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Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Cheats :

This page contains Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker cheats list for Game Cube version. Now we have 199 cheats in our list, which includes 105 cheats codes, 6 unlockables, 10 easter eggs, 19 glitches, 59 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker on Game Cube platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Jalhalla

by VicariousReality Nov 25, 2009

To beat the Boss of the Earth Temple, all you have to do is run to one of the light spots, and use your mirror shield to reflect the light onto Jalhalla's belly. You must then pick him up, using the power of the Power Bracelets and fling him into one of the spiked pillars around the room, which causes him to explode into a group of Poes, allowing Link to pick them off one by one or use the Hurricane Spin to kill many at a time(only if obtained at the time). Once all Poes are killed, the fight is over.

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Secret - Hookshot

by VicariousReality Nov 25, 2009

To obtain the Hookshot,(Is needed to complete game.) you need to travel to the bottom floor of the Wind Temple.

Once there, you must enter the door with the different design then the others.

Once inside the room, a Red Wizzrobe will appear as the Mini-boss.

The Red Wizzrobe can summon Darknuts, Moblins and One Yellow Wizzrobe, along with its triple fireball attack.
(A Yellow Wizrobe can summon fire Keese, and Kargoroks.)

You must fire an arrow at it to damage it, unless it is at ground level, in which you can use your sword.

Also, although the Red Wizzrobe has poor defense against Fire Arrows, but the fastest way to defeat the it is by shooting it with Ice Arrows when it is on the ground, and then picking it up and throwing it or using the Skull Hammer while it is frozen. If done properly, the Red Wizzrobe will die instantly.

All of the other summoned enemies must also be killed, even if the Wizzrobe is dead.

Once done, a Chest will appear, containing the Hookshot.

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Secret - Silver Rupee on Dragon Roost.

by VicariousReality Nov 25, 2009

Silver Rupee = 200 Rupees

For this you will need either a Hiyo Pear, or the Heroes Bow.

When at the front of Dragon Roost Island, look at the mountain to the left.

You Should see a big rock, with a line of Bomb flowers near it.

If you are using the Heroes Bow, just shoot any of the bomb flower, which will explode into the rock, causing a Chest with a Silver Rupee to fall.

You can do this with a Seagull being controlled too. Just touch one of the flowers.

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Unlockable - Teacher On Windfall.

by VicariousReality Nov 25, 2009

Mrs. Marie, who resides on Windfall island, can give you a small amount of items when given certain amounts of Joy Pendants.

The Cabana Deed. (required to find a Triforce Chart.)20 Joy Pendants
Hero's Charm. (Allows you to see the health of enemies and bosses.)40 Joy Pendants
Different Rupees.41-99 Joy Pendants
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Secret - Enemys on their respected floor in the Savages Labyrinth

by VicariousReality Nov 30, 2009

Floor #01: No enemies; an exit

Floor #02: Keese

Floor #03: Miniblins

Floor #04: Bokoblins

Floor #05: Red Chus

Floor #06: Magtails

Floor #07: Keese & Miniblins

Floor #08: Keese & Magtails

Floor #09: Keese & Bokoblins

Floor #10: Moblins

Floor #11: No enemies: you will find an exit on this floor

Floor #12: Peahats

Floor #13: Green Chus

Floor #14: Boko Babas

Floor #15: Bokoblins

Floor #16: Mothulas

Floor #17: Peahats & Boko Babas

Floor #18: Bokoblins & Green Chus

Floor #19: Bokoblins & Mothulas

Floor #20: Mothulas

Floor #21: No enemies: you will find an exit on this floor

Floor #22: Wizzrobes

Floor #23: Armos

Floor #24: Armos Knights

Floor #25: Electric yellow Chus

Floor #26: Red Bubbles

Floor #27: Bokoblins & Darknut

Floor #28: Armos & Wizzrobe

Floor #29: Armos Knights & Red Bubbles

Floor #30: Darknuts

Floor #31: Triforce Chart #6, No enemies, you will find an exit on this floor, but you may also Shine light on a statue using your mirror shield to continue on for Piece of Heart)

Floor #32: ReDeads

Floor #33: Blue bubbles

Floor #34: Dark Chus

Floor #35: Poes

Floor #36: Mothulas

Floor #37: Moblins & ReDeads

Floor #38: Dark Chus & Mothula

Floor #39: Moblins & Poes

Floor #40: Stalfos & Blue Bubbles

Floor #41: No enemies you will find an exit on this floor

Floor #42: Miniblins

Floor #43: Red Chus, Green Chus, & Electric Yellow Chus

Floor #44: Wizzrobes (appear when switch is hit with Skull Hammer)

Floor #45: Bokoblins

Floor #46: ReDeads & Stalfos

Floor #47: Moblins & Darknuts

Floor #48: Wizzrobes & Darknuts & Laser Perimeter

Floor #49: Stalfos & Bomb Flower Field

Floor #50: Darknuts & Fireball Perimeter

Floor #51: Piece of Heart and exit

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Secret - Obtaining Bottles

by VicariousReality Nov 30, 2009

-From Medli on Dragon Roost Island. (required)
-Inside a submarine off Bomb Island.
-Beedle's Shop Ship at Rock Spire Isle.
-From catching Mila robbing Zunari on Windfall Island.

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Unlockable - Charts

by pokemonmasterjustin Apr 03, 2009

How to get some of the secret charts in the game.

Tingle's ChartRescue Tingle from prison.
Ghost Ship ChartExplore the cave on Diamond Steppe Island.
IN-credible ChartObtain the Master Sword, then wait for Tingle to send you the chart. You must pay 201 Rupees to get it out of the mailbox.
Octo ChartDefeat all the cannons in the Six-Eye Reef, then use the Treasure Chart that appears to find the Octo Chart!
Great Fairy ChartDefeat all the cannons in the Five-Eye Reef, then use the Treasure Chart that appears to find Great Fairy Chart .
Island Hearts ChartDefeat all the cannons in the Four-Eye Reef, then use the Treasure Chart that appears to find the Island Hearts Chart!
Sea Hearts ChartDefeat all the cannons in the Three-Eye Reef, then use the Treasure Chart that appears to find the Sea Heart Chart.
Secret ChartDefeat all the cannons in the Two-Eye Reef, then use the Treasure Chart that appears to find the Secret Chart.
Light Ring ChartDefeat all the cannons in the Cyclops Reef, then use the Treasure Chart that appears to find the Light Ring Chart .
Platform ChartGo to the Flight Control Platform sector and look for a submarine. Enter it and defeat all the enemies.
Beedle's ChartOnce you get bombs availible in your inventory, Beedle will mail you his chart.
Submarine ChartExplore the Boating Course sector and defeat all the enemies inside
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Unlockable - Awsome Stuff!!!

by Rulzall2 Dec 04, 2008

here are a few things you can get before AND after you beat the game.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Links PJ'sbeat game restart and you get invisible cloths`
Deluxe Cameraget normal cam and a firefly then pass the tests for it
Bottle 1Submarine
Bottle 2from the girl who used to be rich(catch her stealing at night)
Bottles 3&4No clue...Sorry
Master SwordHyrulian Temple(underwater)
Basic SwordFrom island's swordsman
Basic CameraFree tingle from prison and go through the maze
IN-credible chartTingle on Tingle island
Wind WakerYour Ship(freaky)
Triforce ShardsUnderwater Der Der Der!
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Secret - Puppet Ganon Boss

by VicariousReality Nov 26, 2009

The puppet possesses three forms. Once you have hit its tail with three Light Arrows, it transforms into the next form. Puppet Ganon also sends out Keese to distract you, which are a good source of health and magic.

-First Phase

Its first form is that of a boar. It launches its arms and swings its tail to attack. To strike the tail's orb, the strings that suspend the puppet must first be severed with the Boomerang (except the main red one, which cannot be severed) to temporarily stun the monster. Otherwise, the puppet is too fast to strike accurately, if not entirely impossible.

-Second Phase

Its second form is that of a tarantula. The giant spider will jump high into the air and spin rapidly. To successfully strike it, pay attention to the reflection in the water on the floor to see when the spider will stop spinning and crash land. Then, before it does, position yourself next to the orb and away from the monster's crushing legs and, wait for it to land, then shoot it with Light Arrows. A more advance method is to wait for it to stop spinning, then shoot it with the arrow before it crashes down, preventing Puppet Ganon from even reaching the ground (as it jumps back into the air after the strike). If done right, this form can be defeated without ever letting it land on the ground.

-Third Phase

Its final form is that of a snake. The giant snake slithers all around the room, moving faster with every Light Arrow that hits the tail orb. If struck in the face with the Master Sword or Light Arrow, the snake will pause for a moment, leaving a small opening (which requires quick reflexes to take advantage of). Alternatively, just estimate the snake's movement and shoot Light Arrows, hoping for it to hit its target. However, there are a few easier strategies for beating him. The first is to hit him in the head with a bomb, estimating his movement. Bombs stun him long enough to run over to his tail and shoot it. The second is to plant some All-purpose Bait. It will go after it, and that will give you a clear shot. The third is to time its movements and smack it in the face with the Skull Hammer, which requires good timing as the Skull Hammer is a slow weapon and the snake moves very quickly. This keeps it in its spot long enough to roll behind it and easily shoot the orb.

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Secret - Gohdan Picture Made Easy.

by VicariousReality Nov 26, 2009

If you remember, trying to take pictures of bosses for your figurine collection is hard when they are attacking you, and you can't take the picture after because they are no longer there.

But when you are done with the battle with the Tower of the Gods boss, Gohdan, He will return to his place on the wall and not explode like other bosses.

This is when you can take the picture without getting your Butt kicked.

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Secret - Phantom Ganon's Sword

by VicariousReality Nov 26, 2009

When you first battle Phantom Ganon, you will notice his black unique sword.

Later in Ganon's Tower, you will encounter him again in a Labyrinth. Each time you beat Phantom Ganon, go to the door that the handle of the sword points to.

Doing this will eventually get you to the Light Arrow.

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Secret - Surper attack

by littledeath Jul 18, 2007

get ten knight crest and go to the sword master on your home island and u will learn a really kool move

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Unlockable - Item Locations

by VicariousReality Nov 25, 2009

Here is a list of all item obtainable ON A ISLAND/TEMPLE

This does not include hearts, Rupees, and Charts.

These are only locations, not how to get them.

Hero's SwordOutset Island
Hero's ShieldOutset Island
Master SwordHyrule
Mirror ShieldEarth Temple
Power BraceletsFire Mountain
Hero's CharmWindfall Island
Pirate's CharmPirate Ship
Din's PearlDragon Roost Island
Farore's PearlForest Haven
Nayru's PearlOutset Island
Wind WakerDragon Roost Island
Grappling HookDragon Roost Cavern
BoomerangForbidden Woods
BombsWindfall Island
Hero's BowTower of the Gods
Deku LeafForest Haven
Fire ArrowsMother & Child Island
Ice ArrowsMother & Child Island
Light ArrowsGanon's Tower
Skull HammerForsakken Fortress
Iron BootsIce Ring Island
HookshotWind Temple
Magic ArmorWindfall Island
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Cheats - Get money fast!

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2005

Infinite health
This trick requires two bottles, and a telescope. Go to Grandma's and fill one bottle with Elixir. Set the bottle of Elixir to Y. Press Start + Y, then put an empty bottle in Y, where Elixir was located. You will now have two bottles all together; one bottle full of Elixir, and one bottle half filled with Elixir. Set the full Elixir back to Y. Press Y + Start, then select the telescope on Y. You will drink the Elixir, but keep a whole bottle. This can be repeated as many times as needed. Additionally, set one bottle of Soup to Y. Press Y + Start and put an empty bottle in the slot that the Soup occupied. Press Y + Start and you will have one full bottle of Soup and a half a bottle.
Alternate background music
Enter "Zelda" as a name when you begin a new game to hear slightly different background music throughout the game. Alternatively, successfully complete the game. You can hear the slightly different background music, just the same if you entered "Zelda" as your name.
Understand Hyrulian language
Successfully complete the game. This allows you to understand the ancient language of Hyrule. When you talk to the gods such as Valoo and Jabun, you will understand what they are saying.
Alternate costumes and DX camera
Successfully complete the game and save at the end. Start another game with that saved game file. Ayril will be wearing the skull shirt from the ending, Link will wear his pajamas from the beginning all the way through the game, and the DX camera that takes color pictures will be in your inventory. Additionally, successfully complete the game once to get "invisible" clothes from Grandma for Link to put on over his PJ's. Some Outsetians will say different things. Successfully complete the game the first time. When asked if you want to make another save file, answer "Yes". When you play the new game, the Pictograph Box will be in your inventory. Successfully complete the game three times on all three slots. Note: You cannot copy one game three times. After you have three completed games, restart the game in the second slot. You will be able to choose the color of Link's clothes.
Ballad Of Gales
After saving your sister at Forsaken Fortress, go to C4 or F3. When you see a cyclone go near it. A red-frog like creature named Cyclos will appear. Shoot him with your arrows until he surrenders. He will grant you the power of the cyclones to teleport you to different areas of the ocean.
Easy Joy Pendants
To get... 

continue →

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Easter Egg - Home Run

by VicariousReality Dec 03, 2009

Go to a place with a lot of Miniblins such as the Forsaken Fortress.

Find some Miniblins and take out your Skull Hammer.

Use the side way swing on one not near a wall.

The Miniblin will go flying very far.

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Glitch - Ghost Stones

by VicariousReality Dec 02, 2009

1) Go to Dragon Roost island once you have the Power Bracelets.

2) Find one of the many bombable rocks embedded in a wall around and stand beside it, but against the wall.

3) Pick it up.

4) Turn to face the wall and throw the rock.

Link should throw it through the wall, you'll hear it break a short time later.

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Secret - Fast Forbidden Woods Boss

by VicariousReality Nov 26, 2009

To beat Kalle Demos before it has the chance to close up again, run straight towards it after you have cut the vines and it has fallen.

You must then perform the spin attack, BUT NOT THE HOLDING TECHNIQUE. You have to rotate the control stick and swing your sword to do this.

You must do this very quickly, and you have to do the attack 4 times.
It might take practice to use this technique.

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Unlockable - Secret iteams

by pokemonmasterjustin Apr 03, 2009

How to get some iteams.

Get Hurricane SpinGive Orca 10 Knight's Crests.
Get Hero's CharmGive 40 Joy Pendants to school teacher on Windfall Island.
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Secret - Kalle Demos

by VicariousReality Dec 02, 2009

You use the Boomerang to cut the tentacles supporting the plant's body in the ceiling. Once all of them are cut (and they can regrow after time) the plant collapses, revealing the vulnerable Baba inside. There is one last line of defense, however, as the plant releases a wave of bright spores when it collapses. These do not actually affect you but cover the game screen and disorientate the player, sometimes causing inexperienced players to run straight past the vital attack opening.

If you spend too long hacking the Baba with your sword, the plant will close and damage you before spitting you out and forcing you to repeat the process, but as the damage from this is small it is quicker and easier to simply allow this to happen.

After only a few rounds of this, Kalle Demos is dead.

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Secret - Ganondorf

by VicariousReality Dec 02, 2009

The fight against Ganondorf is a sword duel. He swipes and jumps around, avoiding Princess Zelda's Light Arrows. If Zelda manages to hit him, he is left vulnerable to sword attacks from you. Alternatively, you can use parries to damage him. After a while, Ganondorf will knock out Zelda along with the Hero's Bow. You must then attack Ganondorf repeatedly, forcing him to drop his guard. After Zelda awakens, Ganondorf becomes invulnerable to your parries and Zelda's Light Arrows. If you speaks to Zelda, she will ask you to deflect her Light Arrows off of the Mirror Shield. This leaves Ganondorf open to attacks and a final parry attack which impales him through the top of the head.

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Glitch - Grandma Stop

by VicariousReality Dec 02, 2009

1) After you've obtained Farore's Pearl go to Outset Island with a Fairy in a bottle.

2) Stand in front of Grandma with the Fairy equipped to a button.

3) Press the button to use the Fairy and then immediately press start(you more or less have to press them at the same time, otherwise the game won't pause).

3) Equip any item other than a bottle to the button that the Fairy was on and unpause.

The Fairy will heal Grandma, and she'll say her part about her being a terrible Grandma, then the game crashes.

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Glitch - Empty Islands

by VicariousReality Dec 02, 2009

1) Go to one of the Fairy islands or Outset Island.

2) Use a Hyoi Pear to take control of a seagull.

3) Fly the Seagull into the Fairy fountain/Savage dungeon entrance hole.

The seagull will fly through the bottom of the hole and appear inside the island where you can fly around.

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Glitch - Illusionary Wood

by VicariousReality Dec 02, 2009

1) Go to the Windfall Island dock.

2) Either by climbing up or falling off, get Link hanging off the edge of the stone area where the dock meets the land.

3) While still hanging off the edge move along it towards the dock.

You can go right through the wooden dock as though it wasn't there.

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Glitch - Piggy Swimmers

by VicariousReality Dec 02, 2009

1) Go to Windfall Island and throw the pigs into the water.

2) While they are still in the water talk to the man near the Bomb shop and choose to play his game for 3 Skull necklaces.

3) Once the game starts go and find the pigs.

They will be swimming around on land, the pig up near the jail entrance will even make ripples. If you push any of them off the edge of something they will slowly spiral down to the ground below. Picking them up will return them to normal.

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Glitch - Silence is Golden

by VicariousReality Dec 02, 2009

1) Sail around, doing whatever you please, until dawn.

2) As dawn approaches, you'll hear the classic "sunrise" theme. While this theme is playing, take out the Wind Waker and conduct the Ballad of Gales.

3) Warp to Windfall Island, then immediately head for land.

If done right, you will be at Windfall with no music whatsoever. The music doesn't come back, even as the sun rises high up in the sky (time does pass for a while, even though you're at a place where day doesn't change to night or vice-versa). To bring back the music, simply head into any building or leave the island. (Might also work at other places.)

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