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Tales of Symphonia Cheats :

This page contains Tales of Symphonia cheats list for Game Cube version. Now we have 75 cheats in our list, which includes 4 cheats codes, 11 unlockables, 5 easter eggs, 12 glitches, 43 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Tales of Symphonia on Game Cube platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Abyass

by alien213 Feb 01, 2007

get all nine devil arms and go to the temple of darkness and you will fight abyass (must be on lvl 70 or higher this guy kicks butt! if on a low level like 60 and below use an all divide which you get by defeating the living chest.)

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Cheats - Unlockable: Aviation

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

Complete and save the game to unlock the game record, sound test, and mania options.

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Cheats - Lloyds falcon crest

by alien213 Feb 01, 2007

have the material blade equip and have the title eternal swordsman on and in battle have your health in red and press B+A+X at the same time and you will use falcons crest!

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Hints - More hidden Titles

by Unregistered Aug 29, 2006

More Hidden Titles through-out the game. Note that most of these are not story sensitive, and can be obtained at any time, considering you have the correct party members.(* will mark titles that can be missed due to the defeat of certain bosses.)

Oblivious(Colette)-start and finish a battle while Colette is poisoned.

Pratfaller(Regal)-never recover from falls during a battle

Study Harder!(Genis)- use ineffective magic on an enemy 10 times or more(eg.casting Fireball on a Fire Element)

*Brave Soul(Lloyd)-never run from a battle until you defeat Yuan.

Combo Newbie(Lloyd)-Combo over 10 hits (during battle)

Comboist(Lloyd)-Combo over 30 hits (during battle)

Combo Expert(Lloyd)-Combo over 60 hits (during battle)

Combo Master(Lloyd)-Combo over 100 hits (during battle)

Item Keeper(Raine)-have Raine use 5 or more items during battle.

Never Say Never(Raine)-have Raine die 5 or more times in one battle.

Survivor(Raine)-Finish a battle with Raine being the only party member alive.

Indecisive(Sheena)-Attempt to escape from battle and cancel the escape 3 times.

Party Comboist(Sheena)-Have Sheena start two Unison Attacks in one battle.

Combo Conductor(Sheena)-Complete a battle using Unison Attacks only.

Lone General(Lloyd)-Start and finish a battle with Lloyd as the only character(others are K.O'd)

*Gung Ho(Lloyd)-Defeat Rodyle with 4 characters whose total combined level is 145 or less.

Little Pickpocket(Colette) - Use Item Thief and Item Rover a combined total of 400 times.

Single-Minded(Colette)-Use the same Lv. 1 Special Attack ten times during one battle.

Self-control(Colette)- Finish a battle without using
special attacks(Colette must be controlled by the player).

*Friendship First(Colette)- No party must members die until the battle with Iubaris.

Casanova(Zelos)-Fight with a party of 3 females (during

Loudmouth(Zelos)-Hear Zelos' voice many times in one battle

Hunter(Presea)-Battle over 5 times with the same Monster Type. Works in the field or in dungeons.

Fragile Shield(Presea)-Guard Break over 10 times during one battle.

Testosterone(Regal)-fight a battle with all four male party members.

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Hints - Titles

by Unregistered May 23, 2006

Here are some of the hidden titles in the game:

Eternal Apprentice(Lloyd) - keep the wooden blade equipped untill you defeat Kilia

I Hate Gels!(Genis) - don't use gels on genis untill you beat Pronyma

Don't Run!(Colette) - do not dash during a battle

Tetra Slash(Lloyd/Kratos) - do a standard three hit combo followed by a technical skill (eg. Demon Fang)

Crimson Rose(Raine) - Fight a battle with 4 females in the party

Berserker(Lloyd) - fight 256 battles on mania difficulty with Lloyd

Experimental(Genis) - Change weapons with genis five times in a battle (has to be different weapons, not switching between two repetedly)

Magic Cycle(Genis) - cast a spell of each element in a battle with genis.

Boorish General(Lloyd) - use 10 shortcuts in a battle as Lloyd

Commander-in-Cheif(Zelos) - give 10 ordersduring a battle as Zelos(guard, reserve,etc.)

Dependant(Genis)- don't do anything in a battle as genis

Potion King(Regal) - use every type of potion on regal in a battle.

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Hints - Secret techniques

by Unregistered Mar 25, 2006

Genis' Indig. Judgment: use Indignation 50x, then cast again when he's in over limit mode.

Kratos'/Zelos' Divine Judgment: (this works only 4 the Japanese version I think, sorry!) use Judgment 50x then cast it in over limit.

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Cheats - Tales of Symphonia Cheats

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2005

Completion Bonuses:
Save the game when you have successfully completed it then reload the
cleared game file. The Game Record, Mania and Sound Test options will now be unlocked at the Title screen and if you go to the Grade shop you will be able to access new items.
Fight against Aviation:
Once you have all 9 Darkness Weapons go to the Darkness Temple to fight
Falcon Crest:
Use the secret tech by pressing X+A +B which is called the Falcon crest when Lloyd is low on health (red) and he has the Material Blade equipped.

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by Jayfeather Feb 16, 2009

Elixers is the godly medicine because it restores 100% HP and TP for a character. There is a way to obtain a max amount of these. Every time you beat Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced class in the Meltokio Colloseum, you will get one Elixer. Repeat Beginners class to save time over and over until you have max Elixer.

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Secret - Wind Seal

by singee8000 Nov 07, 2007

when you get to the wind seal the combonation for the seal room to open are; top left, lower right, top right, bottom left and middle.

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Secret - WOOT! All Divide's!!!!

by Jayfeather Feb 16, 2009

You can get so many All-divides you can carry. Here's the description how to get them:

1. Go to fight Fake. You can find fakes from three different places. Triet Ruins: When you enter there, go left and then north. There's a treasure chest and it's Fake. Meltokio Sewers: Very near the end. You can't miss it. Latheon Gorge: When you enter the cave, there's a tresure chest very near the entrance.
2. Make sure Colette is in your party and has elemental weapon or gem.
3. Use Item Thief/Rover to stole an All-divide.
4. Make sure you don't kill the Fake. If you do, that Fake is gone and doesn't come back.
5. Escape from the battle.
6. Enter it again and repeat this.

This way you can get so many All-divides as you want or you can carry. You can steal an All-divide from Fake as many times as you want. Just make sure Colette has elemental weapon/gem equipped and Fake doesn't die.

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Secret - Kratos And His Damn Trainin ^_^

by Jayfeather Feb 16, 2009

You can activate scenes where Kratos trains Lloyd. You can activate those by doing these things:

1. When you arrive to Palmacosta, talk to a soldier on the right side of Dorr's building.
2. When you've defeated the Windmaster and you get Raine back to your party, go to an inn where you have to pay 400 Gald per night.
3. After you escape from Asgard ranch and you go to Luin, go to that part of the town where was the inn. Talk to a man who stands outside a broken house.
4. In Hima, before you're going to the Tower of Salvation, talk to Kratos two times.

You have to activate first to do second, second to do third and third to do the last.

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Secret - Corrine In True FORM!

by Jayfeather Feb 16, 2009

After Corrine has already died and you have defeated the Dark Dragon and walked through the doors in Mitho's Castle, go all the way back to Iselia. Once there you should see a skit involving Sheena hearing Corrine talking to her. After that go to the Temple Of Martel. Once there go to the place where you first met the angel. When you enter the area you should see a secret scene with Corrine in his true form.

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Secret - Maxwell The Summon Spirit Of Birth? Oh Well.....

by Jayfeather Feb 16, 2009

Go to Exire. Go behind elder's house (it looks same as the other houses but it's above few steps). Walk forward a narrow path until you arrive to a grave-looking stone. Equip Ruby, Aquamarine, Opal and Garnet to your first four characters and then examine the stone.

HP: 60 000 TP: 800
EXP: 10 800 Gald: 8250
Strengths: none
Weaknesses: none
Techs: Dreaded Wave, Raging Mist, Gravity Well, Meteor Storm

This is a king of all Summon Spirits and you must have a Derris Emblem to battle him. When he uses Meteor Storm, use guard tech three times to guard it. You can evade other techs like normally. Maxwell isn't very hard, so this battle shouldn't be a problem. Recommended level for this is 60-65.

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Hints - Wind patterns

by Unregistered Apr 11, 2007

there are five winds that have to unlock 2 doors and need patterns

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