Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Review

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Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Review

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Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Review :

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Aug 13, 2010

I think Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is a great game. Eggman is trying to rule the world by blowing it up (??), and he's searching for the 7 chaos emeralds to activate the A.R.K cannon. A great part of this game is chao world, a feature in which you can raise multiple chao. Use parts found in levels to feed them so they can fight and race. There is also 2 player mode, in which you can have duels with another player. Overall, this is a wonderful game....

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Aug 14, 2010

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is a port of the Dreamcast sequel to Sonic Adventure. It introduces new characters in Shadow the Hedgehog, a clone of Sonic, and Rouge the Bat, a spy for the government. In this game, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles are trying to stop Eggman's plans to use the Eclipse Cannon on the space colony, ARK. Meanwhile, as Eggman plans to use the cannon for domination, Rouge and Shadow search for the Chaos Emeralds in order to power the cannon. Shadow, however, is haunted by a ...


Aug 14, 2015

Sonic Adventure 2 is a game praised by many fans of the Sonic series. It is considered to be the best game by many fans. If you ask a lot of Sonic fans what's their favorite Sonic game, I can assure you one will say Sonic Adventure 2. When the game was ported to the Gamecube, it was titled Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, with a whole new 2 player mode. It was the first Sonic game released on a Nintendo system and many fans stayed away from the game because of that. Nowadays Sonic games on Ninten...

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