Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Review

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Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Review :

Paper mario and the thousand year door!best game I have ever played!!!!

by saw47 Jul 08, 2011

Ok first I would like to note although I'm not the best at this game I would still highly recommend getting this amazing game if you have the chance. This game is amazing and has the best story line I have ever seen in my life!!! This game has an amazing twist to it if you ask me! You are on an amazing journey in this game!!! You will get some partners as I will also mention in this review later I list the partners now and not later first you get goombella a goomba you get after saving her at the very beggining of the game she has amazing intelligence as well! then you get koops a koopa with lots of defence you have a option of getting him you should get him as you will need him!! you now you need every body except for one thats optional theres flurrie a ghost of wind if you saw the her in the game it's kinda disgusting then yoshi you get to name him what you want and he will be multiple colors then vivinia a ghost that starts off trying to hurt you with her sisters and bobbery a bomb-omb that is a navigator for ships and loves the sea(mostly) finally a mouse thief I don't remember the name of but you get through the help centre!!!!(you don't need her for anything)

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10Story line
In this game you or on a quest to save princess peach [as usual]after she send you a magical map in mail and asks for your assistents in finding the treasure. Bye the time you make it to the town she sent you the map from peach has been kidnapped! Yes but not bye bowser bye a gang of thugs called x-
nauts/ I ecspically enjoyed the graphics and how this game was in 3-D!! I think that the creators chose excellent colors and backrounds for this game.
The sounds chosen for all the different periodsof this game where well picked and they also matched the backrounds
the gameplay was amazing you play as mario like you do in all othermario games but you also have partners that will help you in battle.You Have to go looking for crystal stars which in this game is the treasures on the map.this game has chapters and after every chapter you will play as bowser &peach
9Lasting Appeal
a great game as I belive I said before as well as has an amazing twist at the end that you would never expect.Harder enemys then Iv'e ever seen in any other mario game before!!!
(Out of 10)


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