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Sonic Heroes Cheats :

This page contains Sonic Heroes cheats list for Game Cube version. Now we have 12 cheats in our list, which includes 1 unlockable, 4 easter eggs, 2 glitches, 5 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Sonic Heroes on Game Cube platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Defeating Metal Sonic

by Lugia27 Oct 16, 2007

The best way I found to do it;

Ps. The colors on his chest mean;
Blue - Speed Attacks will not work on him (Amy, Espio, Shadow)
Red - Power Attacks will not work on him (Big, Vector, Omega)
Yellow - Flying Attacks will not work on him (Cream, Charmy, Rouge)

1. When you're Team Rose, use the first Team Blast right off to get invincibilaty, then switch to Big, and attack Metal Sonic. Right before you beat him, get the other Team Blast. DON'T USE IT!!!! Finish him off. Now, on to Team Chaotix
2. Used that saved Team Blast from Team Rose, right off. Then, swap to Espio, and turn invisable. Then, just throw kunai at him till his color changes to Yellow. Swap to Vector, and pound him till his color changes again. Swap to Espio again, and repeat. Make sure you get Team Blast!
3. As Team Dark, get all the Power Cores, then used the saved Team Blast. His colors change even more now. When his colors are Red and Blue, use Rouge. When his color is yellow, use Shadow. GET TEAM BLAST!!!!!
4. Team Super Sonic's is very hard. Used the saved Team Blast right off. Then, keep collecting rings. Metal Sonic will attack in 3 different ways;
1. Frontal Crystals- Use Sonic's Speed Dash on them
2. Geodome Spears- Use Tails to shoot SS & Knuckles
2. Throwing Eggman's fleet- Use Knuckles Super Punch
Just Keep using Team Blast! It takes 10 Team Blasts to beat him!

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Easter Egg - Chaos Emeralds

by Lugia27 Oct 16, 2007

You know that Questionmark Key? Get that key in each stage. Don't get damaged, and complete the stage with it. Then you'll enter a Bonus Round. Half of the time it will be Sphere Collecting and the Chao Ballon, but, the other half, you'll chase a Chaos Emerald. My reccomended teams for catching each Emerald

For the first three, use Team Rose.
For the middle two, use Team Sonic.
For the last two, use Team Dark.

Ok, here's the way to go. Stay as speed the ENTIRE TIME!!! (If you run through gates, change back to speed) Collect tons of Power Orbs. Fill the gauge to level 3. Then use power dash. To help avoid those evil bombs, stay on the ceiling. When your gauge runs low, repeat. Each stage gets more and more difficult. Good Luck.

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Easter Egg - Easy way to fill Team Blast gauge

by Lugia27 Oct 16, 2007

Switch to fly formation then press and hold the x and y buttons at the same time. You will switch to power formation while the one who can fly will stay in the air until your gauge is power up by at least 35 percent. Do it as many times as you like.

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Easter Egg - All 7 chaos emeralds, Final story, and Hard mode

by Undertaker2009 Jul 09, 2008

*note* it's more like a tip not an Easter Egg and I didn't play this game for a long time so I forgot some of the terms.
Also, trust me on this, use Team Rose, don't be brave and use another team, unless you are a complete Master.

All 7 Chaos Emeralds:
(1). Beat Team Rose (Amy, Cream, and Big) Story first.
(2). Go to the menu where you redo missions (not story mode).
(3a). Go to Team Rose and do the collect 200 rings missions on the stage before the boss.
(3b). Make sure you get the Key and don't get hit with while holding it.
(3c). Complete the mission and go to the speical (wrong spelling?) stage.
(4). Stay on speed (Amy) at ALL times and start pressing square when your gauge 1/3 full.
(5). To the chaos emerald, you need to kepp up with it and get past it.

The Final Story:
Once you get all 7 emeralds, complete the other stories if you didn't. If you did you be able play it. You don't have get them all at one time if you don't want to.

Hard Mode:
(1). Beat every Story including the final one.
(2). Get an "A" rank in all 120 missions (don't worry if you don't get an "A", you can always redo it).
(3) After that I'm not sure (I only got to 115 "A's"). If you get to 120 wins please message me or comment me.

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Cheats - 2 Player cheats

by CheatsGuru May 15, 2005

Although its not a cheat, more of a hint. I found the casino level to be
the worst of all the levels. The handling ont he Bingo tables is really
bad. But this should help u save lives.

On the 2nd zone of the casino levels at the very last table where u sort
of enter a slide and u go through a swirly blue and yellow tunnel. This
table is full of pot holes and alot of jumps. When going round corners u
usually find a pot hole. dont fight against it just move witht he
rolling. you'll find it is safer than usual.

Also before u enter the swirl blue tunnel u can save many many lives
here (i died alot on the tables) instead of jumping onto it and all your
characters going down. get the speed character selected (sonic, shadow,
amy, espio)and move slowly forward into the pipe. you shoudl find if
done right that only the speed guy goes down. ow when u fall off the
table you will automatically be selecte with a new characters and the
speed one will appear next to them as though he were knocked out. Keep
repeating the process till u work your way down the table.

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Secret - Power Shield

by LadyLapras131 Oct 24, 2007

When in Power Formation, when you have your Teammates attached to you as those little balls, they protect you from getting hurt frontally (if you get attacked from behind, you will retain damage)

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Glitch - Hey! Knuckles, Omega, Big, & Vector....GET IN FORMATION!

by Bramblefang Sep 08, 2010

First, go to a stage that has the handle switches with Team Rose. (I went to Grand Metropolis) Go into Power Formation and have Big hold onto the switch. Then, switch into Fly Formation. Amy and Cream will get into their formation, but Big is still holding onto the switch, not holding Amy...Amy and Cream will be floating in the air!

(This has been tested with the other teams and this glitch does work with them as well.)

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Glitch - Team blast easy!!!!

by prestonjaxx Feb 17, 2009

colect rings get hit and colect them and it will fill up

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Secret - Easy rings

by Unregistered Feb 18, 2008

What you do is whenever you see the bouncy thing with three.When you jump on one it will
light up.Make all three light up and you get either 5 or 10 rings!

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Easter Egg - Metal Team

by Unregistered Dec 03, 2007

When you are playing with someone else like a race,battle,bonus etc. Press A+X+Y before the race or battle starts and walah you race,battle in metal form

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Secret - Metal overlord and madness

by jetdow125 Aug 30, 2007

to defeat him use super kuncles then keep use b then use team blast on him like alot of times before fighting metal overlord you fight meatal madness but before all of that get all chaos emerald these are the stages level 2 ,4,6,8,10,12,last level. then go to team caxoitix then move this way> and last is there go to it fight metal madness here what you do when it's bule use fly and power when it's red use speed and fly and when it's yellow power and speed . note super sonic team is in last when it's time for metal overlord . when i'll be back with team rose bosses

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Secret - 30% Its Tru!

by Unregistered Jul 23, 2007

On Team Sonic or Dark And Do Fly Fomation then Press on X Together with Power Formation You will get 30% Drive Gauge You can also Do many Times you want to Fill your Drive Gauge!

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Cheats - Metalic forms

by Unregistered Nov 20, 2006

To get sonic or anybody else in metalic form in versus mode you just have to hold down the a and x button while its loading.

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Hints - Walk On Water

by slasher80 Sep 06, 2006

While in team chaotic in first level switch espied
then turn invisible jump off the cliff turn back to normal (use the leaf swurl tornado)and u will jump in u will be walking on water

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Cheats - Hyper Attack

by slasher80 Sep 06, 2006

this only works in team sonic. first pick a level
then switch to knuckles then stay still with knuckles
then he will punch punch and punch for a while then he will do the second bb attack few times

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Hints - Easy way to kill Egg Hawk.

by jirachistar2 Aug 26, 2006

First choose Sonic as leader(Team Sonic: Sonic, Team Dark: Shadow, Team Choatix: Espio, Team Rose: Amy) Go to the hawk and do the Homing Attack then when the hawk lands do the Homing Attack on top of it. Reapeat this process until the hawk breaks and Eggman escapes.

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Hints - Defeating Egg Emporer

by Unregistered May 30, 2005

On the big platforms paralyze the sheild with thunder shoot. Then go to power and jump & press B to fire van air attack. Do this continuously and use team blast anytime you can. Note that the 3 jellyfish robos & 4 cannons must die before you do this.It works with all teams.

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Cheats - Two player Team Battle mode

by Unregistered Apr 30, 2005

On Team Chaotix's first stage, where you have to collect ten (or twenty) Hermit Crabs, you can get past normal game boundaries and end up in a dead end. Go through the stage as usual and when you get at the end when you have to sting the flower with Charmy, look around. Notice that there are pillars sticking out of the water for no apparent reason. Fly onto the ledge to the right of you. Jump to the next two pillars. You can see the ledge that is in all the other teams' stages. Jump out as far as you can while still in Flight Formation and start to fly. If you are lucky, you can make it up there. When you get up there, just run through until you reach a cannon. Change to Speed Formation and jump in. You will now be in a dead end where you cannot go any farther and cannot backtrack. You must restart the stage or quit to escape.

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Cheats - Metal Characters In 2-Player

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2005

When playing 2 Player mode, YOu can make the characters metallic. Here's hpw to do it:
As soon as you select 2 Player mode, hold down A+Y and keep holding it when you select the challenge, the characters, and release it when you actually start playing and your characters will be metallic.

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Cheats - Metal Skins

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

in 2p mode when the game is loading hold down A and Y together to get metallic charecters.

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Cheats - Super Hard difficulty setting

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

Team Chaotix Cinema: Complete Team Chaotix in Story Mode
Team Dark Cinema: Complete Team Dark in Story Mode
Team Rose Cinema: Complete Team Rose in Story Mode
Team Sonic Cinema: Complete Team Sonic in Story Mode

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Cheats - Metal Sheen

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

While playing the game with either team sonic, dark, or etc. switch to fly formation then press and hold the x and y buttons at the same time. You will switch to power formation while the one who can fly will stay in the air until your gauge is power up by at least 35 percent. Do it as many times as you like.

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Unlockable - Two Player Modes

by Bramblefang Dec 04, 2009

Want to unlock more modes like Team Battle or Bobsled Race Well, look at this.

Team Battle ModeCollect 20 Emblems
Special Stage ModeCollect 40 Emblems
Ring Race ModeCollect 60 Emblems
Bobsled Race ModeCollect 80 emblems
Quick Race ModeCollect 100 Emblems
Expert Race ModeCollect 120 Emblems
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