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Super Mario Sunshine Cheats :

This page contains Super Mario Sunshine cheats list for Game Cube version. Now we have 26 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 5 unlockables, 4 easter eggs, 6 glitches, 10 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Super Mario Sunshine on Game Cube platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - 1 Up mushroom Paradise

by tailsprowler Oct 13, 2008

First go to Pianta Village and go to the episode that says Piantas in need. Then wash of all the piantas that have lava on them put don't talk to them. Then when you finish saving all 10 talk to all of them and each one will give you a 1 Up mushroom. When your done talking you should get 10 mushrooms. You can do this as many times as you want!!!!

Good luck

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Secret - How to tell Boo's From coins!

by tailsprowler May 27, 2009

All you do is look at the coins and if some or one of the coins is'nt rotating, it's a boo. So jump on it and you'll get a real coin! You can find Boo's mainly in Serena Beach

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Easter Egg - Another 1-UP Mushroom!

by tailsprowler May 26, 2009

First go to the place where you unlock Pina Park. Don't go in the cannon put jump in the water where the boat would be. Then look to the wall (opposite of Pina Park) and dive to the bottom. You should see a Mushroom in a small cave. Now you know where another Mushroom is! Note: When you get the mushroom, it's natural that it would dissapear and give you another live. Right. If you want another Mushroom to appear at the same spot, go to any of the other worlds on any mission. Then pause and exit. Go to where you got the Mushroom and their should be another Mushroom!

Please rate my cheat

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Glitch - In The Cannon

by Bramblefang Mar 01, 2010

Go to a cannon where a Pianta is working in. One is the cannon that leads to Pinna Park. That Pianta needs to be working on the cannon for this to work. Jump on the Pianta and try to use your Ground Pound. Keep doing this process again and again until you go through the cannon. You should be at the bottom of the cannon and under the Pianta, but you aren't able to go to Pinna Park.

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Glitch - Dieing While Talking

by Bramblefang Mar 01, 2010

Enter the Pinna Park level where Green Flying Enemies are on the beach. Have one of them take your hat, causing you to slowly lose Health.

Next, talk to another person like a Pianta or Noki who is still in the Beach area.

Do not press A to go through the conversation. You'll notice you'll still be losing Health even when you are talking to the Pianta|Noki. Wait until you lose all of your health.

Mario will die, but the screen will be the same. You're still talking to the person!

However, when you scroll through the text in the conversation, you will lose a life and go out of the level.

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Secret - Extra Items

by fayor Jun 10, 2009

You can get extra items by performing tasks for villagers around Isle Delfino. Some will ask you to bring them a certain fruit. Fruit are found in the fountains. Find the fruit and drop it in the basket beside them. They will give you an item in return.

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Cheats - Various Cheats

by Unregistered Jan 11, 2007

Here are some cheats/Glitches i found while fooling around.

Glitch 1:Under Delfino Plaza: get turbo nozzle.Go to the crate near the "Teleporter" to Noki go in the water under the crate.Turbo nozzle right to the wall. mario shouldnt "BUMP" into it.go right under the crate and JUMP!sometimes youll be in the crate,so head for the wall.Wen youre under,Keep jumping or die!

Glitch 2 "Inside" a boat:Whatever way, Get under water walking.Go to a boat.go behind it,pushing a "Wall". At some point,ull be under get inthe middle and BACKFLIP (Or SPIN JUMP!) and youll be in the crates on the boat.

Glitch 3:Inside a durian (you know those kickable things? thats a durian)
ok this is probably the easiest glitch EVER! to get inside a durian, simply ground pound it.OR kick it to a corner and run at the wall.(Keep Running!) then it will go insideyou,spinning.

Glitch 4:The Turbo Nozzle Spray:Ok this is not so hard.have turbo nozzle.switch to spray nozzle.hold R button.keep holding it,andstill holding R press x. you should be spraying with turbo nozzle!

Glitch 5:I call it "Halfway there".
this is yet another easy glitch.Get Turbo nozzle. Go to Gelato beach.once there go to the spot near ricco harbor you cant pass. ok now use turbo will break thru this wall, but then theres a wall that u REALLY cant pass.This works at some other spots too

Glitch 6:Under Pianta village:
Go to any nighttime episode in PiantA go to the end of the river.there will be water still going out the end.hover to should be "Swimming". now press B twice(or was it three times??) you should safely make it under Pianta Village.Ps the only way out is to press start and exit.


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Secret - Long ride

by samn Jan 06, 2010

You can dive and then slide for a long time by using the regular nozel to spray a little puddle of water in front of you and then diving into it and then pushing the control stick foward to go fast.

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Cheats - Make Mario Sleep

by Unregistered Nov 27, 2006

To make Mario sleep, all you gotta do is do nothing, stay still and wait for a while.In some positions you might not be able to do this.

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Cheats - Secret Shine Sprite

by CheatsGuru May 15, 2005

On Isle Delfeno, on the docks(not the one with the boathouse) you will
see a plot of land with water in between you and it. After going into
Banico Hills for the first time, a building will open its doors, go
in, and talk to the person inside he will want you to bash all of the
boxes, if you compete this task in time, he will give you a shine
sprite. You may
do so twice, though each time is harder than the last.

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Secret - How To Defeat Shadow Mario

by DarkCharizard Jan 27, 2011

Well, There is a easy way to Defeat Shadow Mario, and it is really easy, just fallow these steps.

When you see Shadow Mario, and you can't catch, him then when you run after him hit the Spray button,while running and that should hurt him, badly, but the thing that is hard is when he is really high, up, so the best thing is to do, is to shoot up there, and when he is still running, then just chase him down, until he is down, then you get the shine sprite.


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Secret - Spin jump.

by NeverNegative Jul 12, 2010

Rotate the analog stick and jump.
Simple huh? Yeah. But its very useful.
Now, Super Mario Sunshine may seem like an easy game, but for those people that want to get 100%, or just get stuck on some levels, heres a great tactic.

Normal: Lets see.... The spin jump... High? Check. Long? Check. Cool? Check. It can get you where you need to go. Use it, the wall jump, and you got even higher.

Spray Nozzle: If you use your standard spray nozzle while doing this, you will find it very useful. It covers a very large area while keeping you squeaky clean. Its great on time clean up levels, or any level like the one with the good preading, multipling manta rays.

Hover Nozzle: Anywhere you need to go, this will get you there. Just spin jump and hover at the peak. Or spin to wall jump, then hover. You can get anywhere.

Rocket Nozzle: Charge it at the right time so you blast off at the peak of the spin jump. Reach for the sky, Mario!

Speed Nozzle: From what i know, it does nothing... But it looks pretty damn cool!

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Unlockable - Unlockable areas

by arceus501 Jan 18, 2010

It took me a while but i finnaly figured out how many shine sprites it takes to get to each area

pinna parkcollect 10 shine sprites
pianta villageunlock rocet nozle by collecting 30 to 50 shine sprites
ricco harbercollect 3 shine sprites
gleto beachcollect 5 shine sprites
niko baycollect 40 shine sprites
carona moutaincollect 80 to 90 shine sprites
sirreana beachunlock yoshi by collecting 35 shine sprites
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Cheats - Very Easy Lifes

by Unregistered Dec 18, 2006

In level one of Bianco Hills there will be a blob that lays little things. Well gather up three of them then use hover nozzle to spray them. (make sure that they are very close to another) then DO NOT just fall on them do a gound pound on them. Ta Daaaa... here is TWO EXTRA LIVES. This cheat may not work sometimes, but you can keep on trying. The good thing about this cheat is that you don't have to EXIT AREA then GO IN over and over. USE IT WELL!!!!!

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Cheats - Ending bonus

by Unregistered Apr 30, 2005

Find a patch of flowers and spray them all quickly. Four or five Coins will appear from the middle of the patch.
If you wash off a person with sludge, they may give you a Blue Coin.
Go on top of trees and you might find some extra Coins.
Spray the wanted of Mario posters in Delfino Plaza to get one Coin each. Some do not always give Coins.
Eat the green birds with Yoshi to get regular Coins. Eating blue birds will give you Blue Coins.
You can get Blue Coins for helping the people in Delfino Plaza get fruit and putting them into a basket.
Spray a symbol (X) with water until it goes away. A blue coin will appear from another symbol (and vice versa).
If you wander around in the manhole (usually in underwater tunnels) you will find yellow and blue coins.
Get coins in the harbor (with bloopers) by going onto the sky walks. There are tons of coins up there.
During the first level, when you approach a red circle on the beach, stomp there to find the question mark coins.

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Cheats - Unlock Sunglasses & Hawaiian Shirt

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

Both of these items are given to you by the man wearing sunglasses.
You can get the Sunglasses by obtaining 30 shines.
You can get the Hawaiian Shirt after completing the game.
Source: EGM

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Unlockable - Some secret Shine Sprites

by cab1214 Jul 03, 2009

Hey guys. Here are some secret Shine Sprites on Delfino Plaza:

Shine SpriteWhen you get the rocket nozzle, fly up to the top of the lighthouse, and then fly up again and do ground pound.
Shine SpriteWhen you get the rocket nozzle, fly up to the top of each bell building and clean each bell.
Shine SpriteOn the deserted island by the lighthouse, you may see a yellow/gold bird. Squirt it three times one right after another, and you'll get a shine sprite.
Shine SpriteWhen you get the rocket nozzle, fly up to the Shine Sprite tower, and clean the shine sprite.
Shine SpriteWhen you get the turbo nozzle, stand in front of the Bianco Hills statue, turn left, and run into the little door. If you go by the little door, you'll hear the shine sprite noise.
Shine SpriteCollect ten (10) blue coins from any area and trade them in in the building where Ricco Harbor is.
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Code - Pianta Village Music Glitch

by Unregistered Jun 17, 2013

In Episode 8 of Pianta Village, go to the hole by the spring that's open only at night. Enter it, do a ground-pound, press A, and come back up. The music will have changed. I discovered this glitch on my own by accident. Hope it helps. :)

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Secret - Secret Sprite

by Unregistered Jan 22, 2009

the level inside the lighthouse has a secret shine sprite. go in and go up to the bud thing that made the stairs grow. A few feet away is another bud thing. Squirt it and a little ditch with a stariway appears. Spray the wall and if you do it quick enough, a shine sprite icon will appear where you squirted and you will get it. hope this helps.

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Cheats - Find Fruit In Pinna Park

by Unregistered Jul 24, 2006

well in pinna park you canít find fruit some times right? Well when you enter the level go to the right donít go in the park! and squirt the ground and in some spots you can find fruit this is good for hatching the yoshi egg there!

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Cheats - Alternate ending screen

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

After eating a fruit, Yoshi can then spit out juice to defeat enemies.

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Secret - Water Jet

by fayor May 15, 2009

By using your water tank you can use it to dicover new places. YOu can glide for a while, while crossing buildings by rooftop. You can also rocket yourself upward to get to hard to reach places.

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Hints - Some Glitches

by Unregistered Mar 09, 2007

Glitch 1: walk under water
get turbo nozzle in the plaza.go to the fruit market.go behind the guy that "sells" mangos. turbo nozzle forward while touching the wall.ta-da! keep jumping or die.

Glitch 2:above the sun
go to episode 6 in gelato beach and get yoshi. do the dune bud glitch(spray and ground pound it just as it comes up) and get off yoshi. the only way to get out is to reset.

Glitch 3:Not fully on the ground:
go to the islands in the plaza with the slide down mini game.go to the island closest to the shore(the big one). dive down and you will see there is space between the rock and the ground!

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Unlockable - This is my fake way of unlocking luigi

by kombat1 Mar 10, 2011

Collect all 120 shine sprites fight all the bosses again except king boo and bowser defeat king boo after all other bosses then defeat shadow mario when he appears in delfino plaza and shadow mario will transform back in to bowser jr. (like in pinna park's cutscene) then defeat bowser again without losing or you will have to re do all steps this dialoge is for the cutscene:


Mario:AHHH ha ha


Bowser Jr:How?


Bowser Jr:Peach isn't my real momma?


Bowser Jr:So?


Bowser Jr:So?


(Albertio einstein is albert einstein) Bowser and junior will both jump in the water and swim away when the cutscene is over you will gain control of mario again go to the shine gate and get in front of the giant shine sprite and you will be able to talk to it another cutscene will take place:

Shine:Mario,you have done well by saving all of my friends but your journey is only 80% complete


Shine:I am the princess shine and your brother is in great danger

Mario:MAMA MIA!!!

Princess Shine:You must meet a man named Elvin Gadd but Everyone Calls him Professer E. Gadd He Can help you get your brother back


Princess Shine:Go Mario! save your brother i believe in you!

After the cutscene go to the pianta that brings you to the airport and go up to princess peach talk to and she'll say:"Mario! the kingdoms under attack we've got to go home" then you will start at the mushroom kingdom airport and a lot of stuff will be burning down luigi's house isn't one of them go in to it and there will be a note on the bed saying:"BWAHAHAHAHAHA I HAVE YOUR BROTHER MARIO AND ELVIN GADD IS MY PRISONER BWAHAHAHA" you must go to Bowser's Castle in less then 5 minutes or the whole kingdom will be destroyed and the game will reset automatically and you will have to re-do all the above once you're there The Bowser's Castle music from Mario kart double dash will play remixed and another cutscene will take place:

Bowser:Ludwig Is it almost done?

Ludwig:Never Rush a genius!

Bowser:Just hurry up!



Bowser and ludwig:Huh?

Ludwig:Its done!!!

Bowser:Say hello to your brother Mario... 

continue →

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Unlockable - Boss list

by arceus501 Feb 19, 2010

Now look i know it says unlockabes but this is a list of bosses and yes it says super mario sushine but it is inside story okay but if you play it thats okay (theri in order)

mini boss:broque monsierfight as:bowser
boss:sea pipe statuefight as:bowser and the bros.
boss:scuttlefight as:the bros.
mini boss:broggyfight as:bowser
boss:wigglerfight as: bowser and the bros.
boss:dermitefight as: the bros.
boss:bowser's castlefight as: giant bowser
boss:mibusfight as: bowser
boss:alpha krietenfight as: the bros.
boss:bowserfight as: the bros.
boss:tower of yikkifight as: giant bowser
boss:wisdurmfight as: the bros.
boss:fawful expressfight as: giant bowser
boss:bowser memories M and Lfight as: the bros.
boss:junkerfight as: the bros.
boss:blizzard mibusfight as: bowser and the bros.
boss:dark starfight as: the bros.
boss:dark fawfulfight as: bowser and the bros.
final boss:dark bowserfight as:bowser
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