Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 And 2 Cheats

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Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 And 2 Cheats :

This page contains Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 And 2 cheats list for Game Cube version. Now we have 44 cheats in our list, which includes 3 unlockables, 3 easter eggs, 6 glitches, 32 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 And 2 on Game Cube platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Defeating Nano Dragons:

by mikepwndu May 14, 2009

Use Zonde and it will either fly up then down, or use its beam attack. If you are fighting three of them, you can stay out of the way or exit the room. They should then start to attack each other.

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Cheats - Dressing Room

by Unregistered Apr 30, 2005

If you want to gain some levels without much effort and are around a 25 to 40 level range, try going the forest levels under the hard difficulty setting. You can usually get about 8,000 experience points from it.
Find someone who has played the game longer than you have. Ask them if they can give you a high powered Mag. With this Mag, you can start using weapons from the Ruins (if it is at a high enough level). Also, you can join in a multi-player effort. If you are a Ranger, you will have an easier time then a Hunter. When a teammate has weakened a monster, aim and go for the kill shot. You should move up levels easily.
Since Hunters are naturally stronger than Forces and Rangers, they have an advantage. To gain levels quicker, defeat the Caves 3 boss. Hunters can use an effective Sword or Partisan against him by hitting all of his parts. After that, talk to the Priciple and go to Mines 1. You can now do a great deal of damage on the Mine 1 enemies. They are weak. The only three to watch out for are Sinow Gold, Sinow Beat, and Granas. The basic enemies in the mines area give about 15 to 22 experience points. By the time you get to Mines 2, you should have already gained a couple of levels. Mines 2 also offer a great deal of experience.
Go to the Forest (under the hard, very hard, or ultimate difficulty settings depending on your level). Enter a room which has a Monest (or Mothvist in ultimate) and killall the Mosquitoes without killing the nest. Once the nest stops spitting out mosquitoes, return to town via Telepipe or Ryuker. Return. The nest will spit out more mosquitoes. The experience given varies depending on difficulty, but the ultimate mode mosquitoes give about 230 experience points each.
Play in multi-player mode with a group of either high levels or low levels. Play through the game as you would in solo mode. Many of the monsters are harder to defeat, and you will get five points extra experience per how many people are on your team. By the time you complete the game you should be at level 20 or higher, depending how many monsters you have killed. Note: When you make it to hard mode, you will start finding special weapons earlier because your luck points are being evaluated as a team and not individually. Then, when you play in solo mode you will be able to pass through it without problems.
Use a weapon that can confuse an enemy. Use it on a Honest and when the little fly things appear, they will be confused and will kill each... 

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Cheats - Get items x99

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

Get 10,000 Meseta ON YOUR PERSON (not in bank). Quit and go to select a character. When you choose your person with the money, you'll se a fourth option. That's Dressing Room. No need to complete anything (but if you just started out i suggest putting the money on another character and select Recreate).

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Glitch - Permanently raise base stats

by adds Jul 20, 2012

To perform this glitch you will need an armor with at least one slot and any unit that increases a base stat. First, perform the dupe glitch up until you have the bank open. Then, what you will need to do is equip your unit at the same time that you deposit the armor you've equipped. The simplest way to do this is to press Z when the bank menu is at Deposit/Take. Press A when your menu cursor is on Item Pack and your bank cursor is on Deposit. Press A when your menu cursor is on Equip and your bank cursor is on Item. Press A when your menu cursor is on your empty unit slot and your bank cursor is on the armor you have equipped. Press A when your menu cursor is on the unit you want to get stat boosts from and your bank cursor is on Yes. You will now have no armor equipped yet have a unit equipped. Quit the game and reload. Each time you quit, you permanently gain the status bonus granted by the unit you have equipped. You can now quit and reload as many times as you like until your base stats are at a value you're satisfied with. To disable the glitch, simply equip any armor or unequip the unit. As a tip, note that the analog stick only moves the bank cursor, thus you can set your menu cursor by using the pad or C-stick and then set your bank cursor using the analog stick.

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Secret - Manipulate the loading screens

by Blaziken3000 Nov 08, 2011

Going online, you can use either the Control Stick, or the C-Stick to move the glittering light around the screen.

Going to an area, you can use the Control Stick to turn the warp tunnel, and the C-Stick to change the speed of the tunnel.

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Secret - Getting techniques earlier

by lord mortinius Nov 08, 2011

To get a technique before you have enough MST, just simply equip something like a priest mind in a slot of your armor of frame. This will hopefully give you enough MST to use that technique, and when you remove the item in your slot, you won't lose the technique.

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Secret - GameBoy Advance Downloads

by cancelor05 Nov 08, 2011

Do the quest ''The Fake in Yellow'' and find the doctor. After you talk to the person that gives you the quest DO NOT collect the mesta. Go back the red teleporter that is wavy and go back to Forest 1. Once you get there you will see 3 Rag Rappies that you can talk to. Go the the background with the waterfall and stand there. After a while a Chao will appear and will give you the ability to download games for your GBA in Pioneer 2. It looks like a GBA on a pole. You will also get the Tails Chao on your GBA.

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Secret - Dressing Room

by player46 Nov 08, 2011

If you have 10,000 Meseta on your character when you quit a game, you can access the Dressing Room feature.

To do so, just enter Offline/Online Mode. Get a hold of 10,000 Meseta and make your character hold them, so you can't have it in the Deposit Box. Exit the game by quiting.

Now when you go to select your character where you would normally get the options ''Comfirm, Recreate, or Cancel'' you should now see ''Dressing Room.''

Remember this costs 10,000 Meseta, and if you select Dressing Room and ''OK'' you will be deducted those Meseta. The features in the Dressing Room are limited only to changing Hair Style, Hair Color, and Clothing. Not something big, but after playing a certain number of hours with the same clothing, you can add change.

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Secret - Avoiding Traps

by blah Nov 08, 2011

Just like in the Dreamcast version of this game, if you go into the menu screen (select the ''z'' button), you will not pause at all when walking by traps. This allows you to walk through trapped halls without stopping, waiting, or shooting the traps.

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Easter Egg - Secret Thank You For "Seat Of The Heart" Quest

by 123456a Nov 08, 2011

To see a special Thank You "Along with some awsome music" during the Quest "Seat Of The Quest being one the longest and difficult quests in the game you can get a Thank You from the creators of said quest. The get this do the following.

1. Get through Control Tower and arrive on the beach.
2. Talk to Elly. She will ask you to wait at the Pioneer 2 for Her.

At this point a Portal back will open up but do NOT go in. Instead follow her as she starts to walk away she will go to a different portal that leads to Pioneer 2 but once again do NOT go in this one either. She will say "I just want to stay alittle longer im so sad" or somthing along those lines. At which point a great In-game cutscene will take place showing your character and Elly watching the Ocean. Then a message will appear on the screen -Impossible to miss- and it will give a thanks from the developers and a Credit Roll for this Quest.

Note: This optional bonus does nothing for your character or storyline that i know of, but its great to actually go through the whole quest.

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Unlockable - Unlock Hard, Very Hard and Ultimate Difficulties

by alex_he Nov 08, 2011

To unlock Hard Mode beat the game on Normal. To unlock Very Hard Mode, beat the game on Hard Mode. To unlock Ultimate Mode, Beat the game on Very Hard Mode.

In order to unlock these difficulties online you must achieve Level 20 for Hard, 40 for Very Hard, and 80 for Ultimate.

If you beat a difficulty in either episode it will be unlocked for the other episode also.

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Unlockable - 3 Online Only Gameboy Download Games

by big o Nov 08, 2011

There are 3 mini-games that can be unlocked by playing quests online. Once you have them, you can download them in a special quest, ''Pioneer Warehouse'' which is also available online only. The difficulty does not matter and you only need to unlock each game once per character.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Chu Chu RocketGet an S rank in the quest "Reach for the Dream"
NightsComplete the "Dream Messanger" quest
Puyo PopIn the quest "Gallon's Shop" by the Medical Center, touch the glowing orb
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Glitch - Piping

by pulgcyanildo Nov 08, 2011

Go to a room where there are monters that can be transformed into rares.

(Normal to V. Hard= Rag Rappy, Hildebear, Poison Lily and Poufuilly Slime)
(Ultimate= El Rappy, Hidelt, Ob Lily and Poufuilly Slime)

Then start to use Ryuker/Telepipe. Just keep going back and forth until that monster turns into his rare version. This could take 5 or 5 thousand minutes, just to show you how random it is.

(Normal to V. Hard= Al Rappy, Hildeblue, Nar Lily and Pouilly Slime)
(Ultimate= Pal Rappy, Hildetorr, Mil Lily and Pouilly Slime)

((Note: In VR Temple, in episode 2, there aren't Al/Pal rappys, the Rag/El rappy rare version will always be a "Love rappy")

This works in places where these enemies appear, so it doesn't matter in which episode you are playing. But the items will be different, if you kill the same rare monster, but in other episode.

The items also varie from difficulty. The item that a Hildeblue let to you in hard, will not be the same in Very Hard (V. Hard)

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Glitch - Item Duplication

by futerko Nov 08, 2011

Start a single player off line game in episode 1 and deposit your meseta. Then go to the shop area and lure the woman towards one of the shops to start a conversation with her and one of the store clerks simultaneously. Exit her conversation without exiting the shop menu, then walk to one of the other shops and talk to the clerk. You should see the 2 menus overlapping each other. Now exit 1 but not the other. You should be able to move freely while still seeing the shop menu. Now go to the bank and talk to the clerk. Again, the menus will overlap. Exit the shop menu without exiting the bank menu. You should now be able to walk freely while exploring the bank menu. Withdraw everything you wish to duplicate and deposit everything you don't. Walk to an open area and ensure that the bank menu says item/meseta. Open the start menu and ensure you have items highlighted in the bank menu as well as itembag in the start menu. Please note that you can now navigate the bank menu with the control stick without disrupting the start menu. Press A, then select deposit/items in the bank/start menus. Scroll to the bottom of the list and press A. Select no/drop. The item should appear on the ground but still remain in the bank menu. Now press A and select yes/drop repeatedly until your itembag is empty. You should now have everything in the bank as well as on the ground.

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Easter Egg - Lost file?

by Aldermar Jan 27, 2009

Well, if you turn the power off when the game is saving or the black screens appears without the title screen showing up. You have lost the current saved data where you left off.

Make sure you are to save properly.

Example of while saving the game, wait til the title screen shows up.

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Secret - The 3 switches throughout the adventure

by Aldermar Jan 27, 2009

There are only 3 hidden switches through PSO to access RUINS in your game. In Episode 1.

The switches are in FOREST 2, CAVE 2 & MINE 2.

Search all rooms and then proceed killing bosses to reach the RUINS.

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Secret - Having 100 LCK

by Aldermar Jan 26, 2009

LCK stands for Luck.

If you have 100 of LCK, you may have a high chance of getting a rare item. Or possibly a body part of the enemy.

This can only work for Hard, Very Hard & Ultimate.

Collect 45 of Luck Materials and you'll get 100 of lucks!

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Secret - Dressing Room

by Aldermar Jan 26, 2009

Save about 10,000 Meseta (Money) with you.

Not in the bank or else it will not work.

As you save the game by quiting, and select your character, you can see an option to create a new looks for your Hunter/Ranger/Force!

Good Luck with fasion!

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Secret - Enemy Parts

by Aldermar Jan 26, 2009

When killing thousands of monsters, you may end up having a RED BOX lying around.

It may be a rare weapon OR it's an arm of the enemy you slaughtered!

Have DR. Montague to create a weapon out of that from your Inventory.

(To have him done that, complete all requests in any difficulty.)

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Glitch - The meseta clone glitch

by Aldermar Jan 05, 2009

Talk to the lady and lure her to the GURAD SHOP. While after her text, while you are also shopping. Now move around with the control stick, and go to the green shop. (Or orange whatever) If it says "BUY/SELL" press "B".

And press any buttons, and look! You're walking around with that text! Now walk to the BANK, and talk to the woman. The shop list must scroll upwards before reaching her. Now around "TAKE/DEPOSIT", go to TAKE, ITEMS, now take any items. When it says "YES/NO", press "B" twice, and press DEPOSIT, and you're walking around with that too!

Press B. Now TAKE all your money, and back to "TAKE/DEPOSIT" screen, now press START/DEPOSIT same time, both on ITEMS, and scroll down where the money is, now deposit an item, when it says "YES/NO" and the money about to drop, press B twice.

Now the crusor is on the MESETA and the other is on DEPOSIT, press A and do MESETA, now DROP/DEPOSIT all the money. And the money should be in the BANK and one's in front of you!

You can do this as much as you want now! It takes time to get used to though, watch Youtube for further details. Good luck!

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Unlockable - Soul Eater

by Aldermar Jan 05, 2009

This is an easy task and a hard battle too. First complete your requests and then refresh by going into these requests in order:

Dr. Otso's Research: Find Sue, when she asks your name, don't tell her. Just finish the request like that.
Unsealed Doors: Find Sue again and talk to her, and finish the request.
(NOTE: All requests must be cleared/finished in order for the event to continue)

Waterfall Tears: You saw Anna in the waterfall room, right? Beat her and don't go to the telepipe. Now keep proceeding the CAVE 2 and look for Kireek, fight him and beat him. Finish the request.
Black Paper: Now Kireek is in CAVE 1 now. Look carefully in CAVE 1, if you found the room shaped like an cross and has a loockd room in south, beat him and finish this request as well.

FINAL: From the Depth: Team up with Ash, when he departs. Go back to RUINS 2 and check your map. You will see two people. One's Kireek and one's Ash. Go to that room, talk to Ash and beat Kireek. And you must have one slot or more to make room with Kireek's SOUL EATER as your usable weapon.

SOUL EATER is suicidal weapon but its special is to cause terminal attack but also drains your life, best you're a human with RESTA spell. Good Luck!

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Soul EaterObtain it from Kireek
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