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Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Review :

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, Is It Really That Good?

by Udoxas Aug 14, 2015

Sonic Adventure 2 is a game praised by many fans of the Sonic series. It is considered to be the best game by many fans. If you ask a lot of Sonic fans what's their favorite Sonic game, I can assure you one will say Sonic Adventure 2. When the game was ported to the Gamecube, it was titled Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, with a whole new 2 player mode. It was the first Sonic game released on a Nintendo system and many fans stayed away from the game because of that. Nowadays Sonic games on Nintendo systems is very common.

But is the game REALLY as good as it's said to be? Let's find out.

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8Story line
This game introduced a much needed aspect in the Sonic franchise: a good storyline. They introduced 2 new characters, Shadow and Rouge. With the Hero and Dark stories the story gets even more indepth.
The graphics in this game aren't amazing as expected from a Dreamcast port. The models of the characters look great, though the textures are a bit lacking. Some of the enviorments look amazing, like Metal Harbor.
The sound in Sonic Adventure 2 is great. The music is amazing, though the sound effects are okay. Some of the voice acting in the game is bad, but good voice acting isn't what you mostly want in a Sonic game.
The gameplay has 3 types of characters: The speed character, the mech character, and the exploring character. Each side has a character in each category. Another gameplay element is the Chao Garden, which is one of the frw reasons people still play this game.
7Lasting Appeal
Sonic Adventure 2 is a great game and one of my favorite Sonic titles. This game is definitely worth buying if you can find it for a decent price. If you have a friend that's willing to play with you definitely get the Battle edition for the Gamecube.
(Out of 10)


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