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Super Mario Sunshine Cheats :

This page contains Super Mario Sunshine cheats list for Game Cube version. Now we have 26 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 5 unlockables, 4 easter eggs, 6 glitches, 10 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Super Mario Sunshine on Game Cube platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Glitch - Speed sprayer

by Unregistered Sep 08, 2009

To do this you must have the spray nozzle and speed nozzle. hold down the R button with the spray nozzle, now switch to the speed nozzle.

you should be using the speed nozzle like the spray nozzle, only it's backwards!

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Easter Egg - Bonus shine in geleto beach!

by Unregistered Jan 28, 2008

I found it in between one giant mirror and the other (on the hill closest to the large hill where you race el- whatever his name is). There's a dune bud there. Spray it. It will go down as stairs into a small space with coins. Before time runs out, spray the wall in front of you. A picture of a shine will show. When you fully spray it, a shine will come out I forget where it lands, but when you find it... FREE SHINESPRITE!

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Easter Egg - Break door+level=sunshine

by Unregistered Jan 14, 2008

get turbo nozzle go two the street with the fruit go up and you will see 2 policemen standing near a breakable door charge up the turbo thing and break the door wala ur in a level for a sunshine

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Hints - Secret shine sprites

by Unregistered Apr 16, 2007

1.Go to the beach in the plaza move close to the lighthouse but stay on the sand
Srpay everywhere until sparks come flying keep spraying there
and there is a picture of a shine sprit the real shine sprite will come out Get your shine sprite
2. Go to pianta village go to the last level the go to the top of the biggest tree(in the centere of the village) and go on that ledge with the red coin on it press y and spray in the sun a picture of a shine sprite will form keep spaying unttil the shine sprite comes out get your shine sprite. happy gaming from monkey

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Glitch - How to walk underwater in the great flood

by harshin42 Sep 01, 2008

This is how you can walk underwater. You can only do it while the flood comes (You need to finish mission 7 in each level) First, swim to where the water fall is. Next, go to the log inbetween the pipe to go to the hotel on a roof, and the waterfall. You will see 2 logs. Got to the one near the hotel pipe. Next, go under the middle of the log. Now, keep pressing the A button under the log. Keep doing it until you either somehow fall under the ground and die, or walk underwater without losing air. If you fall under the ground, keep trying.

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Unlockable - When you get stuff

by Unregistered Aug 25, 2008

this will tell u how many shine sprites u will need 2 get bonuses

need to be in delfino plaza

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Rocket nozzleget 35 shine sprites
Turbo nozzleGet 25 shine sprites
YoshiGet 30 shine sprites
Bananafruit shop with yellow pianta
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Glitch - Couple of Glitches and other stuff

by Unregistered May 12, 2008

1.Go to the fruit market(where the fruits r).Do a back flip on the edge of the shade thing.If u did this correctly u r walking instead of bouncing!

2.When u fight Bowser in Corona mountain go to the flame thing to do a ground pound on.When u see a blue bullet bill use rocket and do a ground pound on the blue bullet bill as well as the flame thing.If u did this correctly, when the item of the blue bullet bill comes out the item will float!

3.When ur at the Shine Gate go to the sewer lid(i think its a sewer lid)and go underground.Go a little off the black dot and jump!Mario will say the things he would normally say when u jump out!But he doesn't jump out!

4.When u r on Yoshi spray out some fruit juice.Get off Yoshi with X and the color of the fruit juice(orange,pink,purple,) will change to water.

5.This isnt a glitch but something helpful.When u get the durians(the fruits u can kick)for the lady go to where u go into Ricco Harbor but don't go on the Boardwalk(the white wood)kick a durian to the right.Aim to the little gap between the buildings and do a body slam!The durian will go into the gap.Bring it up the hill and into the basket.Tip:dont forget to talk to the lady first!

6.Another fruit mission.Go to the place where u go to Pinna Park.Go to that island u see and talk to the lady.She will want 3 coconuts.The coconuts r on that tree on the island!

Well...I hope this helped.And spread the 5th thing around.Its hard to figure out.

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Hints - Extra Sprite

by Sabertooth1000000000 Mar 15, 2007

keep spraying water all over the areas between the lighthouse and the umbrellas until the ground makes a different noise when sprayed. Keep spraying and u'll get the bonus sprite.

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Hints - Secret obstacle courses

by Unregistered Jun 13, 2006

In Island Delfino get the turbo boost water pack and go to the jail and break the door down with the water pack and you found an obstacle course.

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Glitch - Stars Stars and Stars!!!

by Unregistered May 12, 2008

First u go to the boat place. Go on the boat and go into that hole.Go where that square is. Do a ground pound.Dont do anything.Then go to the left.So far ur supposed to be in a glass box.Do a spin jump and go to the left and escape.If done correctly,u r laying down while bundles of stars come out!

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Secret - A bunch of stuff

by jacknhoho Apr 13, 2009

when using the squirt nozzle hold R all the way down and press A: u should jump backwards and unleash a barage of water (also try in the air while doing a spin jump). squirt some water in front of u, now slide on ur belly: u should slide a mile. SUPER GLITCH: in Bianco Hills whn shadow mario jumps in and u follow don't go after the goop monster instead go to the rope under the bridge, now jump, use the hover nozzle, u should be at the road to the wind mill, go up and hop onto the wind mill, u should meet petey pirahna fight him u'll fight him get the shine and then go back through the portal to Bianco hills, u'll have completed episode 2 and skipped episode one. A shine: in delfino plaza get 1 coin, no go onto the roof where u see a guy (he's near a chicken compas) talk to him, and he'll fling u into a room for a shine. turbo nozzle: simple collect 25 shines and u'll chase shadow mario and u'll get it. u'll get a 1-up for every 50 coins u get. Sirena beach: easy after u get yoshi (beat Pinna Park episode 4)get on him and go ontop of the roof with a giant pneapple (if u can't find it ur blind) press B and suck it up.

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Secret - Blue Coins for Ricco Harbor

by ShaneBo10 Jun 09, 2008

Collect 80 coins after u unlock ricco harbor but don't go in give 80 coins to beavers ricco harbor will be complete.

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Easter Egg - Super Mario RPG Reference

by pyro777 Sep 08, 2008

Ok, so you see the shape of those... Yellow things on some of the walls (Well, I think it's the yellow things, if not, it's the shape of the paint slashing made by Bowser Jr.)? Well, in Super Mario RPG, once you get a star, it goes up onto a different screen, and gets placed in front of a pattern that looks just like that.

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