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Super Mario Sunshine Review :

Sunshine Review

by DarkCharizard Nov 16, 2010

Super Mario Sunshine was one of the best Mario based games of the year! it was so much fun because it introduced a real evil Character Shadow Mario, which who is later discovered Bowser Junior. This game was really fun because you were able to wonder around the whole Delfino Plaza, and find secrets all around the whole plaza, you were also able to ride yoshi which was really awesome because when you find him you need to find him the exact fruit so you can ride, him you are also able to ride him around delfino plaza. While you are finding Shadow Mario, you are also getting these things called Shine Sprites which you need to get further in the game. The thing that made the game challenging is when you are traveling with F.L.O.O.D.

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10Story line
The story in this game was so much fun because you were ableo to fight bosses like pete pirahna, and alot more, the game got fun when you have to travel with F.L.O.O.D
The way Mario looks is really awesome! and his friend Yoshi looks cool also, they both look like they have been done by the best artists around the whole world, and the town people look really top notch also they all wear diffrent things, wich makes the game esier
The thing i did not like was when you talk to a person in the delfino plaza they all have the same kind of noise when they talk, but the great thing that i liked is when you jump on some of the town people they make noises which is really funny
When you play this game it is really fun because you have alot of places to go, alot of secrets to unfold, and some of the secrets are not only in levels,they are also in delfino plaza so the game is really fun, and challenging
8Lasting Appeal
The whole game was really Great! the story the graphics the noise, it was all so great, but the thing that got me mad was when you jump in water with yoshi he get washed away which was not that great, because there were some places that i needed to get to, but i needed yoshi
(Out of 10)


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