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Tales of Symphonia Review :

Tales of Symphonia

by aurionsama Aug 07, 2010

One of the best games I have ever played!!! I especially like the story line, music and the battle system. The graphics could be better. The voice actors were good. I really liked the feel Cam Clark gave to Kratos Aurion, and the same goes for Scott Menville to Lloyd Irving. Out of all the 'Tales' series, Tales of Symphonia is one of my favorites. Tales of the Abyss comes close; as does Tales of Vesperia.

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10Story line
I think that tales of symphonia had a truly powerful storyline. it dealt with things that happen everyday, but are constantly overlooked; discrimination being at the top of the list. I also liked how the story changed depending on what actions you chose. The character skits were witty. good story!!!
While the graphics of tales of symphonia may have been at the top of their class when it was put out, it no longer is. it would look really cool if it had a more realistic touch. I loved the cutscenes!
Overall sound and sound effects were good. I really enjoyed the game music. it captured the moment and the feelings of the characters. very creative to have a song for each character. sound effects could be slightly better, but were good overall.
overall gameplay was amazing in my opinion. there's lots to keep you mind busy with sidequests and subevents while trying to complete the main story. the battle system is my favorite part of the game, and i love the command feature as well as the unison attack.
10Lasting Appeal
everything combined with the awesome story leaves the player wanting more. one of the most meaningful games in existence.
(Out of 10)


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