Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Review

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Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Review :

Paper RPG

by Bramblefang Sep 22, 2010

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is a successful RPG that follows that followed Paper Mario 64.

Peach gets captured, again but not by Bowser. A new rising force called the X-Nauts are causing trouble in the land around Rogueport. Their main objective is to collect seven Crystal Stars, but it's a mystery why they need them. Maybe you'll find out when you play the game.

This game is another RPG. It's a turn based system. You, as Mario, will attack first, then your partner, then your enemy(s). You have two main ways to attack as Mario. You can jump on them or use your hammer. You may also use items to damage the enemy or heal you. After you collect a Crystal Star, you get a special move that uses Star Power. Their effects are random.

If you look at the box art, you can see three partners. (No not the dragon or skeleton but that would be effing awesome) They are a Koopa, Goomba, and Yoshi. There is also a Cloud like creature that is also your partner. (There's seven obtainable partners in all but six are required.) They help you along the quest, inside battle and on the map. Each have their own ability that helps you navigate though something on the map. Koops, the Koopa can be kicked onto hard to reach places that are on the same level as you. You can actually ride that tiny Yoshi and you can "fly" for a short distance on it.

If you combined all of the areas in the game, you would get a really big space. Some maps have you navigate through a puzzle. Some make you use your partner's ability to solve the problem. There are others that make you use special "Paper" moves that Mario can use. He can turn into an Airplane and Boat. There's two others that I'm not telling you. You can also fall into bodies of water which will make you lose one HP of damage.

Some enemies originate from the old Paper Mario and some are entirely new. Some veterans are the Amazy Daizy, Goomba, Koopa, and the Hand It Overs (those annoying thieves that steal your coins) There are a few new enemies. They made a few new enemies like the Koopa clones, Clefts, and these X shaped enemies. The bosses are totally new ideas and can be pretty hard to beat.

This is probably one of the best RPGs in the Gamecube. You should get it from Gamestop or other stores that still carry these games.

Sample Music

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8Story line
It's Peach getting captured again and you need to save her. You must collect the seven Crystal Stars too to be able to rescue her.
They improved a bit from the last game. There are some pretty cool sequences like a huge tower comes up from the body of water.
They did great on the music. Some themes like Rawk Hawk's and Smorg's are plain awesome. You can check my description of the game above for sample music.
The controls are very easy to learn. There's usually nothing to bother you on the world map unless you're bad at controlling Mario.
10Lasting Appeal
I played this game a lot until I finished the story part. You get the feeling that you want to continue playing when you have to stop. I couldn't wait to see what the bosses were and that crap.
(Out of 10)


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