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Tales of Symphonia Cheats :

This page contains Tales of Symphonia cheats list for Game Cube version. Now we have 15 cheats in our list, which includes 4 cheats codes, 11 unlockables. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Tales of Symphonia on Game Cube platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

CoMpound Unison Attacks

by aurionsama May 17, 2010

Unison Attacks become abailable after a skit involving Kratos that occurs when the Ossa Trail stage is cleared. You will then see that the ' Unison Attacks ' option is now available on your main menu. All you have to do then is set the appropriate techs to the appropriate characters. When in battle, wait until the gauge at the bottom of your screen is full, then press X when close to an enemy. Make sure you input all the buttons, order doesn't matter.

* Please notice one thing about my list, i only used one tech for each character, but there are several possibilities to choose from.
* Please note that whatever tech list you have is sufficient for all compound unison attacks.
* HINT: just set the techs to the first button when you are setting the unison attacks,it makes it easier. :)

go kick some butt~ i can help if you have questions.

Cross ThrustLloyd: Sonic Thrust Kratos: Sonic Thrust *Can also use Zelos
Pow DevastationPresea: Devastation Colette: Pow Hammer
Pow SpearKratos: Light Spear *Can also use Zelos Colette: Pow Hammer
Pow BladeLloyd: Tiger Blade Colette: Pow Hammer
Mirage ThrustSheena: Mirage Seal Lloyd: Sonic Thrust *Can also use Kratos or Zelos
Dark SerpentSheena: Serpent Seal Lloyd: Sonic Thrust *Can also use Kratos or Zelos
Power ThrustSheena: Power Seal Lloyd: Sonic Thrust *Can also use Kratos or Zelos
Photon BlastRaine: Photon Colette: Ring Whirlwind
Lightning Tiger BladeLloyd: Tiger Blade Genis: Lightning *Can also use Zelos or Kratos
Photon TempestRaine: Photon Lloyd: Tempest
Plasma BladeRaine: Photon Zelos: Lightning Blade *Can also use Kratos
Thunder Tiger BladeLloyd: Tiger Blde Zelos: Lightning Blade *Can also use Kratos
Arch WindPresea: Punishment Zelos: Hell Pyre *Can also use Kratos
Lightning PunishmentPresea: Punishment Genis: Lightning * Can also use Zelos or Kratos
Fiery BeastLloyd: Beast Genis: Eruption * Can also use Zelos or Kratos
Stardust RainColette: Hammer Rain Lloyd: Sword Rain:Alpha
MyollnirColette: Pow Hammer Genis: Lightning *Can also use Zelos or Kratos
Prism StarsRaine: Ray Genis: Explosion
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BeSt Accesories

by Unregistered Sep 02, 2009

Not sure if anybody knows this but here goes.

After you watch the very last scene in mithos' castle go back and talk to altessa and dirk they will both start customizing so you can get more faerie rings, rabbits foots etc.

hope this helps.

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by aurionsama Dec 18, 2012

You are able to cook throughout the game by gathering ingredients. Cooking is another way to recover lost HP and TP, and to cure Status Effects that inhibit combat prowess. Since meals affect all the characters in the party, cooking is a better method of recover than using most items!

Several requirements must be fulfilled to cook. The party must possess food items to use as ingredients, and the recipe to cook a meal must be understood. The choice of cook is also important, since some characters are better at cooking certain dishes than others. Make sure and fill up each character's cooking skill to increase the effect of cooking!

You can cook after battles, or between battles. Ingredients are obtained from defeating enemies, or can be bought in the various towns you will visit.

To unlock recipes, look at various objects that seem out of place. The wonder chef will pop out and teach you a new recipe!

Recipe 01: SandwichDefault Recipe
Recipe 02: RisottoLook at the Tea Kettle at Hima Inn
Recipe 03: RamenLook at the animal trap at the Mizuho Chief's Hut
Recipe 04: Cabbage RollLook at the Turtle Shell Lamp in the Triet Inn
Recipe 05: SpaghettiLook at the Green Pumpkin in the Altamira Hotel (4F)
Recipe 06: Fruit CocktailLook at the Present in Zelos' house
Recipe 07: TenderloinLook at the Parakeet in the Ozette Inn
Recipe 08: ShortcakeLook at the Rheaird Model at Exire (Katz's Team house)
Recipe 09: Rice BallLook at the Pelican Carving in an Izoold house
Recipe 10: Fried RiceLook at the Magazine Rack in the Sybak library
Recipe 11: CurryLearn from Tabatha
Recipe 12: Miso StewLook at the Firebird Carving in Lloyd's room
Recipe 13: OmeletLook at the Ball Basket at Palmacosta Academy
Recipe 14: SteakLook at the Good Luck Cat at the Meltokia weaponshop
Recipe 15: QuicheLook at the Wood Block at Flanoir Church
Recipe 16: Cream StewLook at the painting in the Elder's House at Heimdall
Recipe 17: Meat StewLook at the Phonograph at Linar's home in Asgard
Recipe 18: Seafood StewLook at the huge pig bat at the Luin tool shop
Recipe 19: GratinLook a the Bear Carving in Presea's house (Ozette) after clearing the Tethe'all base
Recipe 20: PescatoreLook at the Turtle-Rabbit at the Latheon Gorge shack
Recipe 21: Pork CutletsTaught by the cook (if Regal is onscreen character) at the House of Guidance near Heimdall after Heimdall is destroyed
Recipe 22: Potato Salad"same as above"
Recipe 23: Beef StewOutside the castle of Meltokia after defeating pronyma and yggrassill,... 

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FiGhting Spirit Customization (Luin)

by aurionsama Apr 30, 2012

This is the customization shop list for Fighting Spirit in the enhanced version of Luin - after you've restored the town.

The first column gives the item name and the weapon / armor type. The second column gives the required items to forge the weapon / armor.

Masamune (Twin Blade)Rapier, White Silver
Osafune (Twin Blade)Mumei, Black Silver
Sinclaire (Twin Blade)Msamune, Black Silver, White Silver
Duel Ring ( Ring)Chakram, Beast Fang
Slicer Ring (Ring)Flying Disk, Black Silver
Mystic Ring (Ring)Slicer Ring, Beast Fang
Duel Star (Kendama)Nova, Beast Fang
Falling Star (Kendama)Duel Star, Beast Hide
Gem Rod (Rod)Battle Staff, Beast Hide
Ruby Wand (Rod)Gem Rod, Mermaid's Tear
Steel Sword (Sword)Long Sword, Beast Fang
Hydra Dagger (Dagger)Stiletto, Beast Hide
Earth Dagger (Dagger)Hydra Dagger, White Silver, Mermaid's Tear
Silver Sword (Sword)Steel Sword, Beast Fang, Black Silver
Iron Guard (Guard)Leather Guard, Black Silver
Mage Cloak (Cloak)Cloak, White Silver
White Robe (Robe)Feather Robe, Magical Cloth
Yayoi (Robe)Feather Robe, Magical Cloth
Gold Circlet (Circlet)Circlet, Magical Cloth
Iron Gauntlet (Gauntlet)Leather Glove, Black Silver
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StAndard Ex Skills: Lloyd

by aurionsama Apr 26, 2012

EX level determines the level of EX gem required to use a given skill. Ex gems are also acquired in the adventure, and more can be purchased from Ktz in certain towns by spending Grade Points earned in battle.

S(trike) or T(echnical), determines a character's personal S or T rating. Equipping multiple high-level S or T skills shifts a character more towards one type or the other.

Effects: Most EX skill abilities are passive, combat-enhancing effects. Some have other effects, such as the handy Personal ability of Lloyd to increase movement speed in towns and dungeons. Equipping multiple EX skills can lead to the character's discovery of Compound EX Skills during battle.

Increases strength. Increases power of physical attacks.STRONG - S Type; Level 1
Increases defense. Decreases damage from physical attacks.TOUGH - S Type; Level 1
Taunt opponents b pressing Z. Increases U. Attack gauge.TAUNT - T Type; Level 1
Increases accuracy and physical attack damage on enemies with low evasion.SHARP-EYED - T Type; Level 1
Increases max HPVITALITY - S Type; Level 2
Increases mobility in cities and dungeons.PERSONAL - S Type; Level 2
Increases evasion. Decreases physical damage from enemies with low accuracy.DODGE - T Type; Level 2
Increases mobility during battle.DASH - T Type; Level 2
Combine with other EX skills for different effects.ETERNAL - S Type; Level 3
Decreases the amount of damage taken while guarding.GUARD PLUS - S Type; Level 3
Increases max TP.SPIRIT - T Type; Level 3
Increases basic attack combo by one.ADD COMBO - T Type; Level 3
Occasionally avoid receiving status effects from enemy attacks.IMMUNITY - S Type; Level 4
Follow a Special Attack with a second Special Attack.ABILITY PLUS - S Type; Level 4
Increases midair basic attack combo by one.SKY COMBO - T Type; Level 4
Increases the amount of time the enemy staggers after a hit.FOLLOW-UP - T Type; Level 4
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UnLockable Titles for Colette Brunel

by dee-boy345 Nov 09, 2011

Here are the titles unlockable for this character.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Angelic Maidenreach level 100
Charismatic ChefHave all the recipes and talk to the wonder chef using Colette
Chosenreach level 20
Dog LoverTalk with all the dogs in the game using Colette
Don't RunDon't run for a battle (You must control Colette)
Fair LadyGet during sub-event "Dance Party" and talk to Colette during the party
Friendship FirstHave nobody die until the battle with Iubaris
Ill-fated GirlAutomatically get it at Sybak
Ironing BoardAt the Hot Spring, if you go peep on the girls a second time. Colette will eventually call herself an ironing board.
KlutzIn the classroom,Iselia, Press A in front of the hole in the wall
Little PickpocketUsu "Item Rover" and "Item thief" for a total of 400 times
MaidGo to the castle in Meltokio, speak with everyone in the kitchen, and talk to the two women up the stairs
MermaidPick Colette during the beach event at Altamira
ObliviousEnter a battle with Colette poisoned and win the battle without curing it
Self-controlDon't use special attacks for a battle
Single-Mindeduse the same level 1 special attack for a battle
Spiritua RebornYou will get automatically it during the game in Meltokio
Super GirlComplete advanced single mode in coliseum using Colette
Tiny Angelreach level 40
Turbo WaitressComplete the Waitress mini-game in Palmacosta
"I hate gels"Don't use gels on anybody until the fight with Pronyma. Genis must participate in this battle.
Beach ComberPick Genis during the beach event at Altamira
Brotherly Loveafter the Martel Temple talk to Raine in the school
DependentDon't take damage ,don't attack for a battle. You must control Genis
Easter SundayGet during sub-event "Dance Party" and talk to Genis during the party
ExperimentalChange weapons five times during a battle
Figurine Collectorcollect all figurines and show them to Harley in Asgard
FriendGet during the sub-event Genis and Mithos' Adventure
Honor RollGo to the Palmacosta Academy when you reach Palmacosta for the first time
Item CollectorCollect every item and speak to Koton
Little Chefhave all the recipes and talk to the wonder chef using Genis
Magic CycleUse a magic for each element in one battle
Mana MasterLearn "Meteor Storm" in Heimdall
Sorcererreach level 20
StrategistWin all the levels of red light/green light game in Grand Tethe'alla Bridge
Study, Harder!Use the wrong elemental spell on a monster(e.g lightning on a lightning monster) for a whole fight
Ultimate KidWin the advanced single mode in... 

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GrAde Shop

by zaphod Nov 09, 2011

Complete the game once and save when the game prompts you to do so, restart the game using that same file and the game will tell you to insert Disk 1. Upon doing so, you are taken to a screen where you can purchase various options with GRADE that you may have accumualted over the course of the game.
*You will receive 1000 extra GRADE by beating the last boss.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Carry up to 30 itemsPay 500 GRADE
EXP x 1/2Pay 10 GRADE
EXP x 10Pay 3000 GRADE
EXP x 2Pay 1000 GRADE
Get more bonus EXP from combosPay 50 GRADE
Increase Tension100 Grade
Receive more GRADE after battlePay 100 GRADE
Start the game with 500 more HPPay 250 GRADE
Start with 160 HP at the beginning of a battlePay 10 GRADE
Tranfer over Collecter's Encyclopedia dataPay 10 GRADE
Tranfer over World Map dataPay 10 GRADE
Transfer over all spells/techsPay 1000 GRADE
Transfer over Battle Strategy dataPay 10 GRADE
Transfer over Character Collection (Figurines)Pay 10 GRADE
Transfer over cooking skills (How good the characters are at cooking various meals)Pay 50 GRADE
Transfer over EX Gems (inventory)Pay 600 GRADE
Transfer over EX Skills (equipped)Pay 400 GRADE
Transfer over GaldPay 1000 GRADE
Transfer over Memory GemsPay 20 GRADE
Transfer over Minigame dataPay 10 GRADE
Transfer over Monster Encyclopedia dataPay 10 GRADE
Transfer over play timePay 10 GRADE
Transfer over recipesPay 50 GRADE
Transfer over Relationships (How much each character likes you)Pay 10 GRADE
Transfer over the number of times you used certain spells/techsPay 25 GRADE
Transfer over titlesPay 1000 GRADE
Conqueror // ExcaliburBeat the advanced single mode with Kratos
Deadly Flower // Bahamut's TearBeat the advanced single mode with Presea
Gladiator Queen // Crystal RodBeat the advanced single mode with Raine
Grand Champion // ExcaliburBeat the advanced single mode with Zelos
King of the Coliseum // Kaiser GreavesBeat the advanced single mode with Regal
Rose of Battle // Divine JudgmentBeat the advanced single mode with Sheena
Super Girl // Angel's HaloBeat the advanced single mode with Colette
Sword of Swords // Valkyrie SaberBeat the advanced single mode with Lloyd
Ultimate Kid // Final PlayerBeat the advanced single mode with Genis
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AlTernate Costumes

by kimje17 Nov 09, 2011

You probably should do this anytime you pass by cities but it may not happen at that point so return later after another major event.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Colette-fair lady costumeComplete Princess Guard Sidequest
Colette-Maid CostumeTalk to the two girls in Meltokio castle
Colette-Mermaid CostumeComplete Altamira Child Find Sidequest
Genis- Easter sundayComplete princess Guard Sidequest
Genis-Beach Boy CostumeComplete Altamira Child Find Sidequest
Genis-Katz katz katz costumeComplete katz katz Katz Sidequest
Kratos-JudgementIf u chose Kratos over Zelos at Flanior then when you get to the part where Lloyd gets the Material Blade Kratos will join your party and have it
Lloyd-Beach Boy CostumeComplete Altamira Child Find Sidequest
Lloyd-Nobleman costumeComplete Princess Guard sidequest
Lloyd-Pirate CostumeAgree to Aifread's Sidequest
Presea-First-timer at SeaComplete Altamira child Find Sidequest (note: you will always get Lloyd's version of this but you only get three others by choice)
Presea-Klonoa costumetalk to George in Altamira
Presea-Little madam CostumeComplete Princess Guard sidequest
Raine-Glamorous beautyComplete Princess Guard Sidequest, talk to Raine at the dinner party
Raine-maiden CostumeWalk up to the Wind dais in Asgard
Raine-No, Not the sun!Complete Altamira child Find Sidequest
Regal-DandyComplete Princess Guard Sidequest, talk to Regal at the dinner party
Regal-God of the KitchenTalk to the wonder chef near Meltokio palace stairs
Regal-SwimmerComplete Altamira child Find Sidequest
Sheena-Successor CostumeTalk to Sheena's grandfather in Volt's Temple
Sheena-You look great CostumeComplete princess Guard sidequest
Shhena-Queen of the Beach CostumeComplete Altamira child Find Sidequest
Zelos-Masked costumesimply walk to zelos' house
Zelos-NarcissistComplete Princess Guard Sidequest, talk to Zelos at the dinner party
Zelos-Pickup artistComplete Altamira child Find Sidequest
'Mania' DifficultyTo unlock the 'Mania' difficulty, simply beat the game once.
Game RecordTo unlock 'Game Record' at the title, simply beat the game once.
Grade ShopAfter clearing the game once, load the clear data, then you will be able to buy stuff such as Max HP Increase, Exp*10, Exp*2 with Grade.
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CoMplete ' Training Manuel ' List

by aurionsama May 27, 2010

The training manuel is something Kratos gives you early on in the game. You can acquire information for it through various means, which I have listed below:

Battle Basicsdefault
Ex Skillsacquired through a letter from Dirk
Combosacquired through a letter from Dirk
Status Effectsacquired through a skit with Kratos
Strategiesacquired through a side quest with Kratos
Unison Attackscomplete the Ossa Trail
Masteringacquired though a skit with Kratos
Other TipsMessage board at the Colliseum
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ShEena's 'Treasure Hunter' title.

by aurionsama May 10, 2010

Ok, for this title, you need to collect all the treasure chests. This includes dungeons and the ones found on the map. After opening the last one, Sheena should receive the title. Hint: if you're having trouble, ask the Katz team for help.

'Treasure Hunter' title for Sheenacollect all the treasure
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GuNg Ho Title

by aurionsama Apr 23, 2010

To do this, you should preferably win the game first. After you win, a menu will come up with things you can buy going into the next game. Make sure to set everything so that you start out the new game on absolute minimum HP. you should also set it so that you don't gain as much EXP. Also, max out the number of items you can buy to thirty. Then play the game! When you reach the part where you have to defeat Rodyle, make sure that everyone in your party have combined levels of no more than 180. After you defeat Rodyle, you will receive the title!

Gung Ho Title for LloydDefeat Rodyle with combined levels of no more than 180.
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