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Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Cheats :

This page contains Sonic Adventure 2 Battle cheats list for Game Cube version. Now we have 78 cheats in our list, which includes 4 cheats codes, 12 unlockables, 12 easter eggs, 20 glitches, 30 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Sonic Adventure 2 Battle on Game Cube platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Glitch - Cool glitch.

by Sorceress Jul 10, 2007

Whal playing a sonic in city escape In the end With the truck as soon as you hit the ground turn around and use the homing attack on the truck [This glitch works a TON better if you don't have a shield at this point] And after you hit the truck and lose all of you're rings use the homing attack on the truck agian whal you are still invinsable and it will back up keep folowing the truck stay close but not so close that you die. and when you get to the point that has the things that make you go fast go to ither the left or tight of them just keep following the truck untel you get to the wall you summer saulted under to get out with the truck and just stay as close to that wall as you can and the truck will fall into a put.

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Hints - Secret themes

by Sorceress May 21, 2007

i know of three extra themes one is if you go to the theme select and spin the analog around in circles you will unlock the secret secratary theme and with enough rings and emblems you can buy the omochao and amy theme at the black market

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Hints - Invisable chao

by Sorceress May 21, 2007

if you have sonic advance and buy a chao any chao besides the normal chao and send it to sonic adventure 2 battle with the cord if u have them u should know how to do this and then get any shiny chao that u want and make them mate u will get an invisable chao

ps this chao looks really cool with skeleton dogs u can only c his eyes

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Hints - Special chao

by Sorceress Apr 26, 2007

i hear buy a normal black chao rase it only with shadow teach it alot before it morfs and befor it morfs make it ware a skull and dont let it eat anything but dark fruit and win it a shovel it will morf to be a grim wreaper chao it will carry its shovel like a sieth [the thing the grim wreaper carrys] and if a chao is about to die he will follow that chao everyware untell it dies

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Hints - I found a cool thing for people with action replays

by Sorceress May 21, 2007

there is a code that allows you to have a 2 player chao garden and there is a glitch in it that if you walk up to your chao with an animal its stats will just keep going up cool huh

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Hints - Lots of rings

by Sorceress Apr 26, 2007

if you want a lot of rings buy a hat save the game come back sell the hat but instead of exiting the normal way press and hold X B START come back and do it agin remember things sel for 1 forth of what you bot them for

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Secret - How to get sonic's mystic melody.

by Sorceress Aug 06, 2007

Right after the area where you are surrounded by a blue are, there will be a rail to take you out of it. To the left you will see a platform with a rocket. Jump on the and jult jump from platform to platform untell you reach one that has one of those things that you need to use the homing attack on to go up. Go up it, and there you go.

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Unlockable - Ancient light (sonic)

by prestonjaxx Feb 18, 2009

on green forest at the part at the small loop it has some springs go left go back to the egdge keep homing actacct 3 times and there you go

Unlockable:How to unlock:
light shoesmetal harbor
ancient light (shadow)sky rail
flame ring (shadow)radical highway
mystic meledyfinal rush
bounce bracletpyremid cave
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Unlockable - Chao Cart!

by Kakashi_Hatake Jul 30, 2008

if u beat all 5 parts of each stage with tails u can unlock the chao cart as his second car! its really cool and has max speed ^_^

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Chao CartComplete all stages with Tails
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Secret - Gay Drawing

by MarioMenace Jul 31, 2007

Step 1: Go 2 chao kindergarden
Step 2: Go near the black market (but dont go in!!!)
Step 3: Look at the wall and there will be a poorly drawn sonic saving a chao from nothing

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Hints - How to breed a shiny orang chao

by Mephiles May 21, 2007

To get a Shiny Orange Chao without spending tons of rings is to breed a Shiny Blue chao with a regular Orange Chao.

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Hints - Upgrades

by Mephiles May 21, 2007

Upgrade | Stage | Items Required | What It Does

Magic Gloves | City Escape | Bounce Bracelet | Lets You Pick Up Enemies
Bounce Bracelet | Pyramid Cave | Nothing | Lets You Bounce
Light Shoes | Metal Harbor | Nothing | Lets You Light Dash
Ancient Light | Green Forest | Nothing | Lets You Light Attack
Flame Ring | Crazy Gadget | Nothing | Lets You Destroy Metal Boxes
Mystic Melody | Final Rush | Nothing | Helps You Rescue The Lost Chao

Laser Blaster | Prison Lane | Bazooka | Upgrades Your Attack
Booster | Mission Street | Nothing | Allows You To Hover
Bazooka | Eternal Engine | Nothing | Lets You Destroy Metal Boxes
Mystic Melody | Hidden Base | Bazooka | Helps You Rescue The Lost Chao

Air Necklace | Aquatic Mine | Nothing | Give You Infinite Air Under Water
Shovel Claw | Pumpkin Hill | Nothing | Allows You To Dig
Hammer Gloves | Death Chamber | Nothing | Lets You Destroy Metal Boxes
Sunglasses | Meteor Herd | Hammer Gloves | Lets You See Hidden Items
Mystic Melody | Wild Canyon | Shovel Claw | Helps You Rescue The Lost Chao

Air Shoes | White Jungle | Nothing | Lets You Light Dash
Ancient Light | Sky Rail | Nothing | Lets You Light Attack
Flame Ring | Radical Highway | Air Shoes | Lets You Destroy Metal Boxes
Mystic Melody | Final Chase | Nothing | Helps You Rescue The Lost Chao

Protective Armor | Cosmic Wall | Jet Engine | Gives You More Health
Laser Blaster | Iron Gate | Large Cannon | Upgrades Your Attack
Jet Engine | Lost Colony | Nothing | Allows You To Hover
Large Cannon | Weapons Bed | Nothing | Lets You Destroy Metal Boxes
Mystic Melody | Sand Ocean | Jet Engine | Helps You Rescue The Lost Chao

Pink Nails | Egg Quarters | Nothing | Allows You To Dig
Iron Boots | Mad Space | Nothing | Lets You Destroy Metal Boxes
Treasure Scope | Security Hall | Iron Boots | Lets You See Hidden Items
Mystic Melody | Dry Lagoon | Pink Nails | Helps You Rescue The Lost Chao

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Hints - Tons of cash

by Mephiles May 21, 2007

First you buy an expensive item like an apple or worn out pan then you save and exit from the chao garden.

Come back and get the item go to the Black Market and select sell right at the sound of the cha ching press reset you'll notice you have the money from selling and still have the item.

Keep repeating this to get RICH!

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Hints - Transparent and invisable chao

by Mephiles May 21, 2007

To make invisible chao you have to mate certain chao. They are invisible other than the mouth, the wings, and the ball / ring.
These are ways to make them:
Shiny yellow and any jewel chao, shiny white and any jewel chao, shiny pink and any jewel chao, and shiny lime green and sapphire jewel chao. Jewel chao are shiny chao that cannot be bought in sonic adventure 2 battle, but they can be bought in the tiny chao garden of sonic advanced 1,2, and 3.

Translucent chao are chao you can see through, obviously.
These are ways to make them:
Mate shiny green chao and a jewel chao makes a green clear chao.
Mate shiny blue chao and a jewel chao to make a normal colored chao.

There may be more ways to make invisible and translucent chao.

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Hints - Transparent chao

by Mephiles May 21, 2007

First get any kind of matallic chao from sonic advance
Then evolve it into a nuetral chao.

Then get any shiny chao and make it
Nuetral too.Then mate those two chao together and you will get a
Translucent chao.

PS the chao's wings, eyes, and it's mouth if it has one
Will be visable email me if you have any questions.

More coming soon.

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Secret - E102's appearence

by QueenLily Dec 08, 2009

In Rouge's inside Pyramid stage, one of the robots you destroy is E102.

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Glitch - Out of bounce

by pokemaster465 Jul 22, 2010

This cool.First go to chao garden as sonic or shadow(you need the homing attack) and run the were the rocks(with the water fall) and the invisable wall meets.get as far to the corner as possible and then start to use the homing attack.If you get tit right you will fly out of bounce and then you can move around outside chao garden

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Glitch - Out of bounce dark garden

by pokemaster465 Jul 22, 2010

This one is easier to do then the one in chao garden.Ok go to dark garden(you can be anyone) and go to the right side of the giant gameboy thing.walk very notice you will be moving very slowly behind it.once you are behind it,move to the should fall out and then vwalla your out side

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Glitch - In the normal chao garden

by prestonjaxx Feb 17, 2009

go to the edge on the right start doing homing atacts and you will flyfall.

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Secret - Get shadows flame ring faster

by Sorceress Jun 26, 2007

when your playing as shadow and just started the game in one of his levels radical highway in the when you first come in o down the rail up the spring and run across the road for a while and soon you will come to a ramp run off it and either climb the or take the crain and go on to another platform at the top of the boxes [or crain] then go forward there should be a set of springs jump on them and when your in the air from the way you see in the air go left if you went the right way there should be a big spinning thing in the middle of the road press B to summersault under it and then the road should just end with a bunch of rings going across go to the edge of the road start spinning and right before you fall off jump and you should go flying over the edge and on to the other side with another pair of springs go off them and go forward into the glowing green circle with the ring in it and there you go you have the flame ring and you didn't even need the ring dash
note: you can do this the first time you go to radical highway

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Cheats - Unlimited money

by Unregistered Jan 04, 2007

you need 2 memory cards to do this:
both w/ a ton of rings. first u buy something expensive like a flower pot then save it then turn it off.
delete the slot u bought the flower pot but not the chao data. last u copy the other memory to the deleted one.
u should hav the amount u had before but with the flower pot

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Cheats - Invisible Chao

by Unregistered Jul 01, 2005

In order 2 do this you must have game cable & sonic advanced. Get a gold Chao and a shiny lime grn chao. Make them mate and an invisible chao will pop out!

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Cheats - 999 rings...about 400 rings

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2005

This cheat here is very, very useful to raise Chao stats.
1. Stop the Chao from walking, playing etc. (petting might stop it for a while)
2. Grab an animal and go right in front of it. (not too colse or the Chao will take it out of your hands)
3. While the Chao is standing still press B fast to drop it the animal in front of him and if you did it right the animal should bounce back. (repeat with all animals till your Chao really takes it) in otherwards you can't use it no more
Hope this is useful
PS. It will take a while to master this so practice up and happy raising everyone.

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Unlockable - Chaos Chao!

by Kakashi_Hatake Jul 14, 2008

These are the chaos chao which are avaliable for your excitement and bragging rights XD These chao each have to have reincarnated twice (make sure it likes you alot to be sure this happens) and it must be givin all 21 animals in the game on the lifetime you want it to become a chaos chao. Here are the availiable Chaos chao. (oh and btw THERE IS NO CHAOS GARDEN)

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Light ChaoNeutral Chao
Angel ChaoHero Chao
Devil ChaoDark Chao
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Hints - All u need to know about chao part2of2

by Mephiles May 21, 2007

In this section of the FAQ, I shall go into the basics of raising chao,
these are things that you should know before you enter into the chao
garden for the first time. It is my opinion however, that you should
completely finish the entire SA2 main game before you ever start working
with chao. This gives you the opportunity to have access to all of the
games levels, which you will need in order to raise effective and fun
chao. Not to mention, it is the only way that you can get access to the
chao kindergarten or to switch between gardens. I recommend also that you
use either Knuckles or Rouge to raise your chao with, as they are less
likely to accidentally strike the chao, which leads to the most important
aspect of chao raising, never strike your chao.

There are three ways that you can hatch a chao, only one, however, is the
correct way. When you reach the chao garden for the first time, you will
notice that there are two chao eggs. Walk up to one and when the action
button says "pick" you should pick the chao up, and hold that button down.
After you rock the egg a few times, sit the egg back down, and a happy
chao will pop out. You could also let the egg sit and hatch on its own,
this takes longer, and the chao is not as happy, or you could throw the
egg against a wall, I advise you not to do this, if you ever want your
chao to like you, at all.

[2.2]. FEEDING
After your chao have been hatched, the first thing that you should do is
to give you chao one of the tree fruits that you find on the trees located
in the garden. In order to do this, you walk up to a tree and press the
action button (or "B" button). Your character will then grab hold of the
tree and you can shake it by moving the analog control back to forward or
side-to-side. If there is a full-grown tree on the fruit, it will shake
as the tree shakes, and will eventually fall off. Once this happens,
simply pick the fruit up and hand it to the chao, and he will chomp down.
There are also two other aspects to collecting food for your chao; both
of these require your playing chao adventure 2 on your VMU. Details on
how to obtain these items will be dealt with there, but here I shall
discuss what to do with the items once you have procured... 

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