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Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Cheats :

This page contains Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time cheats list for Game Cube version. Now we have 17 cheats in our list, which includes 1 password, 4 unlockables, 5 glitches, 7 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time on Game Cube platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Wierd sign in shadow temple!?!?WTF!?!?

by Icy May 30, 2008

Go to the sign that says "Death Valley".Keep on bombing it untill all the pieces fall off the ledge.Then look down on the ledge.You'll see all the pieces floating in midair.Then play Zelda's Lullybye. Then look down again.None of the pieces will be there.Go back to the sign post.Wait a moment.And then the sign pops out out of the ground,WTF!?!?Please rate:)

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Secret - Defeating Morpha *Water Temple Boss

by Blastoisedude Dec 08, 2008

Wait for morphas muscle to stop spinning. (Or w/e its doing) Then use the longshot on it. And attack it!!!!!! Not as easy as it sounds... I reccommend having a few fairies with you.

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Secret - Defeating Volvagia *Fire Temple Boss

by Blastoisedude Dec 08, 2008

When Volvagia goes into a hole.. wait for lava to fly out of one of the holes. When Volvagia comes out of the hole use the megaton hammer. Then attack!!! Keep doing this until you win.

Note: You can use hookshot or bow when volvagias flying.

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Secret - Defeating Bongo Bongo *Shadow Temple Boss

by Blastoisedude Dec 08, 2008

Shoot bongo bongo's hands with arrows then use the Eye of Truth to shoot his eye. I would use the Biggoron Sword while hes down... ^_^

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Secret - Defeating Twinrova *Spirit Temple Boss

by Blastoisedude Dec 08, 2008

Whenever the Fire sister or the Ice sister uses her beam use the mirror shield to redirect the beam to the other sister. (Fire on ice, ice on fire) After they become one. Charge the mirror shield 3 times with one element. (DO NOT LET ICE GO ON FIRE OR FIRE GO ON ICE!!!!!!!)

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Cheats - None

by Unregistered Jul 14, 2006

Cucuo chase:
Attack the cucuos and they will chase you!

Cheat of treasure chest shop:
Use Lens of Truth

No Stalchild:
First be young link then go to the mask shop and get the Bunny Hood then go to Hyrule Field put bunny hood very quickly and when its night... no stalchild!!!

Fix sign:
Sing Zelda's lulaby

Free 200 rupee!!!:
Kill Skull Kid in Lost Woods when big Link (Do with Biggoron's Sword)

Angry fisherman:
Cast line on man in the fishing house when big link

Shortcut to Hylien Lake:
Jump from bridge in gerudo's valley

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Glitch - Kakariko Villiage Piece of heart {young link}

by Twinrova Sep 29, 2010

Go to the tower in the villiage and climb the ladder then jump off the left side of the rails and side jump you should land on the wall then climb up on to the house and you will get a piece of heart from the man

Normally you need the long shot to get there{Addult weapon}

If it doesent work just keep on trying

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Glitch - How to get Piece of heart above Dodongos Cavern when young l

by Twinrova Sep 27, 2010

Go up the mountain to where you blow open the dodongos cavern and back flip off the low wall you should land on the ledge then collect the heart piece

now you have it before your an adult

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Unlockable - Biggorons sword no. 2

by supermariostar Aug 20, 2009

Please remember that you must be adult Link in order to do this.Here is more trading to do.

Broken Biggorons swordGive the poaching saw to the man outside the tentin the beginning of gerudo valley.
eyedrop prescriptiongive the broken biggorons sword to the giant goron on top of death mountain
frog eyeballsGive the prescription to the man in the scientist house on lake hylia
actual eyedropsgo to King Zora In Zora's Domain(Frozen),and give him the presctiption
claim checkGet the eyedrops to the giant goron who is on death mountain in under 3 minutes.
biggorons swordgive the claim check to him when 3 days have passed,or play the sun's song 6 times.
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Unlockable - Biggoron sword.

by supermariostar Aug 17, 2009

This is how to unlock the biggoron sword.NOTE:You are timed a lot,and there is a lot of trading.First,take the pocket cocco from the lady in kakariko village.wait till it hatches.Then in one of the houses in kakariko,wake up talon the man who is sleeping.
give the cucco back to the lady,and she will give you cajiro,a blue cucco.

odd mushroomgive cajiro tho the sleeping man in the lost woods at the beginning.
odd potiongive the potion to the old lady in the potioon shop behind the first potion shop in the kakariko in under 2 minutes
poaching sawGive the potion back to the man in the lost woods who has been replaced by a kiori girl,
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Unlockable - Bow and arrow

by Sora28 Jul 13, 2009

First start at the main room in the forest temple. Then go straight and through the door (not the ones on the sides). then you have to fight 3 of those skull guys. lock on to them and fight them any way you want. when you defeat them the bow and arrows should pop up in a chest.

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Secret - Free red rupee every night

by Unregistered Aug 11, 2008

go stand on the very edge of the drawbridge and wait till its night (or use the night to day, day to night song)and when you are raised to the top you get a red rupee just go back in the place and come out when its day and you can do it again its cool

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Glitch - Action replay upside down chickens.

by fyou920 May 27, 2008

i fyou have action replay and the z for moon jump cheat, get the chickens to chase you in kakarico village and then hold z. you should now be floating up with upside down chickens that are trying to kill you.

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Secret - Quick game

by linkherooftime May 26, 2008

this is for those to lazy to play the game themselves(like me).just get the reciorments and also do the water temple 2nd and then the fun begins'a +:T (dodododlolododooooododo)

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Cheats - Glitch: Pulled through gate:

by CheatsGuru May 15, 2005

There are 36 heart pieces located throughout the land of Hyrule. Link
searched high and low for each one when all he really needed to do was
good deeds.

-In Lon Lon Ranches back storage shed was a heart piece hidden behind
a crate.

-Link planted a magic bean right in front of Dodongo's Cavern where he
later recovered a heart peice as an adult.

-In the center of the fenced in area in front of Lake Hylia was a
hidden secret grotto that contained a heart piece.

-On the north side of the ranch lied a lone true that concealed a
hidden secret grotto.
(have to have Golden Scale or Iron Boots)

-On of the houses in Kakiriko had a caged heart piece iside that he
could reach from a balcony.(Use Hookshot or Owl on Death Mountain to
reach the balcony)

-A man on a roof in Kakiriko gave link a heart piece for coming up and
visiting him.
(Use Hookshot to reach.)

-Link took Dampe the Gravekeepers heart poundng grave dighging tour
many times until he found a burried heart piece.

-After Link followed Dampe's ghost throughout his tomb and reached the
end, he found a flight of stairs that led him to the windmill and a
heart piece.

-Link completed Dampe's Ghost race one more tim ein under a minute to
recieve a heart piece.

-After link freed the last of the skulltula children,with fifty
tokens, he was rewarded with a heart piece.

-Link planted a magic bean at the north end of the graveyard and came
back as an adult to find an elevator to a heart piece.

-One of the graves that were in the second row concealed a heart
(Play Sun's Song to reveal the tresure after defeating the Redead)

-Link played the Song of Storms to the frogs in Zora's River to
receivce a heartfelt award from them.

-After Link had played every normal song he knew to the frogs, they
were all huge! He played a fun bug catching game with them on his
ocarina and was yet again awarded.

-As a youth, Link used the cuccos near Zora's River to reach a heart
piece that layed on a tower in the middle of the river. As an adult he
could return with the hover boots.

-Link yet again used the cuccos at the end of the river to reach
another heart piece next to the waterfall. He could also come back as
an adult and use the hover boots again.

-Link played the treasure chest game over and over and almost became
obsessed with gambling. After he found the lens of truth he was able
continue →

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Cheats - Stab

by Unregistered Apr 30, 2005

Look at the object on Malon's neck.

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Cheats - Defeating the first Boss

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

In the Dodongo Cavern, there is a room containing three Dodongos. Destroy two Dodongos. On the third Dodongo, kill it but do not let it explode. Before it explodes, begin climbing the ladder on the pillar in the center of the room. The Dodongo will explode and there will be an intermission sequence of the door opening. The screen will return to you climbing the ladder. If done correctly, you will not be able to move and cannot press Start.

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Glitch - Ocarina Of Time Glitches

by Jayson6767 Jun 17, 2010

Epona Glith
First, go to Gerudo Valley. Make sure you have the Ocarina equipped.Walk close to a gerudo,and as soon as she blows her whistle,take out the ocarina and play Eponas Song.Epona will run to you and you will have your hands in the air forever.

Infinate Sword Glitch
Go to any sign,place a bomb. Then use your shield and do a stab(attack while crouching).Press "A" in the middle of the sword animation.Link should read the sign and your sword will glow!(You can do this as child or adult)

Thumbs up, please! Thx :)

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Hints - Golden rupee

by Unregistered May 21, 2007

go to karioko village and when you pass the gates you will see a tree, take ten paces from that tree you should be in a wide,clear part of the area (note:if you have the stone of agony it should rumble) place a bomb over it and a hole should appear. there willbe a treasure chest and a golden rupee will be inside NOTE:you can only find the golden rupee in that treasure chest once it will not reapear. lol :p

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Glitch - Infinate Gold Skulltula

by aqking May 10, 2010

Read all this is really worth it and helps alot in the game. Alright to do this glitch first go to the windmill as a child to learn the song of storms. Then go to the castle around the gaurds and then jump into the moat and get out at the corner where the dirt ramp is.(When you swim in the moat swim in the center to get rupees). Then when you're out go to the tree at the corner of the gates. play the song of storms go in the hole that appears. then turn to your left until you see the third stone wall(think not sure blow up all stone walls if needed) a gold skulltula will be there. Get out your boomerang and stand super close as possible to the exit.face the spider kill it with the boomerang and when you see the coin use the boomerang to get it but before the coin comes back get out. when you get out it will have given you the coin and if you do it again it will do the same thing as many times as you want.

To get rewards with this go to the skulltula family in kakariko village and talk to the spiders that come down more than one.

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Unlockable - Big Goron Sword

by Aldermar Mar 02, 2009

With this unbreakable sword, unlike the Giant's Knife (Which you have to repair it for 200 rupees, RIP OFF!), you can use it anytime! Here is how you can get it.

Oh yeah, you can do this when Link is an adult.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Cojiro (Blue Cucoo)After the Pocket Cucoo wakes up Talon in the house, give it back to Anju for trade
Odd MushroomShow Cojiro to Anju's brother in Lost Woods and hurry to the old hag's house within 3 mins
Odd PotionGive the Odd Mushroom to the Old Hag right away in Kakariko Village
Carpenter SawBack to the Lost Woods, you'll see a Kokiri girl other than Anju's Brother
Broken Big Goron Sword (Almost there)Find the carpenter nearby the tent around Guredo Village and give the saw to him
DeedAfter you complete the Fire Temple, you know the place where the owl is on Death Mountain? Go to that area and show the Broken Sword to him. (Note that he's blind)
FrogShow the deed to the King Zora (Unfreeze him first) and within 3 min, hurry to the lab in Lake Hylia
Eye Drops (This is a pain)Within 3 min again, hurry to the Big Goron you met. It's easier if you ride Epona for haste.
Certificate (Forgot name of item but well worth it)After 3 days and 3 nights, show the stone to the Big Goron and the sword is done!
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Password - Ocarina magic

by Unregistered Aug 06, 2007

use the ocarina

use ocarinaget past death mountain
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