. Instead of selecting one, just press the back button to go to the previous menu, and this time select Current Game instead. When it brings you to the mission selection screen, it will have all the missions on it! Note: Keep in mind that, by selecting New Game, you ARE losing your unsaved progress. It's just like starting any new game, but at any level you want. So you will not have any of your ratings or guns from the game you quit from.

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Glitch - Faster Pick lock

by edmund29 Oct 01, 2011

When you are picklocking a door press start and then go to your map then exit and the door should be picked.

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Code - Codes

by deannasmells123 Oct 01, 2011

When you are playing the game type it.

IOIAIRfly and attack
IOILAWSplay as father vittorio
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Code - All Pushbutton Cheat Codes

by peu1221 Oct 01, 2011

Enter the codes in-game to acheive the desired effect. Directions are entered on the cross pad. (Codes can also be entered while paused.)

Right, Left, Up, Down, A, Up, B, AAll Weapons
Right, Left, Up, Down, A, Up, Right, RightEquips Stealth Weapons
Right, Left, Up, Down, A, Up, LeftExplosive Bullets (and Slow-Mo Deaths)
Right, Left, Up, Down, A, Up, DownFull Health
Right, Left, Up, Down, A, Right, Left, Right, LeftGod Mode
Right, Left, Up, Down, A, Up, UpHitman Ali - Shot Enemies Fly Into The Air
Right, Left, Up, Down, A, Right, RightMegaForce Lethal Charge - Killed Enemies Fly Far Away
Right, Left, Up, Down, A, Left, LeftNailgun (and No Gravity)
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Cheats - Silenced ballers gun

by Unregistered Apr 30, 2005

When you reach the place where the elevator to the second basement is located, save the game. To do this trick you do not need the lieutenant's uniform. You need Anesthetic. Look at your map and make sure no one is looking towards the elevator and that nobody is in the room except the guard sitting on the chair. Move behind him, knock him out with the Anesthetic (use the whole bottle). Then, take the elevator down. When the guards find him, they will only look around and get back to their positions. This is a safer way to achieve the Silent Assassin rank, as you only fire one bullet (to take out the target).

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Cheats - Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Cheats

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2005

God Mode:
Right, Left, Up, Down, A, Right, Left, Right, Left.
All Weapons:
Right, Left, Up, Down, A, Up, B, A.
Full Heal:
Right, Left, Up, Down, A, Up, Down.
Nailgun Mode:
Right, Left, Up, Down, A, Left, Left.
Equips Stealth Weapons:
Right, Left, Up, Down, A, Up, Right, Right.
Explosive Bullets:
Right, Left, Up, Down, A, Up, Left.
Right, Left, Up, Down, A, Up, Up.
Sawed-off Shotgun:
With a Silent Assassin rank successfully complete 2 levels to get the
Sawed-off Shotgun.
With a Silent Assassin rank successfully complete 5 levels or complete the Shogun Showdown to get the M4.

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Cheats - Megaforce

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

Start the level by running into the city and move in a general direction to the left until you reach a building. On your map, this is the bottom right building with a silver icon. Go in there and a man will talk to you. After that, walk up behind him (there is no need to sneak), and use some Anesthetic on him. Take his clothes then get out of the building. Then, go to your map. Note: This is very hard to describe in detail because the position of the agent is different each time. Look for the small red weapon pick-up icon. Go in, and a man sitting at a chair will fire two shots in the air, but no one will be alerted. After the intermission sequence, look at your map and find the yellow icon that is stationary (another one will be moving). The stationary icon will be somewhere in one of the two main plaza areas. Wherever the stationary icon is, go into the storage thing under it, and go up the stairs. Sneak up on the man at the window and Fiber Wire him. Take his Sniper Rifle, and take out the other yellow icon. Then, take pictures of the two dead men. Take the pictures back to the agent, and follow your map to the exit.

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Cheats - Cheat List

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

Earn a Silent Assasin ranking on the St. Petersburg missions. Once you complete "Invitation to a Party", you unlock the M4.

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