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Tales of Symphonia Cheats :

This cheat for Tales of Symphonia [Game Cube] has been posted at 09 Nov 2011 by dee-boy345 and is called "Unlockable Titles for Colette Brunel". If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up dee-boy345 and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 25 other cheats for Tales of Symphonia, look them as soon as possible!

Unlockable - Unlockable Titles for Colette Brunel

by dee-boy345 Nov 09, 2011

Here are the titles unlockable for this character.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Angelic Maidenreach level 100
Charismatic ChefHave all the recipes and talk to the wonder chef using Colette
Chosenreach level 20
Dog LoverTalk with all the dogs in the game using Colette
Don't RunDon't run for a battle (You must control Colette)
Fair LadyGet during sub-event "Dance Party" and talk to Colette during the party
Friendship FirstHave nobody die until the battle with Iubaris
Ill-fated GirlAutomatically get it at Sybak
Ironing BoardAt the Hot Spring, if you go peep on the girls a second time. Colette will eventually call herself an ironing board.
KlutzIn the classroom,Iselia, Press A in front of the hole in the wall
Little PickpocketUsu "Item Rover" and "Item thief" for a total of 400 times
MaidGo to the castle in Meltokio, speak with everyone in the kitchen, and talk to the two women up the stairs
MermaidPick Colette during the beach event at Altamira
ObliviousEnter a battle with Colette poisoned and win the battle without curing it
Self-controlDon't use special attacks for a battle
Single-Mindeduse the same level 1 special attack for a battle
Spiritua RebornYou will get automatically it during the game in Meltokio
Super GirlComplete advanced single mode in coliseum using Colette
Tiny Angelreach level 40
Turbo WaitressComplete the Waitress mini-game in Palmacosta
"I hate gels"Don't use gels on anybody until the fight with Pronyma. Genis must participate in this battle.
Beach ComberPick Genis during the beach event at Altamira
Brotherly Loveafter the Martel Temple talk to Raine in the school
DependentDon't take damage ,don't attack for a battle. You must control Genis
Easter SundayGet during sub-event "Dance Party" and talk to Genis during the party
ExperimentalChange weapons five times during a battle
Figurine Collectorcollect all figurines and show them to Harley in Asgard
FriendGet during the sub-event Genis and Mithos' Adventure
Honor RollGo to the Palmacosta Academy when you reach Palmacosta for the first time
Item CollectorCollect every item and speak to Koton
Little Chefhave all the recipes and talk to the wonder chef using Genis
Magic CycleUse a magic for each element in one battle
Mana MasterLearn "Meteor Storm" in Heimdall
Sorcererreach level 20
StrategistWin all the levels of red light/green light game in Grand Tethe'alla Bridge
Study, Harder!Use the wrong elemental spell on a monster(e.g lightning on a lightning monster) for a whole fight
Ultimate KidWin the advanced single mode in Coliseum using Genis
Warlockreach level 40
Battle Godreach level 40
ConquerorComplete advanced single mode at Coliseum using Kratos
Dadwhen you see the skit' Childhood Memory'
Gourmet Masterhave all the recipes and talk to the wonder chef as Kratos
Judgementwhen you get to the part where Lloyd gets the Material Blade Kratos will join your party and receive the title and the tech Judgement
Magic Swordsmanreach level 20
Tetra Slashdo three attacks followed by a special skill in battle
TraitorWhen Kratos re-join the party in Iselia human ranch
War Godreach level 100
AssociateMake a party with Presea,Regal,Zelos and Sheena.
Axmanreach level 40.
Bursting Girlreach level 100.
Deadly FlowerWin the advanced single mode in Coliseum using Presea.
Dream TravelerWith Presea as your onscreen character, go to Altamira. Go to the Lezareno Company. Then go to the President's Office.
Empty SoulComplete the "Devil Arms" side quest.
First-timer at SeaPick Presea during the beach event at Altamira
Fragile ShieldGuard break over ten times in one battle
HunterBattle with tMonsters of the same type for more than five times.
Little MadamGet during sub-event "Dance Party" and talk to Presea during the party
Lone GirlMake a party with Presea and three males.
Master ChefHave all the recipes and talk to the wonder chef using Presea.
Mature Kidwhen you first go to Ozette, talk to a man named wells, then later on go to Altamira-the tombstone in the main area, and talk to him again
Paw ManiaObtained during a skit on the world map when you need to go to the Lightning Temple. You must get this skit before going to the Lightning Temple)
Archeological ManiaTriet Ruins event
Crimson RoseGo in battle with Raine and other three women
Gladiator QueenBeat the Advanced Single Class in the Meltokio Coliseum using Raine
Glamorous BeautyGet during sub-event "Dance Party" and talk to Raine during the party
Grand HealerAfter you receive the Unicorn Horn
Item KeeperRaine uses the same item five times in a battle
MaidenGo up to the ruins in Asgard with Raine as your onscreen character
Monster CollectorComplete the Monster collection and talk to Nova
Never Say NeverDie at least five times in a battle
No, Not the Sun!Pick Raine during the beach event at Altamira
Passable Chef?Have all the recipes and talk to the wonder chef using Raine
Professorreach level 40
Researcherreach level 20
Sisterly LoveIn Triet after the Triet Ruins
SurvivorFinish a battle being the only party member alive.
Wise womanreach level 100
Battle Artistreach level 40
DandyGet during sub-event "Dance Party" and talk to Regal during the party
El PresidenteWhen the party discover that he is the presidant of a company
Eternal Sinnertalk to George in Altamira after you have killed Vharley
God of the KitchenWith Regal as your onscreen character, go to Meltokio. Talk to the Wonder Chef on the left of the stairs to the castle.
King of the ColiseumWin Avanced Single mode in the Coliseum as Regal
Paw DandyAfter watching Presea's Paw mania, complete the lightning temple and wonder around te world map for a bit and then watch the skit 'Paw'.
Perfect Battlerreach level 100
Potion KingUse potions more than 5 times on Regal during battle.
Pratfall KingFall 3 times in a battle
SwimmerPick Regal during the beach event at Altamira
TestosteroneUse a party with Regal and other three guys
True ChefHave all the recipes and talk to the wonder chef as Regal
Way of the JungleFight against an enemy with over 8 levels in difference and win.
Acrobat reach level 40
ChickenEscape from battle 50 times with Sheena in your party
Combo ConductorWin a battle using only Unison Attacks. You must control Sheena
Elemental Summonerhave the spirits of Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Ice, and Thunder
IndecisiveAttempt to and cancel escaping three times in one battle with Sheena in your party
Master CookHave all the recipes and talk to the wonder chef using Sheena
Master SummonerHave all the Spirits.
Party ComboistUse Unison Attacks twice in a battle.You must control Sheena
Queen of the BeachPick Sheena during the beach event at Altamira
Rose of Battlewin advanced Single mode in Coliseum using Sheena
SuccessorWith Sheena as your onscreen character, go to Mizuho. Talk to the guy in front of the Chief's house, go to the Temple of Lightning where you met Volt
Summonerhave the water and thunder summon spirits
Ultimate SummonerReach level 100
WOW!At the Hot Springs in Tethe'alla, after Lloyd is caught spying.
You Look Great!Get during sub-event "Dance Party" and talk to Sheena during the party
CasanovaFight a battle with 3 females and Zelos
Commander-in-ChiefDo 4 party commands in 1 battle
Elegant SwordsmanReach level 100
GigoloTalk to every female as Zelos as the onscreen characer with the EX-skill Personal equipped
GilgameshEquip Excalibur, Golden Helm, Hyper Guantlet or Blue Shield, Golden Armor, and Jet Boots and finish a battle with him
Gleaming KnightReach level 40
Gourmet PrinceMaster all recipes then talk to the Wonder Chef in the Altamira Cafeteria
Grand ChampionFinish the Advanced Single Mode as Zelos in the Coliseum
Idiot ChosenGet during skit "Mizuho, the Mystical Village"
LoudmouthHear Zelos' voice 50 times or more in 1 battle
Magic SwordsmanDefault
Masked SwordsmanBeat the Meltokio Coliseum on any difficulty with Zelos. Then go to Zelos' house.
NarcissistGet during sub-event "Dance Party" and talk to Zelos during the party
Pickup ArtistComplete sub-event "Swimsuit Event" then choose in the dialogue "Maybe Zelos"
Princess GuardComplete sub-event "The Princess has been kidnapped"
Tetra SlashDo a combo using 3 different types of normal attacks then a level 1,level2 or level 3 Special Attack
Arrgh, Me Hearties (changes Lloyd's costume)After Luin is fully restored, go to the dock and speak with Aifread. Choose to buy his boat, then speak to him again
Beach Boy (changes Lloyd's costume)After the Flanoir doctor event, return to Altamira and speak with the woman outside the inn. Find her four children, then agree to go swimming
BerserkerFight 256 battles in the Hard or Mania difficulty level
Boorish GeneralUse 10 Shurtcuts during battle
Brave SoulDo not run away from a single battle before defeating Yuan
Combo ExpertComplete a 60 hit combo
Combo MasterComplete a 100 hit combo
Combo NewbieComplete a 10 hit combo
ComboistComplete a 30 hit combo
Eternal ApprenticeUse the Wooden Sword until defeating Kilia
Gourmet KingAfter Lloyd masters all 24 recipes, talk to the Wonder Chef in the Altamira Cafeteria with Lloyd as the on-screen character
Grand SwordsmanReach level 20
Gung HoDefeat Rodyle with a party whose combined level is 145 or less
Holy SwordReach level 100
Lone GeneralHave Lloyd fight a battle alone with a party consisting of at least two people
Master SwordsmanReach level 40
Midlife CrisisCorrectly identify 100 men in the Uncle Game in Triet
NoblemanGet during sub-event "Dance Party"
Peeping TomLate in the game, go to the Hot Spring. After the initial event, go back and have the females enter the spring
Sword of SwordsComplete Advanced Single mode in the Colisseum with Lloyd
Tactical LeaderComplete Party mode in the Colisseum with Lloyd in the party
Tetra SlashAfter executing a basic three hit combo, execute a Level 1, 2, or 3 Tech afterwards
Arch WindHell Pyre (Zelos/Kratos) + Punishment, Dual Punishment, Finality Punishment, or Rising Punishment (Presea)
Cross ThrustSonic Thrust (Lloyd/Zelos/Kratos) + Sonic Thrust (Lloyd/Zelos/Kratos)
Dark SerpentSerpent Seal (Sheena) + Sonic Thrust (Lloyd/Zelos/Kratos)
Fiery BeastBeast (Lloyd) + Eruption (Genis/Zelos/Kratos)
Lightning PunishmentPunishment (Presea) + Lightning (Genis/Zelos/Kratos)
Lightning Tiger BladeTiger Blade (Lloyd) + Lightning (Genis/Zelos/Kratos)
Mirage ThrustMirage Seal (Sheena) + Sonic Thrust (Lloyd/Zelos/Kratos)
MjollnirLightning (Genis/Zelos/Kratos) + Pow Hammer (Colette)
Photon BlastPhoton (Raine) + Ring Whirlwind, Ring Cyclone, or Whirlwind Rush (Colette)
Photon TempestPhoton (Raine) + Tempest, Omega Tempest, or Psi Tempest (Lloyd)
Plasma BladePhoton (Raine) + Lightning Blade or Super Lightning Blade (Zelos/Kratos)
Pow BladeTiger Blade (Lloyd) + Pow Hammer (Colette)
Pow DevastationDevastation (Presea) + Pow Hammer (Colette)
Pow SpearLight Spear (Zelos/Kratos) + Pow Hammer (Colette)
Power ThrustPower Seal (Sheena) + Sonic Thrust (Lloyd/Zelos/Kratos)
Prism StarsRay (Raine) + Cyclone, Explosion, Ground Dasher, Indignation, or Tidal Wave (Genis)
Stardust RainHammer Rain (Colette) + Sonic Sword Rain or Sonic Sword Rain Alpha (Lloyd)
Thunder Tiger BladeTiger Blade (Lloyd) + Lightning Blade (Zelos/Kratos)
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