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Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Cheats :

This page contains Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door cheats list for Game Cube version. Now we have 37 cheats in our list, which includes 7 unlockables, 6 easter eggs, 1 glitch, 23 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door on Game Cube platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Hints - Tons of Star Points, all in one easy battle!

by blaziken1234 Apr 11, 2007

Okay, this cheat is really good and really easy! It's 100% going to work!

Anyway, first go into the Rougeport Sewers, find a Koopatroll enemy and go into battle. (This is only if you have gotten far enough in the game where mostly Bower's troops are in the sewers.) If there is an enemy besides a Koopatroll, kill it. When there is only one Koopatroll left in battle, it should eventually try to call for back up. After it calls for another Koopatroll, kill the old Koopatroll and you'll get some Star Points. Repeat this pattern untill you have tons of Star Points. When you think you have enough, kill the remaining Koopatroll. DO NOT get more than 100 star points or else it will reset back to you getting around 1 point.

K.#1 --> Calls for back-up --> K.#1 & K.#2 --> Mario strikes K.#1 --> There is only K.#2 left --> Calls for back-up --> K.#2 & K.#3 --> Mario strikes K.#2 --> There is only K.#3 left --> and so on...

I hope this cheat helps!

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Hints - Zess T.'s Cooking Guide

by blaziken1234 Apr 12, 2007

Want to fill up your menu for cooking stuff? Can you say "Every recipe known"? I've got every meal, all of them. Anyway, here they are:
* means 50% chance of working.
** means I think it can be made that way.

Choco Cake:

Inky Suace + Cake Mix
**Inky Suace + Mousse Cake

Coco Candy:

Coconut + Cake Mix

Couple's Cake:

Snow Bunny + Spicy Soup
Shroom Fry:

? Dried Shroom
Mushroom + Golden Leaf or Turtley Leaf
Super Shroom

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Secret - Paper mario vs Magnus 1.0

by pyromasteromegaz Oct 10, 2008

Magnus Hp30 attack power:2 DEF:1

Lord Crump as you might expect is always more bark than bite. Magnus's stomp attacks aren't exactly that dangerous and neither are the earthquake-like attacks although they'll damage both of your characters. Just about the only thing to worry about is him punching his arms out which may target you for quite a bit of damage. Take them out quick with a Multibounce and then pulverize Magnus like he can't be pulverized that's probably the best strategy. Koops and Mario is probably the best party here although a Lv. 2 Goombella is even better if you have her.If you happen to get 2 SP, use Earth Tremor. Do this right and you'll do about 5-6 damage to Magnus which is 1/6 or 1/5 of his HP depending on how you do it. ;) Otherwise, just have Koops use his attacks every turn while Mario invariably uses Power Bounce. This attack will do 7-infinite damage to Magnus as long as you do it correctly (although the chances of you doing more than 12 damage with Power Bounce are very slim, let alone infinite). Keep at it a bit with pure solid aggression, and this robot will fall.

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Secret - Paper mario V.,S CORTEZ

by pyromasteromegaz Oct 10, 2008

HP 60 20 st from 20 and the all have 20 hp

Another complete joke of a boss (like Doopliss for example?). Not on your life. Cortez is by far the hardest boss we have yet to face with the highest HP and swords that can slice you in half. Anyway I'd recommend Mario and Vivian for the majority of the battle and a good 5 SP is very helpful. Anyway Cortez has three forms the first two having two targets: a head and section of bones. Every 20 damage you give to Cortez he will change forms. The first form is really easy though. Use some minor items like Mushrooms when Cortez deals lots of damage out not major items such as Whacka Bumps or Ultra Shrooms. Try not to use too much FP just 5-10 or so. Eventually the bones around Cortez's body will weaken and that's his next form. Sounds like he'd get weaker but he didn't. In fact, he'll spend a majority of the fight prepared for a bone attack in which will do 7 damage or so to both of your characters. Not a thing I like. Do not use Sweet Treat, no matter what. Beat up on Cortez with power but try not to waste Power Bounce and instead use Fiery Jinx and Power Smash to hurt the bone pile until Cortez's body falls to pieces and he'sleft with only a skull and four weapons: swords rapiers hooks you name it. Believe it or not,this is BY FAR his toughest form. The swords all have 4 HP, but you cannot jump them. And you cannot hammer them either. And they defend Cortez. Combining the Cortez party will all do about 10-12 damage to both Mario and his partner here which is not something you want to face. Start by launching your all-out offensive! Use Art Attack, and make sure you circle around EVERYTHING. Cortez will suffer quite a bit through that, although he'll eat the souls of the crowd afterwards. Remember Hooktail doing that? And the swords will quickly get up. But we don't have time to bother with those now do we? While you're still alive switch Vivian out for Goombella and Power Bounce and Multibonk Cortez to the very last of his days! It matters! Don't bother with defense except maybe to cast Sweet Treat so that you can restore your HP and FP. Trust me on this; this battle is really tough so it's quite easy to
understand if you lose.

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Secret - Paper mario vs MAGNUS 2.0

by pyromasteromegaz Oct 10, 2008

hp 70

Don't worry, this is the LAST TIME we have to fight Lord Crump in a robot or not! Really. =) Anyway he's still a really annoying customer and he's all the stronger in Magnus 2.0. And yes if you have Goombella handy you can see he has 70 HP, 7 attack and 2 defense. That's pretty strong AND he'll use his damned rocket fists as separate enemies as well that's not exactly a picnic. So that makes you faced with three enemies a majority of the time. I used Mario and Vivian for a majority of this battle anyway. Okay so Crump will use those X-Punches. Use Fiery Jinx immediately to wipe those out and then have Mario do Multibounce if you failed that. Shouldn't be
too hard. If you get an opportunity and have lots to spare Art Attack would be a great ability to use although it'll do far more damage against only Crump. He'll also use Magnus to stomp you but that will only do 6-7 damage not exactly that much anymore.

Alright now be VERY careful when Magnus reachs 30 HP. Make sure Mario has at least 25 HP remaining when Magnus goes to 30 HP because then he'll get all of the audience out put them inside his system and through the entire lot of them at you! Yeah that's a VERY deadly attacks hitting many times for 3 damage apiece. Try and block the attacks as best as possible because that's really nasty. If you do survive, use an Ultra Shroom and then use Power Bounce and a strong partner like Vivian Yoshi or Bobbery for the rest of the fight. Once you get past that mark it's an easy battle.

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Secret - Paper mario VS hook tail

by pyromasteromegaz Oct 10, 2008

chapter 1. go east throo petal'll thenn be at a city. keep going west and go into the pink house and talk to the mayor. then get some pow blocks and'll need them. and get fire flowers to. more flowers than pow's though. keep the pow's and fireflowers 'till later. dodge the koopas and goombas. then go into a room with two clefts. press "a" by the first one and fight them. still, keep the pow and keep dodging fights as you go east and into the next room. fight the 2 statues. now use the pows. not fires. then go east and into the next room. talk to the thwomp statue and answer the questions. then he'll move and you go down the pipe and kill the fuzzies to the east first. then get the moon rok. then go west and kill the fuzzies to get the sun rock. then go back and you fite the golden fuzzy. kill it then go up the pipe and back to the city. go to the inn and sleep. then buy lots of mushrooms. now keep going west untill u get koops. the go west more untill you get to a strange rock formation. throw koops on the west side and hold "x" then hit the other switch with your hammer and let go of "x" at the same time. (after you put the rocks in the holes) then go into the pipe and into the castle. you go up and east then use the plane to get to the other side. go east and through the door. go through and fight red bones. then find your way through the castle. (if i told you how the guide would be way too long) its not that hard. then you get the curse and go back to the redbones room. get the badge with the curse and go to fight hooktail. PUT ON THE BADGE FIRST. it makes it way easier. trust me, i almost lost without it. then you beat him and get the star. and theres sumthin else. but i won't ruin it. then. end of chapter.

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Secret - Paper mario Vs MACHO GRUBBA

by pyromasteromegaz Oct 10, 2008

HP 60

There is one move that is an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY in this battle and that is Mario's Special move Clock Out. Start the battle by using this spell and make sure you press the button that appears near Grubba instead of the one near Mario and your partner! Seriously. Once Grubba is paralyzed beat him like nuts with Power Bounce and Body Slam or Ground Pound depending on whether you bring Flurrie or Yoshi who are both good choices for this fight. Goombella's Multibonk is also nice. Grubba has a whooping 60 HP which is a real lot. When he does regain his movement he'll be pretty tough I can assure you. He's slow but really strong. What he'll do is cast a spell to give him two turns every time you and Yoshi/Flurrie get finished and then increase his attack power by 2 and then do lots of damage by flipflopping all over you. However you got such a head start on him that this won't be a problem. If necessary just use Sweet Treat or even Earth Tremor.

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Secret - Paper mario vS Doopless and next you???

by pyromasteromegaz Oct 10, 2008

Hp 40

Nope it doesn't give a name for it, and you'll see why soon. Anyway this fight is almost as easy as the one with Lord Crump at the beginning of the game I'm serious. All he'll do is dive at you doing a little damage every hit. Just beat him around with Mario's Power Bounce and Goombella's Multibont and then he'll get an opportunity to test out his copycatting ability! And thus he turns into a dark version of Mario.

He'll be a little stronger now because he'll be jumping and hammering at you which may do a bit of damage, but he's still effortless with a puny 20 HP left.Beat him a little more and watch as he drops to the floor just like normal Mario would.

HP 40 your partnes are the same hp that you laster have them before

Doopliss and Goombella! Yup but don't bother fighting with Goombella because Doopliss will just replace her for Koops and then Flurrie and then Yoshi...and Yoshi is a force you don't want to reckon. So focus all your strength upon just Doopliss. All he'll do is jump and hammer at you, which can be blocked with A or B. Goombella's a little more dangerous, but she still won't do anything that's too fatal. While Mario's Power Bounce is just that fatal...After two turns, Vivian will jump in and join Mario because "he's the only one who's ever been nice to her". Which is quite correct actually. Anyway the fight just gets easier! Doopliss's Mario form is still a bit tougher than the original Doopliss one but this still isn't anything too bad. Use Sweet Treat and Power Bounce invariably while Vivian just uses her fire attacks. Just try not to run out of FP and you'll be fine.

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Secret - Paper mario V:s SMORG

by pyromasteromegaz Oct 10, 2008

Hp 50

This is a really really easy boss especially compared to old pirate Cortez.This is like those Yux enemies back in the Great Tree the tentacles will attempt to defend Smorg. Start with Vivian's Fiery Jinx ability burning those Smorg Miasmas away to their death. Smorg will try out a few fancy attacks on you but nothing too bad. Once the tentacles are gone use Power Smash and Art Attack like a madman. If Smorg gets on your wrong side simply use Sweet Treat.When he changes form get even more aggressive with Mario's Power Bounce and Goombella/Bobbery using their best skills. Not tough.

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Secret - Paper mario v.s GLOOMTAIL :hoot tail up brother

by pyromasteromegaz Oct 10, 2008

hp 80

Maybe it was just me but I didn't find this fight nearly as hard as many claim it to be. Meh I don't know why. Anyway Gloomtail is much like Hooktail just a far stronger version. Anyway the usual attacks such as Power Bounce Power Smash and Ultra Smash will work very well in this fight while Vivian or Bobbery are very much recommended since they'll rake up the damage quickly.His attacks are easy to block aside from the poison breath one. If he throws that at you you may want to heal it with a Tasty Tonic.

Eventually though Gloomtail will start charging an ultimate yellow breath. Well yellow was the wrong color! Still it's a nasty attack. It's very very much recommended that you have Vivian use Veil or be prepared to face 15-16 damage to both of your characters. That's the strongest attack yet that's for sure. Anyway watch out for this fatal moment and this fight will work outjust fine.

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Secret - Paper mario v/s SHADOW QUEEN

by pyromasteromegaz Oct 10, 2008

70 hp (max hp 150)

This dark version of Peach isn't too bad... yet. She'll get much stronger in a
different form; this will just be a warm-up. Although she has 150 HP, give her
about 70 damage and this part of the battle will end. So... my recommended
party is Mario and Yoshi. She'll be doing some pretty strong attacks (about 8
damage or so) but still not that much of a concern. My first attack during this
fight was Supernova, which did 15-16 damage. What I did after that was use
Power Bounce and Stampede, until I got 4 SP.

Art Attack works REALLY well here, believe me. Since Peach's body isn't really that big (taller than Mario though =P) you can circle around her several times and do 15-18 damage even more than Supernova. Eventually she'll switch to her true form. UGLY but that's not the problem. You can't harm her now; focus on trying to defend yourself although don't waste your Ultra Shrooms trust me. Just continue as you are and keep yourself alive. She'll drain your HP and the audience while you can't hit her that's not nice.


Art Attack doesn't work as well as it did the previous time, because there are three enemies and she's MUCH bigger this time. So start off by using Supernova with 16 damage to her and her stupid hands. Yeah, they'll try and suck you and your partner's HP while she restores it and uses even stronger attacks. The hands shouldn't be that much of a priority though. Anyway once you have the hands out of the way attack the Shadow Queen with every inch of power, since she has the second most HP of any enemy in the game. She WILL bring those damn hands back, but they're not really too annoying. For the partner for this battle, anyway my recommendation is Koops for the first half Vivian for the second half. Koops's fourth skill is just plain invaluable while Vivian's Fiery Jinx and Veil abilities will help in the second half of the fight. While you mow through the hands try and protect yourself while putting on Power Bounce almost every turn. Eventually the Shadow Queen will replace the normal Hands with Dead Hands. Don't even look at these although it's good if you use Koops/Vivian and use your strongest attacks to take them out with the Shadow Queen. By now, she'll be weakening anyway. At that point use every single thing you have left all your Ultra Shrooms and everything (my Mario had 55 HP at this fight, by the
way). Use Veil when the Shadow Queen charges herself up, and you... 

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Secret - Yoshi Colors

by Bramblefang Dec 10, 2009

Do you want your Yoshi to be a certain color when it hatches from its egg Well, the time that takes it for how long to hatch (After getting it at the Hotdog Stand) determines the color. Here are the times.

Green Yoshi 0-6 Minutes
Red Yoshi 6-9 Minutes
Blue Yoshi 9-11 Minutes
Orange Yoshi 11-15 Minutes
Pink Yoshi 15-18 Minutes
Black Yoshi 18-19 Minutes
White Yoshi 19-20 Minutes

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Glitch - Ground Pound

by Bramblefang Nov 16, 2009

Do a ground pound. When Mario lands on the ground, pause the screen. Exit out of the screen and the area Mario is in will shake a little.

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Easter Egg - A whole truckload of Paper Mario 2 TTYD cheats

by Sabertooth1000000000 Nov 28, 2007

Unlockable: Ms. Mowz
Take the trouble center quest that is given by a person marked as “???”. Talk to Ms Mowz above the item shop. She'll ask for an elusive badge in Hooktails castle. Go to Hooktails castle to where you fought Hooktail and walk around until a ! appears over you and blow with Madame Flurrie to get the badge. Once you get the badge, go back on top of the cook’s shop and the mouse thief will join your team.

Unlockable: Pianta Parlor Prizes
Cake Mix: 6 Piantas
Super Shroom: 10 Piantas
Maple Syrup: 14 Piantas
Power Rush P: 34 Piantas
Power Rush: 34 Piantas
Power Smash: 34 Piantas
Power Jump: 34 Piantas
Refund: 34 Piantas
Super Appeal: 34 Piantas
Hammer Throw: 50 Piantas
Multibounce: 50 Piantas
Quake Hammer: 67 Piantas
Tornado Jump: 67 Piantas
Jammin' Jelly: 67 Piantas
Ultra Shroom: 67 Piantas
HP Plus: 100 Piantas
FP Plus: 100 Piantas
HP Plus P: 200 Piantas
Gold Bar x 3: 234 Piantas
Money Money: 234 Piantas

Hint: Timing For Styles
To get help on landing those Stylish moves, get the badge called "Time Tutor" or "Timing Tutor" or something similar to that. With that badge equipped, when you are in battle, if there is an opportunity to add a little Style to your attacks and moves, a little "!" speech bubble will appear above your character at the moment you should press the A Button.

Unlockable Games

* Boat Parlor Game: Do the "I must have that book" Sidequest By Toodles
* Paper Parlor Game: Do the "Save My Daddy!" Sidequest By Pine. T Jr.
* Plane Parlor Game: Do the "Try and find me!" Sidequest By Koopkook
* Tube Parlor Game: Do the "Important Thing!" Sidequest By Frankie

Easter Egg: Peach In A Ruffle
When you are doing Peach's part you can go left of her bedroom and take a shower and her hair style will be different. NOTE: when you leave the room her hair will be back to normal.

Hint: Style
Directly after a hammer attack, or at the highest point after a jump attack, tap A again and Mario will do a stylish trick earning him more star points. This works for his allies as well. Tap A directly after doing Koops shell throw and he will spin on his back earning more style.

Hint: Easy Money
Once you've gotten to PetalBurg in the First Chapter you can use a trick to make easy money. First go to RougePort and buy as many sleepy sheep as you can carry, making sure to fill up your storage box aswell. When your pockets and storage box is full, head over to PetalBurg. Once at... 

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Secret - Bonetail

by Bramblefang Dec 03, 2009

You must get top the very bottom of the Pit of 100 Trials. Bonetail is the final enemy. He is the strongest enemy in the game. You must be very strong to fight him. I would recommend leveling u[p a lot before fighting this guy. This is what Goombella says when using her move "Tattle".

"That's Bonetail. He's the oldest brother of Hooktail. ...So old he's just bones, in fact. Wow. Now THAT'S old. His body's Max HP is 200, his Attack is 8, and his Defense is 2. He has various breaths that might confuse us or put us to sleep. When his HP gets low, he'll recover... or reanimate, as the case may be. He's probably stronger than the last boss, seriously! Let's do this right!" - Goombella

If you defeat him, he'll spit out a treasure chest. Inside is the "Return Postage Badge".

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Secret - Pit of One Hundred Trials EASY!!!

by patar123 Jul 07, 2008

Do as follows
1. Get Enough Piantas to by Seven power rushes
2. Go to Chet Rippo and decraise your HP to 5(IMPORTANT DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP)then put your fp to
50 and put the rest on your BP
3. Equipe 2 close calls,2 pretty luckies and 1 lucky day(Makes your chance of getting hit EXTREMLY LOW)
Also equip at least one multi bounce
4.Go down the pipenear prof.Franklys place and down the one to the right of this one. Go down the stairs and there will be bars on the walls go through the bars that has an opening in the back and use vivians veil to get across the spikes that come out and go back in. Equip that badge so that u can jump on spiky enemys.
5. buy 4 life shrooms
6.Make sure Gombella has Rally Wink and then enter the pit of one hundred trials(Gombella must be at Max for it to be a bit easier.
U will then clear the pit of 100 trials in at least 30 minutes!!!

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Hints - More star points for all!

by icecold333 May 03, 2007

In chapter 1 of paper mario, when you are in the hooktail castle, try to fight a lot of dull bones. When there is one left, just appeal, heal or somthing. Let it regenerate another Dull Bones, and kill that. You will keep getting star points!

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Hints - How to fight ATOMIC BOO

by Unregistered Feb 19, 2007

go to creepy steeple in twighlight town when you enter the mansion (creepy steeple) there will be a bunch of boos gathering you use your hammer and spin around (B and rotate anolog stick) to hit the boos continue this until the boos form to make ATOMIC BOO now its time to kick @** he has 40 hp 0 defense and 4 attack or 6. submmited by m&m twins.

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Secret - Make a Profit

by Bramblefang Dec 04, 2009

Buy as many Sleepy Sheep at Rougeport's store as you can. They are 8 coins each. Put all of them in the storage. Got to Petalburg. Withdraw the Sheep at the store there. Now, sell each of the Sleepy Sheep and get a 2 coin profit for each of them!

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Secret - The Original Mario and Friends(how to become the NES mario)

by harshin42 Feb 07, 2008

To become Original Mario, You must go to the X-NAUT base on the moon. Go to Sublevel 2 and find a door somewhere to the right. Keep looking until you find a room with a X-scientist(a white x-naut that throws red beakers)and large tanks full of monsters. Go to the top right corner and look on the ceiling for a hole. Use the spring jump(hold down A and go around and around on the control stick)to get on a pole. Go right. Keep going until you find a air vent. Go flat(press R) to get through the air vent.You will end up behind some curtains. Press A at the ! point and wala!!! You are the the original mario from the NES!!!! Press start and go to youre partner screen. They are all pixels!!! When you leave, you will be normal again. :}

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Secret - Reference from the first Paper Mario

by Unregistered Jun 24, 2010

When Lumpy (the green mouse) comes back from his trip, he'll have a journal of his trip that you can read. In one of the chapters, there is a reference of Kolorado. He is from the first Paper Mario.

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Easter Egg - References

by Bramblefang Dec 03, 2009

There are many references in Paper Mario TTYD, and I'll list some of them!

Remember Petalburg City The place where Koops used to live Petalburg City is a name of a town in Pokemon Emerald.

In the Glitz Pit when you fight Rawk Hawk for the first time, one of the people in the audience shout "Jumpman!! Wait, who". Jumpman is the name of Mario in the game Donkey Kong.

Sometime after you ride the train to Poshley Heights, you'll receive a message from the real Zip Toad. If you look closely, Jr. Troopa from the first Paper Mario is flying outside the window.

After you defeat the Shdow Queen, go back to Poshley Heights. Go to the outside of the place where you got the 7th Crystal Star. Next to the fountain are Bow and Bootler from the first Paper Mario.

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Secret - Ms Mowz

by pokemonmasterjustin Mar 30, 2009

Complete the ??? problem at the Trouble center by finding the secret badge hidden in Hooktails castle Return the badge to the mosue ontop of Zess T's shop and she will join your team

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Secret - How to defeat the DEMON

by TATALLE Dec 08, 2008

Stock up on Jammin jelly's. then cook them with ultra shrooms. When you get to the demon I would suggest you have POWER STOMP on. And use art atack.

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Secret - How to find a horsetail

by TATALLE Dec 08, 2008

When you come out the pipe to petal medows go through the path into the second area. Go to the end of that area. There are 2 striped poles hit the one that moves when you hit it. Hit that pole 10 times and you will get a horstail.

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