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Tales of Symphonia Cheats :

This page contains Tales of Symphonia cheats list for Game Cube version. Now we have 75 cheats in our list, which includes 4 cheats codes, 11 unlockables, 5 easter eggs, 12 glitches, 43 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Tales of Symphonia on Game Cube platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - Grade Shop

by zaphod Nov 09, 2011

Complete the game once and save when the game prompts you to do so, restart the game using that same file and the game will tell you to insert Disk 1. Upon doing so, you are taken to a screen where you can purchase various options with GRADE that you may have accumualted over the course of the game.
*You will receive 1000 extra GRADE by beating the last boss.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Carry up to 30 itemsPay 500 GRADE
EXP x 1/2Pay 10 GRADE
EXP x 10Pay 3000 GRADE
EXP x 2Pay 1000 GRADE
Get more bonus EXP from combosPay 50 GRADE
Increase Tension100 Grade
Receive more GRADE after battlePay 100 GRADE
Start the game with 500 more HPPay 250 GRADE
Start with 160 HP at the beginning of a battlePay 10 GRADE
Tranfer over Collecter's Encyclopedia dataPay 10 GRADE
Tranfer over World Map dataPay 10 GRADE
Transfer over all spells/techsPay 1000 GRADE
Transfer over Battle Strategy dataPay 10 GRADE
Transfer over Character Collection (Figurines)Pay 10 GRADE
Transfer over cooking skills (How good the characters are at cooking various meals)Pay 50 GRADE
Transfer over EX Gems (inventory)Pay 600 GRADE
Transfer over EX Skills (equipped)Pay 400 GRADE
Transfer over GaldPay 1000 GRADE
Transfer over Memory GemsPay 20 GRADE
Transfer over Minigame dataPay 10 GRADE
Transfer over Monster Encyclopedia dataPay 10 GRADE
Transfer over play timePay 10 GRADE
Transfer over recipesPay 50 GRADE
Transfer over Relationships (How much each character likes you)Pay 10 GRADE
Transfer over the number of times you used certain spells/techsPay 25 GRADE
Transfer over titlesPay 1000 GRADE
Conqueror // ExcaliburBeat the advanced single mode with Kratos
Deadly Flower // Bahamut's TearBeat the advanced single mode with Presea
Gladiator Queen // Crystal RodBeat the advanced single mode with Raine
Grand Champion // ExcaliburBeat the advanced single mode with Zelos
King of the Coliseum // Kaiser GreavesBeat the advanced single mode with Regal
Rose of Battle // Divine JudgmentBeat the advanced single mode with Sheena
Super Girl // Angel's HaloBeat the advanced single mode with Colette
Sword of Swords // Valkyrie SaberBeat the advanced single mode with Lloyd
Ultimate Kid // Final PlayerBeat the advanced single mode with Genis
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Unlockable - Alternate Costumes

by kimje17 Nov 09, 2011

You probably should do this anytime you pass by cities but it may not happen at that point so return later after another major event.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Colette-fair lady costumeComplete Princess Guard Sidequest
Colette-Maid CostumeTalk to the two girls in Meltokio castle
Colette-Mermaid CostumeComplete Altamira Child Find Sidequest
Genis- Easter sundayComplete princess Guard Sidequest
Genis-Beach Boy CostumeComplete Altamira Child Find Sidequest
Genis-Katz katz katz costumeComplete katz katz Katz Sidequest
Kratos-JudgementIf u chose Kratos over Zelos at Flanior then when you get to the part where Lloyd gets the Material Blade Kratos will join your party and have it
Lloyd-Beach Boy CostumeComplete Altamira Child Find Sidequest
Lloyd-Nobleman costumeComplete Princess Guard sidequest
Lloyd-Pirate CostumeAgree to Aifread's Sidequest
Presea-First-timer at SeaComplete Altamira child Find Sidequest (note: you will always get Lloyd's version of this but you only get three others by choice)
Presea-Klonoa costumetalk to George in Altamira
Presea-Little madam CostumeComplete Princess Guard sidequest
Raine-Glamorous beautyComplete Princess Guard Sidequest, talk to Raine at the dinner party
Raine-maiden CostumeWalk up to the Wind dais in Asgard
Raine-No, Not the sun!Complete Altamira child Find Sidequest
Regal-DandyComplete Princess Guard Sidequest, talk to Regal at the dinner party
Regal-God of the KitchenTalk to the wonder chef near Meltokio palace stairs
Regal-SwimmerComplete Altamira child Find Sidequest
Sheena-Successor CostumeTalk to Sheena's grandfather in Volt's Temple
Sheena-You look great CostumeComplete princess Guard sidequest
Shhena-Queen of the Beach CostumeComplete Altamira child Find Sidequest
Zelos-Masked costumesimply walk to zelos' house
Zelos-NarcissistComplete Princess Guard Sidequest, talk to Zelos at the dinner party
Zelos-Pickup artistComplete Altamira child Find Sidequest
'Mania' DifficultyTo unlock the 'Mania' difficulty, simply beat the game once.
Game RecordTo unlock 'Game Record' at the title, simply beat the game once.
Grade ShopAfter clearing the game once, load the clear data, then you will be able to buy stuff such as Max HP Increase, Exp*10, Exp*2 with Grade.
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Glitch - Red Light, Green Light Glitch

by iknowmyfuckin Nov 09, 2011

When playing Red Light, Green Light in Tethe'alla, press Start when the Sea-Katz begin to turn around. You'll be asked if you want to quit. Select no, and when you go back to the game, Genis will be standing still regardless of whether or not he was in the middle of a move. This is a cheap, easy way to ensure that you never get caught by the Sea-Katz when he turns around.

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Glitch - Long Distance Hurricane/Lightning

by orro Nov 09, 2011

This glitch works for Kratos, Zelos, and Lloyd

Have the character use Demon Fang from far away. Before the Demon Fang hits, link it to any of these moves:
Hurricane Thrust, Lightning Thrust, Lightning Blade, Super Lightning Blade

The moment Demon Fang hits the target, the lightning and/or hurricane will hit the target. Even if you have completely missed that tech.

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Glitch - Katz Village Glitch/Free Inn

by NJ Ninja Nov 09, 2011

Once you have the Rheairds and can use them anytime,go to the Katz Village.If you talk to the Katz who asks you if you want to sleep say "Yes".He says it's only 50 Gald a night,but if you look at you Gald afterword,you didn't spend any money.This is really good if you want to be fully healed with no cost.

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Glitch - Infinite Combo Glitch

by jack tran Nov 09, 2011

Any fighter characters who have magic abilities can do this. I'll use Kratos as an example:
1. Set any of Kratos' tech to a magic skill. I recommend forward B
2. Make sure he can link magic after his last hit
3. In battle, find an enemy you won't do much damage on
4. Have Kratos do as many swings as he can, holding the forward button
5. Right after his 3rd or 6th hit, still holding forward, press B
6. IMMEDIATELY cancel the spell (X) and IMMEDIATELY press A again
7. Don't let go of forward. It helps a lot if you're holding forward and doing this

It'll take a few tries to get this. You have to be super fast in your fingers or it won't connect.

There is an easy way, however. Change your controls so that R is spell cancel/defend. In battle, before anything, hold the R button. Attack 3 or 6 times, cast the spell. The spell will immediately cancel, so start slashing again.

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Glitch - God Mode

by lilfickle Nov 09, 2011

Alright, I found a glitch in ToS, to make yourself completely invincible. To do it, follow the instructions below:
Go into a battle with low HP, and are able to use a unison attack IMMEDIATELY
Now, just as you get hit and loose your remaining HP, quickly unleash your unison attack. Your timing must be perfect.
Now, the character who unleashed the U. Attack will continue the attack with 0 HP, and when the unison attack ends, your character will continue to fight, with 0 HP. You will still take damage from monsters, they just cannot kill you. I dunno if they fixed this for the PS2 version, but thanks to it, I was able to destroy Shadow (The summon spirit) single handedly with Lloyd (To bad Kratos is gone at that time). Also, if you have a healer on your team, MAKE SURE IT DOES NOT HEAL!!! The healer will bring back your HP, and you'll have to do it all over again. Make sure you have characters alive who are not in your attack team, because after the battle, your fighting team will die. If your against a boss you think is invincible, think again!

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Glitch - Getting two Gaia Cleavers

by jskin Nov 09, 2011

You can easily get two of the most powerful weapon for Presea, the Gaia Cleaver. When you are able to get it (after level 80 or when Presea has learned all of her techs in the tree you chose) go to Ozette again and speak to the man next to Presea's dad's grave. He'll give you the Gaia Cleaver. Now, without living that screen, equip it on Presea from the new items menu (not always works from the equip menu) and talk to the man again. He'll give you another Gaia Cleaver

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Glitch - Free Kendama

by moregig Nov 09, 2011

If you begin the Devil's Arm Quest, After a few Devil's Arm's, go to Altimira and sleep at the inn. Say yes that you want to go out at night. Head to the Casino Area. Go on the bridge and you will see a young man. He says he will sell you a kendama for 1,000 Gald. Say yes and then check your Gald. You actually spent 0 Gald!

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Glitch - Eternal Sword Glitch

by pac man666 Nov 09, 2011

You can wield the Eternal Sword but still have another sword equipped on Lloyd.

1.Have Lloyd cast Falcons Crest (secret tech) by pressing and holding block (default X), attack (default A), and then tech (default B).
2.While casting a enemy must kill you the easiest way to do this is die and have Sheena cast Purgatory Seal on you so you have no HP then use Falcon's Crest.
3.When you are revived after dying during Falcon's Crest you should be wielding the Eternal Sword.

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Glitch - Easy Gigolo title

by reed Nov 09, 2011

To easily get the Gigolo title for Zelos, return to Meltokio after receiving the Spider Figurine, Chipped Dager, and Mirror Shard, but before picking up the Derris Emblem. Make Zelos your on screen character and go to his house, then talk to the butler to get the title. You would otherwise have to have Zelos hit on every female NPC in the game to get this title, but this way you don't have to flirt at all.

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Code - Summon Spirit Item Glitch

by MrRiku338 Dec 22, 2010

Okay, after you fight and beat Maxwell, he will give you the Turquoise. But on the description it says you got it from Origin.

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Code - Eternal Sword ( Awsome glitch!)

by MrRiku338 Dec 13, 2010

First make sure Lloyd has the Material Blades and the Eternal Swordsman title on and Sheena in your party. Then put everyone in your party on manual. Remove anything off Lloyd that will raise his defense. Then go into the deepest part of Derris-kharlan and fight one of the angels around. let them kill you and then put Sheena on Auto and when she revives you with 0 HP put her back on manual and get one of the angels attention. When they cast a powerful spell such as Ice Tornado, Eruption ect. use falcons crest ( quickly press x, a, and b at the time, and make sure you do it before the spell kills you) and when you die you'll be laying there with the eternal sword in your hand. When i did it, it worked but it froze and i didn't get to fight with it, so make sure you save before attempting this cheat. But trust me, you can fight with it. There are YouTube videos where they fight with it, so yeah, it works.

die while using falcons crestyou can weild the eternal sword
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Secret - Looking for a challenge?

by aurionsama Aug 17, 2010

I'm not sure it this would be considered a secret or not, but oh well :)
If you're looking for ways to make the game harder, then you should visit the Grade Shop!
The Grade Shop appears at the end of the game.
First you need to select Min HP, which will bring you to the lowest possible health when starting the game.
Then there should be an option about EXP. You need to bring that down so it's at the minimum.
Finally, when you start a new game, select Mania battle mode.

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Secret - Most Powerful Weapons

by aurionsama May 27, 2010

* These should be 100% accurate, but please let me know if you find otherwise.

Lloyd: Kusanagi Blade
Regal: Dynast
Colette: Angel's Halo
Presea: Gaia Cleaver
Sheena: Divine Judgement
Genis: One World
Rain: Crystal Rod
Zelos: Last Fencer
Kratos: Crystal Dagger

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Unlockable - Complete ' Training Manuel ' List

by aurionsama May 27, 2010

The training manuel is something Kratos gives you early on in the game. You can acquire information for it through various means, which I have listed below:

Battle Basicsdefault
Ex Skillsacquired through a letter from Dirk
Combosacquired through a letter from Dirk
Status Effectsacquired through a skit with Kratos
Strategiesacquired through a side quest with Kratos
Unison Attackscomplete the Ossa Trail
Masteringacquired though a skit with Kratos
Other TipsMessage board at the Colliseum
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Secret - Imposters!

by aurionsama May 27, 2010

* NOTE: The imposters will show up quite a few times during the duration of the game. You first meet them when the party travels to Palmacosta. From here, you can choose to keep on their case, or to leave them alone. Chase them, it's a fun sidequest :)

The imposters show up at the following places:

* After defeated Kvar at the Asgard Human Ranch, return to the ston altar at Asgard.

* Balacruf Mausoleum, to the left of hte temple entrance.

* Luin, in front of the item sop during stage 10 of reconstruction, after the weapon shop reopens.

* Asgard, after clearing hte Iselia Human Ranch Stage.

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Secret - Switch characters in battle

by aurionsama May 17, 2010

When you enter battle, press X to get to the menu, then press Z and the character order will be all switched around.

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Unlockable - Sheena's 'Treasure Hunter' title.

by aurionsama May 10, 2010

Ok, for this title, you need to collect all the treasure chests. This includes dungeons and the ones found on the map. After opening the last one, Sheena should receive the title. Hint: if you're having trouble, ask the Katz team for help.

'Treasure Hunter' title for Sheenacollect all the treasure
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Secret - Hourglasses

by aurionsama May 10, 2010

To receive one of the best items in the game (in my opinion) :), you should do exactly as I'm about to tell you. First, you need to eqip a level two Ex. Gem, and set it to personal, which is a S type. This enables Zelos to receive items when he talks to a female. Once you have done this, buy or customize two rabbit's feet. Equip these to Zelos to greatly increase his luck, then go out and flirt with some chicks. Not only will you start receiving houglasses, but you will get better items like powerful gels, more gald, and rare pellets.

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Unlockable - Gung Ho Title

by aurionsama Apr 23, 2010

To do this, you should preferably win the game first. After you win, a menu will come up with things you can buy going into the next game. Make sure to set everything so that you start out the new game on absolute minimum HP. you should also set it so that you don't gain as much EXP. Also, max out the number of items you can buy to thirty. Then play the game! When you reach the part where you have to defeat Rodyle, make sure that everyone in your party have combined levels of no more than 180. After you defeat Rodyle, you will receive the title!

Gung Ho Title for LloydDefeat Rodyle with combined levels of no more than 180.
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Secret - Secret Area (Advanced/Experience d players only)

by fuzzybunnykills Dec 24, 2007

There is a secret area that is HARDER than Abbyson. To get there, get the sacred stone from Vinheim (Mithos' Castle). Then go to Sybak. In the library on one of the shelves near the upper-right-hand corner, there is a book with an exsphere. When the cut-scene is over, go to Heimdall (elf place after torrent forest). Then talk to one of the elves near the windmill. He will talk about the relation between the sacred stone and the book. After that, go back to sybak and go to the book. Origin will give you a breif warning about this place. Heed his warning, this is the hardest place in the game. You WILL lose if you can't think fast and move quick (or stand still). There is something called soulfire that is basically what lets you keep going through the underworld inside of the book. If you stand still, your fine. That's all i will tell you. If you need more help, email me at fuzzybunnykills@rock.com. Have fun

P.S. This place contains all of the monsters from tethe-alla.

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Cheats - Lloyd falcon crest and genes indignation judgement

by alien213 Feb 01, 2007

to use falcons crest (Lloyd) you have to equip the material blade and have the title eternal swordsman on and in battle when your health is in red press B+A+X and you will use falcons crest and for indignation judgement (genes) you use indignation 50 times then when genes is on over limit you use indignation then he will cast indignation judgement

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Cheats - Lloyds falcon crest

by alien213 Feb 01, 2007

you need the material blade equiped and the title eternal swordsman on and in battle have your health in red and then press B+A+X at the same time and you will perform falcons crest

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Cheats - Lloyds falcon crest

by alien213 Feb 01, 2007

you need the material blade equiped and the title "eternal swordsman" on and when in battle when you health is in red press B+A+X at the same time and you will perform lloyds falcon crest

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