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Mario Kart: Double Dash Review :

mario double dash review: in my opinion

by yoshi114 Jun 06, 2011

when i was young, i LOVED this game. because ive always liked the excitment of racing games. and i liked mario games a lot too. this game was very fun, overall, but over the years, i guess i lost all interest in this game, ive almost thrown it in the garbage a few times, but i decided to keep it in case it sparks my intersest again. well, this was my third favorite mario kart game in the series although ive never played the first one, ive always liked mario kart, and this game was my favorite until mario kart wii came along. If you can find this game you should buy it, it really is pretty fun if you ask me.

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7Story line
in this game there really isnt a story line, other than winning all the grand prixes to "beat" this game. there are quite a few unlockables in this game that can be a challange.
well, i didnt like how the characters were shiny, but overall the graphics were fairly well put. i guess they did a good job on the graphics.
the sound was pretty "loud and clear" to me. some of the sound effects could have been better as in when getting hit by a shell it should make a sound.
the gameplay for this game is racing, in case you dont know, its where you try to beat your opponents to the finish line, exciting indeed. and i've always liked pelting my opponents with items too of course:)
4Lasting Appeal
this game always pissed me off, because it's just unfair, because in racing games, the game gives the CPU players a speed boost so they can catch up to you and make the race more of a "challange." i also dont like the idea of 2 racers per cart. but overall i enjoyed this game while it lasted.
(Out of 10)


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