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Luigi's Mansion Cheats :

This page contains Luigi's Mansion cheats list for Game Cube version. Now we have 15 cheats in our list, which includes 1 unlockable, 4 easter eggs, 2 glitches, 8 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Luigi's Mansion on Game Cube platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - Need to find Uncle Grimmly?

by Sora28 Feb 16, 2009

OK when you go into the telephone room when the lights are out the professer will call and say there is a gost that likes to stay in dark places and a room that is filled with mirrors.Uncle Grimmly is the gost your looking for and he will be in the wardrobe room up stairs. When you get there make sure luigi is saring at you and the uncle grimmly will show up. When he raises his arms and makes a noise thats when you see his heart and then you suck him up. Sorry this a long descrition to read but many people have a problem with this guy. Hope this helps ^.^.

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Secret - Random Luigi Flying

by Unregistered Jul 03, 2009

You know those annoying trick doors If you hit them with the fire element they will melt!If you walk up to them and hit A just before the fade away,Luigi will fly against the wall and become flat without a trick door!

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Secret - The backwards L on luigis hat

by Thejezzman Mar 25, 2008

in the hidden mansion the L on luigis hat it looks like the hat on waluigis head

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Easter Egg - Fun Fact.

by Aldermar Jan 30, 2009

You know the room where you got the ICE MEDAL? Go there and get upside-down. And when the Ice Ghost pops out of the pail filled with ice cubes. If you go near it you will be frozen! Not joking, I lost more than 10 or 20 health for that!

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Secret - Foiling Trick Doors - You Meddling Ghosts!

by AmmoDrago Apr 07, 2008

Use your Vacuum on the doors you think are fake. If the doors wiggle, they are real doors. If they are fake doors, the doors will stand still.

Please rate this if it worked! =)
Or tell me if it's the other way around... ^^''

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Easter Egg - Mario Yells

by nitriss Jul 13, 2010

When you just see mario being trapped by king boo, capture the ghost that appears when you turn around, then go halfway up the ladder. In about 20 seconds you should hear mario yell, "HEY LUIGI! WHATS THE HOLDUP?!"

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Secret - How to defeat Bowser ( final boss )

by pokemonmasterjustin Jul 10, 2009

When you are fighting Bowser, he will those these spikey balls at you. Then, when you have the ball, fire it at Bowser. Then, the ghost that trapped Mario in the painting will come out of his 'coustume'. You have you suck him up in your vacume. Once you have sucked part of him in the vacume, he will go back into his Bowser coustume and do the same thing again. Keep doing the same thing until that ghost has no life left. Then you will win the game!

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Cheats - Mario's Rude Call for Luigi

by Unregistered Jun 23, 2006

Once you are able to go to the garden or yard in the backyard, go down the well and keep walking towards the right side. Then blah blah blah happens. Then come back to the well later but don't go in it just wait and stand outside of it. Don't move and stay very quiet. You will hear Mario say, Luigi, what is taking so long?" or something like that!

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by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

Go through the the storyline without collecting ANY piece of money. (Even a coin!) The only piece of money you can collect is King Boo's crown. You'll tell you have the H-rank Mansion when at the end you'll see a tent instead of you're own mansion! It's hilarious! (poor luigi)

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Easter Egg - What are teleports and where to find them

by Jakobo May 07, 2012

Teleports are normal mirrors in the mansion and in few other place. If you are in a room with a mirror go on GB Horror and examine a mirror.The mirror reflection starts spinning and blue ovals appear. After a while the whole sceen starts to spin and you are automaticly teleported to the hallway

Some locations: Hallway

King Boo's altair(look straight with the GB Horror)

Rec room

Master bedroom


Toilets (f1 and f2)

Bathrooms (f1 and f2)

Sealed room

Guest room

* NOTE: It dose not work in Mirror room

Please rate if it worked

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Easter Egg - Mirror warp locations

by Jakobo May 07, 2012

On a mirror use GB Horror to warp to the main room

some locations:Hallway


King Boo's altair ( Look straight ahead)

Rec room

Toilets and bathrooms

Guest room

Sealed room

Master bedroom

*NOTE: It dose not work in the Mirror room

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Secret - BIG BOO

by xhuntercx Mar 23, 2010

When you confront Big Boo in the court-yard you have to make him chase you until he hit the spike on one of the statue's head. After that you must get ice in your vaccum from the statue and freeze the smaller boos.Once you have done that you need to keep repeating until he is gone.

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Secret - How to get through the storage room

by kanbane20697 Dec 22, 2009

The storage room is a little hard so heres what ya gotta do,first clear the ghost from the room,second use the gameboy horror on the wall towards the screen (towards you)then you'll see a button press it.The room will grow bigger.Go back there and vacum the poster press that button.And all 50 boo's will be set free.Then you'll have to catch all 50 boo's.

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Cheats - Secret key

by Unregistered Aug 01, 2006

light all of the candles in the fortune tellers room to get it

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Glitch - Glitch:Chaunceys Photo

by nitriss Jul 14, 2010

There are pictures of the portrait ghosts all around the mansion, but if you go into Chaunceys room, It will have a picture of him as a human. No deal, even though his description says he was born a ghost.

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Secret - Button

by basketball3825 Jul 09, 2010

In the storage room after u defeat the dancing couple fight the ghosts then look in the mirrior and u will see a button. look on the gamebboy horror and it will say DO NOT PRESS.
press it and the room will grow wider.
move over untill u see a poster.
suck the poster off the wall.
there will be another button.
press that then all the boos will come out.

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Glitch - Sing star Luigi

by WaddleDee777 Feb 06, 2010

At some random time, if you listen carefully, Luigi will be humming/singing the music.

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Secret - Easy Final Boss

by Unregistered Sep 30, 2008

(NOTE:This doesn't make the actuale boss easier,just saves more health.)Start the boss out and go behind the first statchu(bad spelling)south.Then get the ball.(Ha,ha)SHOOT IT
AT THE FREEKIN IDEOT!!!!!!!!(sorry.watchin football)SUCK ER UP!!(LOL)Repeat X2.BUTT!
(opps,2 t's)1ce he's down below 200hp,OVIOD ATTACKS AT ALL COSTS!!!!YEAH!GOLDEN GLOBE BABY!!!!!

3 SAYS ME!!!!!!

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Cheats - Get Gallery Mode

by CheatsGuru May 15, 2005

Enter this one hallway in level 1 where you'll find your first 3
gallery ghosts to capture. The firsts one's Neville. Look the other
way behind the rocking chair to see Neville reading a book. Avoid the
flying books and wait till Neville yawns. That's your cue to shine the
light on him and suck him in!

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Cheats - Teleport to main entrance

by Unregistered Apr 30, 2005

First gold diamond: Given to you when you catch Boo number 50.
Second gold diamond: After you fight the dog outside the mansion, water the seed under the balcony. It will sprout. Return after going to the next area, water it again, and it will grow again. Return again after beating the Giant Boo on the balcony, and water it again. It will spit out a lot of bills, coins, and finally a gold diamond.

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Luigi's Mansion Cheats


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