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Pikmin Cheats :

This page contains Pikmin cheats list for Game Cube version. Now we have 6 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 2 easter eggs, 1 glitch, 2 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pikmin on Game Cube platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Glitch - Mushroom pikmin follow you

by Sentae Jul 02, 2008

if you have a hard time killing the mushroom monster(aka puffstool) in pikmin heres a glitch thats fun: first get your pikmin to trip it and then when it flips it will be getting ready to spray it's spores, get all your pikmin to fight it then just as it flips its mushroom cap wistle them back. if you do it right your pikmin will turn into mushroom pikmin and be under your cammand you can only move them with the C stick and will do tasks for you but will turn back to normal after they are done with the task.

on another note to stop the "mushroomification" wistle when the pikmin's stalk is floped down they'll come to you normal

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Cheats - Challenge Mode

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

To make Captain Olimar invincible, simply press down on the D-pad. Olimar will lay down, then nothing can hurt him.

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Easter Egg - The Smokey Progg

by yoshi114 Apr 23, 2012

to fight him, you must be at the Distant Spring in less than 15 days. go to thru the water until you find a circular group of rocks with an egg like structure in the middle. wait until it hatches. it will go straight to your camp to terrorize it, so you cant just leave it alone, you MUST kill it! if you are succesful, you will get a golden pearl and it will be worth 100 pikmin!

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Secret - How to beat the armored beatle thing in forest

by yoshi114 Mar 12, 2012

when he sucks in air to launch a rock at you, immediatly throw a pikmin into the area that he is sucking air into, or stand in front of him when he is sucking air, he will then open his back wing things and you can toss your army on to the weaek point

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Secret - Emperor Bulblax

by Unregistered Aug 31, 2007

Get 29 parts and go to Final Trial. Make your way to the big arena and smash down the gate. Make sure you have at least 15 Yellows and the remaining Pikmin Reds. Go around and look for bomb-rocks in the pipes(in one there should be enough for all). Now, dismiss ALL your Pikmin. Take but one Yellow. Wake up Rover(that's what I call him) and dismiss the Pikmin purposely in front of him. Quickly call the Reds, and start throwing. After many rounds, he'll start getting a raged look in his eyes like he'd just drunk and proposed to his girlfriend and she said no. This is bad luck. He will jump up and squash any Pikmin under him. If he smashes a bomb holder, it won't explode. Finally, when he dies, collect the part. It will most likely be near sunset so carry it as far as possible but NOT back or else the game'll instantly end. Spend any and all remaining days except one to loaf around and make Pikmin(my goal then is to make sure there are 100 flower Pikmin of each kind.)

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Easter Egg - Two things

by Unregistered Aug 28, 2007

Go to the Distant spring BEFORE day 15. Look for a kind of flower on the map. I always do this heres what i do(works every time!): Get out 50 Red and Blue. Make sure they are all flowers. If not, power them up with the grass and rocks(i reccomend killing the blowhog and snitchbug so they wont annoy you first), and dismiss the Reds near land and take the Blues with you. Go to the flower and attack the egg. Then some kind of deformed frog thing will come out(Smoky Progg). It will ignore you until base then it will attack. YOU attack with the Blues but dont touch the pool of smoke behind it or they will die. When it gets to land get the Reds and attack you should kill it easily i reseted the first time i saw it scared the bleep out of me lol but anyway when you kill it give it to the Yellows they die major twice in the game but the other thing is look far at the flower it will have a stem its hard to miss

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Cheats - Challenge mode option

by Unregistered Apr 30, 2005

There are only 25 parts that are needed to complete the game. The other parts are optional.

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Cheats - Pikmin Cheats

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2005

To beat the Final Trial and Emperor Bulbax (the big green guy in the arena) this is what you need to do:
1.Take out 30-90 blue pikmin and get half of them to work on each of the 2 bridges on either side of the stone wall
2.While the blue pikmin work, take out 10 red pikmin. Throw them on the ledge with all the flames coming up from the ground.They won't get burnt since they're red pikmin.Go into the water and call them with B so they follow where you walk, but they can't get off the ledge. Walk along the ledge so they get where the box is. They'll push the box out of the way and when they're done, dismiss them with X.
3. When the blue pikmin are done, put them back in their Onion. Take out at least 5 yellow pikmin and throw them on the land over the water on the right. Then bring them to the rock and throw them up to the bomb rocks so at least 3-5 have bomb rocks. Then get them back the same way you got them there, but when you call them back, just touch them so they don't drop their bombs. Then have them blow down the stone wall
4. take out at least 50 red pikmin and 20 yellow pikmin (including the yellow you took out) and have all your pikmin (including the yellows you took out) break down the white stick wall. You'll be in an arena with a big green thing in the middle DON'T TOUCH THE GREEN THING OR EMPEROR BULBAX WILL WAKE UP! YOU DON'T WANT THAT!...yet. Sneak past him and take down the white stick gate in the other side. Then there will be a whole bunch of cans with bomb rocks on the other side around the arena. Make sure all your yellow pikmin have bomb rocks.
5.Dismiss ALL your pikmin with X.Go wake up Emeror Bulbax and the leave to your pikmin, where he can't hurt you.Now walk slowly into the yellow pikmin so that you have one with you. Hold A so you can hold it and carry it with you. Now walk into all your red pikmin. Go back out to the Emperor. When he opens his mouth to lick up all your pikmin, throw the yellow pikmin with yor bomb rock and run off to the side. Your yellow pikmin will either land in front of him and get licked up, or land in his mouth and get swallowed, either way he will be swallowing a bomb. It will explode in his stomach and he will be stunned and he will lay down all dazed, looking like he's been drinking. THIS is when you have to throw all the red pikmin you can onto his FAT SAGGY CHEEK! When he gets up, call all your pikmin back and leave back to the other yellow pikmin. Keep doing this!
6. When half his... 

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Cheats - Bomb Cheat

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

The 'D' button pressed downward can be used for several things...
1-While running in any direction, press the button down to belly flop upward.

2-Try holding the 'D' button down while having pikmin with you. (They carry you to the onion for a fireworks display and finally for Captain Olimar's invincibility move)

3-Around an enemy, press the 'D' button downward and watch them attack you in a mad frenzy (note: do nothing except change 'Z' button angle without pikmin for best results)

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Cheats - How To Defeat The Blue Blob Monster

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

First, you need to all of the color Pikmin. Then go to the very first stage. From your space shudle, take out 28 yellow pikmin. Next, go to the cardboard box and get three of your yellow pikmin, and make them each pick up a bomb rock. After that, go to the stream. Then, when you get there throw all three of the yellow pikmin with bomb rocks into the stream. Next, when the night is over go into your space ships. After that, go back there in the morning and call the three yellow pikmin out of the water. Then they should be all purple. That was my hint for this day on Pikmin!

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Code - Funny things olimar will do

by rogan983 Jun 22, 2009

Game play

up down left rightbarfs
spin aroundpees
blue pikminpoops
reddoes diarria
go through flowerssnezes
half life leftburps
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Cheats - How To Never Lose Pikmin At Night

by CheatsGuru May 15, 2005

To make this faster and easier, get the yellow pikmin first. 
Then go to the "Impact Site" level and go into the part past
the box with the number 10 on it. Have the yellow pikmin pick up the
bomb rocks on the other side of the box, and use three of them to
knock down the white wall.  Once you go inside, stay close to the
sides as not to drown your pikmin. To the right, around the corner is
a clam type thing with a pearl in it's mouth. Stand next to it and put
your site in it's mouth just next to the pearl. Grab a pikmin with a
bomb rock and toss it it. It should land in, run out and throw it's
bomb rock. Do this twice to kill it. Have them take it back to the
onion and you get about 50 pikmin seeds!!!

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Pikmin Cheats


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