Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Review

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Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Review :

The magical map of paper mario

by yoshi114 Jun 07, 2011

well for starters this game is just awesome. I love playing it, it has a great story line, and the characters are bright and unforgettable. I could probly name every character in this game if i wanted to, mostly because ive beaten it several times. the adventure here is amazing, as i said, probly one of my favorite games ive ever played. Ok, so in this game there are 3 stats: Hp, FP(flower points), and BP(badge points). Hp is your health, when it drops to zero, you die, as in most games. Fp is flower points, you use them when you use special moves, such as more powerful moves will use more FP then weaker ones. BP are badge points, you use these points when you equip a badge, and bagdes can take up 0-7 BP depending on what the bagde does. attack badges, such as power stomp, use up FP when used. this game goes in chapters, and each chapter has its own boss, and its own puzzels for you to overcome. Now the puzzels arent that hard according to me in case your wondering. and like most mario games, mario is trying to save peach, but not from bowser, from the X-nauts, who are the main villains in this game. I also forgot to mention that when you defeat a chapter, you must go thru 2 intermission sequences, where you can play as peach and bowser. I stroingly recommend this game to any nintendo fan, even if they dont like mario. well thats all for now, happy treasure hunting!

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10Story line
in this game, Mario is on a quest to save princess peach after she gives mario a magic map revealing the location of the crystal stars. but peach was captured by an unknown group of thugs known as X-nauts. so mario has to find all seven crystal stars to find her, an epic story indeed.
the graphics in this game were better then some GCN games ive seen. the graphics for the characters are 2-D, witch is tradition for paper mario games.
I cant really say much about the sound, except it was pretty well put and easy to understand. i also liked how you could add certain bagdes to your hammer that made differsnt sounds.
the gameplay here is roloe playing, where you choose your attacks and each character takes turns attacking. I have always liked RPGs.
10Lasting Appeal
my lasting appeal for this game is...well great beacause this game is always fun to play, with each chapter of the game having its own creativity and puzzels. This game is the best out of all the mario RPGs i think.
(Out of 10)


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