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Pokémon Colosseum Cheats :

This page contains Pokémon Colosseum cheats list for Game Cube version. Now we have 6 cheats in our list, which includes 3 glitches, 3 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokémon Colosseum on Game Cube platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Glitch - The Masterball glitch

by Iluvcubone Jun 25, 2008

Here is a glitch to get unlimited masterballs in the game pokemon colosseum! After you get all of the badges in the realgam tower(After defeating Mirror B., Dakim, Venus and Ein) you will get an email from Eagun(in Agate), but the message is cut off so go visit Eagun before moving on through the realgam tower. Eagun will give you a masterball. Here's the glitch! Whenever you go into a battle and a shadow pokemon appears you must have at least two pokemon in your party a pokeball, great ball,ETC..., and the masterball! Select the masterball with your first pokemon and with you 2nd pokemon go back to where you selected the masterball in the bag and hiy the"Y" button on the controller and switch the masterballs place with any other ball in your bag! You will be able to attack with your 2nd pokemon, but your first pokemon will use the masterball. After you use it check back in your bag and the masterball will still be there! Sorry it was so long!! Hope it helps!!!!!!!!!!

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Glitch - Cloning Pokeballs

by aturtledoesbite Mar 18, 2010

To start, you need the type of Pokeball you want to clone and at least one other type (for example, I want to clone a Masterball, I need a Masterball and some other -ball). Now, go into a battle with a Shadow Pokemon. Once the Shadow Pokemon is called out, have your first Pokemon's action use the ball you want to clone on the Shadow Pokemon. Now, with your second Pokemon, go to the ball menu, highlight the ball you selected, press X, move to another ball, and press X again. The positions of the two balls should have switched. Now, exit the item menu, and use a move (doesn't matter what it is). Now, when the turn starts, your character should use the ball you selected on the Shadow Pokemon. Once the turn/battle ends, check your inventory. The ball you used should still be there (if you had more than one, you will still have as many as you had before). If anyone knows why this happens, please tell me, because I have no clue.

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Secret - When to use the relic stone

by Unregistered Jun 12, 2009

When u have shadow pokemon and it say u just have to undo the final lock go to that place with a bunch of trees in agate village go up to that big gray thing choose the pokemon u want to cure and congrats! u opend the heart! hoped this helped! :)

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Secret - Celebi!! + Make shadow line thing go down

by thunder99945 Aug 23, 2007

I found this out and i couldn't believe that i saw Celebi. Go to the place where you open the shadow pokemons heart! The use time flute. Be careful because there are only three time flutes. The time flute brings celebi to open the pokemons heart.

When you us a shadow pokemon in a battle the black line where the exp should be goes down. But did you know it goes down when you walk around. And you can us sents to make it go down to!

Hope this helps!

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Secret - Unlimited Master balls

by PiemanPokemonMaster Aug 14, 2007

When going up against a shadow pokemon let ur first pokemon use the masterball and ur second pokemon swap the master ball round with another ball

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Cheats - Easy catching

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

when you arrive at mt. battle you will have to defeat about ten trainers before facing dakim. If your pokemon are weak after a battle you can go back to the beginning to restore them without having to fight the same people.

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Glitch - The way to Purify Pokemon

by Travguy Oct 20, 2008

1. Go to agate village.
2. Get 6 shadows in you're party that you want purified.
3. Go in the cave leading to where the relic stone is.
4. When you're exacly by the bridge before you cross to go to the stone go right.
5.make sure that you didn't cross the bridge.
6.pull out the control stick and hold up while it's unpluged.
7.while you're holding up plug the controler back in.
8.you're person should be walking down towards the entrence but he can't reach it and the screen should be jiggleing.
9.if the screen is not jiggleing move right a little {not alot} and it will.
10. Now keep the gamecube on ALL night while you're asleep.
11.when you wake up unplug the controler and plug it back in without pressing anything.
12.now go to the stone and purify them.

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