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Tales of Symphonia Cheats :

This page contains Tales of Symphonia cheats list for Game Cube version. Now we have 75 cheats in our list, which includes 4 cheats codes, 11 unlockables, 5 easter eggs, 12 glitches, 43 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Tales of Symphonia on Game Cube platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - The Masked Swordsman

by aurionsama Dec 18, 2012

Available: After Zelos speaks to Seles at SE Abbey.

Return to Meltokia and appproach Zelos' house. Zelos hides his beautiful face behind a mask and obtains the title, "Masked Swordsman".

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Secret - Klonoa Costume

by aurionsama Dec 18, 2012

Available: After clearing Latheon Gorge.

Enter the Lezareno Company HQ at Altamira and speak to George in the presiden'ts office. The company needs a new mascot, and Presea fits the costume. Presea obtains the "Dream Traveler" title. When this title is equipped, Presea dresses like Klonoa from videogame of the same name.

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Unlockable - ALL RECIPES!

by aurionsama Dec 18, 2012

You are able to cook throughout the game by gathering ingredients. Cooking is another way to recover lost HP and TP, and to cure Status Effects that inhibit combat prowess. Since meals affect all the characters in the party, cooking is a better method of recover than using most items!

Several requirements must be fulfilled to cook. The party must possess food items to use as ingredients, and the recipe to cook a meal must be understood. The choice of cook is also important, since some characters are better at cooking certain dishes than others. Make sure and fill up each character's cooking skill to increase the effect of cooking!

You can cook after battles, or between battles. Ingredients are obtained from defeating enemies, or can be bought in the various towns you will visit.

To unlock recipes, look at various objects that seem out of place. The wonder chef will pop out and teach you a new recipe!

Recipe 01: SandwichDefault Recipe
Recipe 02: RisottoLook at the Tea Kettle at Hima Inn
Recipe 03: RamenLook at the animal trap at the Mizuho Chief's Hut
Recipe 04: Cabbage RollLook at the Turtle Shell Lamp in the Triet Inn
Recipe 05: SpaghettiLook at the Green Pumpkin in the Altamira Hotel (4F)
Recipe 06: Fruit CocktailLook at the Present in Zelos' house
Recipe 07: TenderloinLook at the Parakeet in the Ozette Inn
Recipe 08: ShortcakeLook at the Rheaird Model at Exire (Katz's Team house)
Recipe 09: Rice BallLook at the Pelican Carving in an Izoold house
Recipe 10: Fried RiceLook at the Magazine Rack in the Sybak library
Recipe 11: CurryLearn from Tabatha
Recipe 12: Miso StewLook at the Firebird Carving in Lloyd's room
Recipe 13: OmeletLook at the Ball Basket at Palmacosta Academy
Recipe 14: SteakLook at the Good Luck Cat at the Meltokia weaponshop
Recipe 15: QuicheLook at the Wood Block at Flanoir Church
Recipe 16: Cream StewLook at the painting in the Elder's House at Heimdall
Recipe 17: Meat StewLook at the Phonograph at Linar's home in Asgard
Recipe 18: Seafood StewLook at the huge pig bat at the Luin tool shop
Recipe 19: GratinLook a the Bear Carving in Presea's house (Ozette) after clearing the Tethe'all base
Recipe 20: PescatoreLook at the Turtle-Rabbit at the Latheon Gorge shack
Recipe 21: Pork CutletsTaught by the cook (if Regal is onscreen character) at the House of Guidance near Heimdall after Heimdall is destroyed
Recipe 22: Potato Salad"same as above"
Recipe 23: Beef StewOutside the castle of Meltokia after defeating pronyma and yggrassill,... 

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Secret - Yuan's Ring Sidequest

by aurionsama Jul 13, 2012

Available: After defeating Rodyle at the Remote Island Human Ranch

The party is taken to Palmacosta and then on to the Sylvarant Base. From there, fly to Hima and enter the town. The scene seems to show that Yuan is looking for something, but he eschews them. Go to the summit of Fooji Mountains where you discover that Yuan is looking for a ring. Head to the Palmacoasta Human Ranch after completing Latheon Gorge and speaking with the Elven Storyteller. Lloyd finds Yuan there and gives him the ring.

Source: Tales of Symphonia Official Strategy Guide by Dan Birlew with Philip Marcus

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Secret - Change Characters in the Middle of Battle

by aurionsama Jun 26, 2012

To change characters in the middle of battle, pause the game on battle menu and press the Z button to change the manual character. This will not change the battle formations you have set, however.

(Note: this is based off of default settings)

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Unlockable - Fighting Spirit Customization (Luin)

by aurionsama Apr 30, 2012

This is the customization shop list for Fighting Spirit in the enhanced version of Luin - after you've restored the town.

The first column gives the item name and the weapon / armor type. The second column gives the required items to forge the weapon / armor.

Masamune (Twin Blade)Rapier, White Silver
Osafune (Twin Blade)Mumei, Black Silver
Sinclaire (Twin Blade)Msamune, Black Silver, White Silver
Duel Ring ( Ring)Chakram, Beast Fang
Slicer Ring (Ring)Flying Disk, Black Silver
Mystic Ring (Ring)Slicer Ring, Beast Fang
Duel Star (Kendama)Nova, Beast Fang
Falling Star (Kendama)Duel Star, Beast Hide
Gem Rod (Rod)Battle Staff, Beast Hide
Ruby Wand (Rod)Gem Rod, Mermaid's Tear
Steel Sword (Sword)Long Sword, Beast Fang
Hydra Dagger (Dagger)Stiletto, Beast Hide
Earth Dagger (Dagger)Hydra Dagger, White Silver, Mermaid's Tear
Silver Sword (Sword)Steel Sword, Beast Fang, Black Silver
Iron Guard (Guard)Leather Guard, Black Silver
Mage Cloak (Cloak)Cloak, White Silver
White Robe (Robe)Feather Robe, Magical Cloth
Yayoi (Robe)Feather Robe, Magical Cloth
Gold Circlet (Circlet)Circlet, Magical Cloth
Iron Gauntlet (Gauntlet)Leather Glove, Black Silver
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Unlockable - Standard Ex Skills: Lloyd

by aurionsama Apr 26, 2012

EX level determines the level of EX gem required to use a given skill. Ex gems are also acquired in the adventure, and more can be purchased from Ktz in certain towns by spending Grade Points earned in battle.

S(trike) or T(echnical), determines a character's personal S or T rating. Equipping multiple high-level S or T skills shifts a character more towards one type or the other.

Effects: Most EX skill abilities are passive, combat-enhancing effects. Some have other effects, such as the handy Personal ability of Lloyd to increase movement speed in towns and dungeons. Equipping multiple EX skills can lead to the character's discovery of Compound EX Skills during battle.

Increases strength. Increases power of physical attacks.STRONG - S Type; Level 1
Increases defense. Decreases damage from physical attacks.TOUGH - S Type; Level 1
Taunt opponents b pressing Z. Increases U. Attack gauge.TAUNT - T Type; Level 1
Increases accuracy and physical attack damage on enemies with low evasion.SHARP-EYED - T Type; Level 1
Increases max HPVITALITY - S Type; Level 2
Increases mobility in cities and dungeons.PERSONAL - S Type; Level 2
Increases evasion. Decreases physical damage from enemies with low accuracy.DODGE - T Type; Level 2
Increases mobility during battle.DASH - T Type; Level 2
Combine with other EX skills for different effects.ETERNAL - S Type; Level 3
Decreases the amount of damage taken while guarding.GUARD PLUS - S Type; Level 3
Increases max TP.SPIRIT - T Type; Level 3
Increases basic attack combo by one.ADD COMBO - T Type; Level 3
Occasionally avoid receiving status effects from enemy attacks.IMMUNITY - S Type; Level 4
Follow a Special Attack with a second Special Attack.ABILITY PLUS - S Type; Level 4
Increases midair basic attack combo by one.SKY COMBO - T Type; Level 4
Increases the amount of time the enemy staggers after a hit.FOLLOW-UP - T Type; Level 4
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Secret - Potion King Title for Regal

by aurionsama Apr 25, 2012

Description: "You get stronger as you drink more...maybe. A title for you who used a lot of potions.

Conditions: Use potions more than 5 times on Regal during battle.

Note: Can be done on Autobat

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Secret - Hunter Title for Presea

by aurionsama Apr 25, 2012

Description: "Hunting down the same race of monster over and over. A title befitting of a hunter like you."

Conditions: Battle over 5 times with the same Monster Type. Works in field or in dungeons.

Note: Can be done on Autobat.

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Secret - Gilgamesh Title for Zelos

by aurionsama Apr 25, 2012

Description: "A hero's title that starts with three Green Slimes. Be careful not to get ZAP."

Conditions: Equip Excalibur, Golden Helm, Golden Armor, Hyper Gauntlet, or Blue Shield and finish a battle.

Note: Can be done on Autobat.

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Secret - Boorish General Title for Lloyd

by aurionsama Apr 25, 2012

Description: "Shortcuts to do this, do that...The title for the one who loves giving orders."

Conditions: Use 10 shortcuts during battle. (Control Pad)

Note: Cannot be obtained when using Autobat.

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Secret - Klutz Title for Colette

by aurionsama Apr 25, 2012

Description: "The countless miracles come naturally. Is it okay to make a hole in the wall at school?"

Conditions: Examine the hole in the classroom wall in Iselia with Genis and Colette.

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Secret - Easily defeat Volt without taking damage

by cheatman666 Nov 09, 2011

Equip Sheena with the Card of Lightning (found in the Meltokio Sewers or bought in Mizuho), the Thunder Cape (found in the Toize Valley Mine), and a Paralysis Charm (dropped by Iapyx or bought in Asgard). This will make her immune to lightning, which is the only type of damage Volt deals. The downside to this is that Sheena will also deal lightning damage, which heals Volt. Either use any color quartz item (except purple) or have Sheena use S. Seal: Water on herself to change her attack attribute to something else. Now you can just walk up to Volt and smack him around while he futilely attempts to zap you. These remedies are temporary and will wear off, though, so watch the numbers showing the damage you do. When they turn green, Volt is getting healed and you need to change your attack attribute again. To keep your other characters safe and out of harm's way, set their third strategy option to Hold Position.

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Secret - The cursed book of Niflheim

by muhammed Nov 09, 2011

After you've obtained the sacred stone key item in Mithos's castle, go to Sybak, and examine the weird red book with an exsphere in one of the bookshelves at the library, then go to Heimdall and talk to the man near the windmill, after that, go back to Sybak and check the red book again, you will then enter the cursed book of niflheim, the most difficult dungeon in the game.

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Secret - Tech glitch

by nickyo7070 Nov 09, 2011

Tech glitch allows you to have T-type and S-type techs at the same time.
This is how it works: (for example)

1. Put Lloyd to the first place of your party and set Genis' Eruption to Lloyd's C-stick shortcut.
2. Switch Lloyd out of your party.
3. Have Genis forgot his Eruption and switch him to S-type. Then battle until he learns Flame Lance.
4. Switch Genis back to T-type.
5. Save the game! (Do not save or look at the tech list after this)
6. Now put Lloyd back to the first place of your party.
7. Go to battle and use that Eruption shortcut with Lloyd. Genis must relearn Explosion during this battle, if not, Eruption shortcut from C-stick is gone.
8. And if you didn't succeed, repeat from the step 5. If you succeed you have now both Genis' Explosion and Flame Lance.

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Secret - See Corrine in his true form

by chaitu Nov 09, 2011

After Corrine has already died and you have defeated the Dark Dragon and walked through the doors in Mitho's Castle, go all the way back to Iselia. Once there you should see a skit involving Sheena hearing Corrine talking to her. After that go to the Temple Of Martel. Once there go to the place where you first met the angel. When you enter the area you should see a secret scene with Corrine in his true form.

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Secret - Maxwell, the Summon Spirit of Birth

by xbox live x Nov 09, 2011

Go to Exire. Go behind elder's house (it looks same as the other houses but it's above few steps). Walk forward a narrow path until you arrive to a grave-looking stone. Equip Ruby, Aquamarine, Opal and Garnet to your first four characters and then examine the stone.

HP: 60 000 TP: 800
EXP: 10 800 Gald: 8250
Strengths: none
Weaknesses: none
Techs: Dreaded Wave, Raging Mist, Gravity Well, Meteor Storm

This is a king of all Summon Spirits and you must have a Derris Emblem to battle him. When he uses Meteor Storm, use guard tech three times to guard it. You can evade other techs like normally. Maxwell isn't very hard, so this battle shouldn't be a problem. Recommended level for this is 60-65.

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Secret - Kratos' training sessions

by sik123 Nov 09, 2011

You can activate scenes where Kratos trains Lloyd. You can activate those by doing these things:

1. When you arrive to Palmacosta, talk to a soldier on the right side of Dorr's building.
2. When you've defeated the Windmaster and you get Raine back to your party, go to an inn where you have to pay 400 Gald per night.
3. After you escape from Asgard ranch and you go to Luin, go to that part of the town where was the inn. Talk to a man who stands outside a broken house.
4. In Hima, before you're going to the Tower of Salvation, talk to Kratos two times.

You have to activate first to do second, second to do third and third to do the last.

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Secret - Infinite Elixers

by bob3 Nov 09, 2011

Elixers is the godly medicine because it restores 100% HP and TP for a character. There is a way to obtain a max amount of these. Every time you beat Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced class in the Meltokio Colloseum, you will get one Elixer. Repeat Beginners class to save time over and over until you have max Elixer.

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Secret - Infinite All-divides

by lawrence811 Nov 09, 2011

You can get so many All-divides you can carry. Here's the description how to get them:

1. Go to fight Fake. You can find fakes from three different places. Triet Ruins: When you enter there, go left and then north. There's a treasure chest and it's Fake. Meltokio Sewers: Very near the end. You can't miss it. Latheon Gorge: When you enter the cave, there's a tresure chest very near the entrance.
2. Make sure Colette is in your party and has elemental weapon or gem.
3. Use Item Thief/Rover to stole an All-divide.
4. Make sure you don't kill the Fake. If you do, that Fake is gone and doesn't come back.
5. Escape from the battle.
6. Enter it again and repeat this.

This way you can get so many All-divides as you want or you can carry. You can steal an All-divide from Fake as many times as you want. Just make sure Colette has elemental weapon/gem equipped and Fake doesn't die.

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Secret - Free Money and Items

by jetterz Nov 09, 2011

Though Zelos may be incredibly vain and idiotic, he does have a way with the ladies. Make Zelos your onscreen avatar, have his Personal EX Skill equipped, then talk to any of the female townspeople that you meet during your travels. They'll usually give you some Gald or an item.

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Easter Egg - Pac-Man

by sceptile787 Nov 09, 2011

In the top-left corner of Flanoir, there are three statues. Look closely, and you can see that one of them is of Namco's oldest mascot, Pac-Man!

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Easter Egg - Cameos From Other 'Tales' Games

by Picachu Nov 09, 2011

After clearing 'Party Advanced Level' in the arena, there will be an Exhibition match with characters from other Tales games, and they are Garr, Farah Oersted and Meredy.

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Easter Egg - Bacura!

by NeoMatrix Nov 09, 2011

In Toize valley mine you will find an white square as an enemy. That is Bacura the invincible block of Xevious, Namco's famous game( released in 1982)!!

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Unlockable - Unlockable Titles for Colette Brunel

by dee-boy345 Nov 09, 2011

Here are the titles unlockable for this character.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Angelic Maidenreach level 100
Charismatic ChefHave all the recipes and talk to the wonder chef using Colette
Chosenreach level 20
Dog LoverTalk with all the dogs in the game using Colette
Don't RunDon't run for a battle (You must control Colette)
Fair LadyGet during sub-event "Dance Party" and talk to Colette during the party
Friendship FirstHave nobody die until the battle with Iubaris
Ill-fated GirlAutomatically get it at Sybak
Ironing BoardAt the Hot Spring, if you go peep on the girls a second time. Colette will eventually call herself an ironing board.
KlutzIn the classroom,Iselia, Press A in front of the hole in the wall
Little PickpocketUsu "Item Rover" and "Item thief" for a total of 400 times
MaidGo to the castle in Meltokio, speak with everyone in the kitchen, and talk to the two women up the stairs
MermaidPick Colette during the beach event at Altamira
ObliviousEnter a battle with Colette poisoned and win the battle without curing it
Self-controlDon't use special attacks for a battle
Single-Mindeduse the same level 1 special attack for a battle
Spiritua RebornYou will get automatically it during the game in Meltokio
Super GirlComplete advanced single mode in coliseum using Colette
Tiny Angelreach level 40
Turbo WaitressComplete the Waitress mini-game in Palmacosta
"I hate gels"Don't use gels on anybody until the fight with Pronyma. Genis must participate in this battle.
Beach ComberPick Genis during the beach event at Altamira
Brotherly Loveafter the Martel Temple talk to Raine in the school
DependentDon't take damage ,don't attack for a battle. You must control Genis
Easter SundayGet during sub-event "Dance Party" and talk to Genis during the party
ExperimentalChange weapons five times during a battle
Figurine Collectorcollect all figurines and show them to Harley in Asgard
FriendGet during the sub-event Genis and Mithos' Adventure
Honor RollGo to the Palmacosta Academy when you reach Palmacosta for the first time
Item CollectorCollect every item and speak to Koton
Little Chefhave all the recipes and talk to the wonder chef using Genis
Magic CycleUse a magic for each element in one battle
Mana MasterLearn "Meteor Storm" in Heimdall
Sorcererreach level 20
StrategistWin all the levels of red light/green light game in Grand Tethe'alla Bridge
Study, Harder!Use the wrong elemental spell on a monster(e.g lightning on a lightning monster) for a whole fight
Ultimate KidWin the advanced single mode in... 

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