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Advance Wars Cheats :

This page contains Advance Wars cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 6 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 1 easter egg, 2 glitches, 2 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Advance Wars on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Easier final battle against Sturm

by MEW 2z MaStEr Nov 11, 2011

To make the final mission a lot easier, allow Sturm to capture the Airport just north of the Orange Star base, and make sure you have Missiles in range of the Airport panel. Sturm will spend 22000 per turn building a Bomber that you can immediately destroy before use, making him much less of a threat. With Sturm wasting 22k per day making Bombers, his army is much weaker and easier to manage, no matter which allies you end up having in this battle.

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Secret - Skip field training

by mark_frontoza Nov 11, 2011

If you want to skip field training and get into the war campaign, map maker or etc., instead of winning every battle in field training, just go to the last one and beat it. It'll save time, and you can always go back to play it any time on the main menu.

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Easter Egg - Gold Menu Icons

by zaq Nov 11, 2011

To change certain icons in the main menu screen from their original color to a flashing gold, you must complete the condition listed next to them:

Records: Complete all 20 war room maps, regardless of rank.
Rank: Obtain the final rank, rank 1.
Stats: Get both rank and records gold, and this'll turn gold too.
Field Training: Get an A-Rank in all 14 training missions.
Campaign: Complete the Advance Campaign, regardless of rank.
War Room: Get an S-Rank in all 20 war room maps.
Battle Maps: You have to unlock and buy every CO, and buy all the maps.

Design Maps, Vs. Mode, and the Multiplayer menu cannot be turned gold.

Note: The gold menus do nothing for you; they're just there for pride.

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Glitch - Field Training Glitch - Unlimited Map Editing

by Neji_Hyuuga_Nissan Nov 11, 2011

With this glitch you can edit Campaign and War Room maps. The changes are saved only in the in-game (during battle) save, not permanently in the cartridge.

- Go to Field Training and play the Naval Forces mission.
- Lose by letting Olaf destroy either your T-Copter or your Lander.
- Go to the Design Maps, deploy an Orange Star unit and destroy it.
- Your screen will be glitched now. You can go to a saved Campaign or War Room map and edit it. Don't forget to save the changed maps using the in-game save, not the Design Maps save.
- To return to normal, just turn on/off the GBA.

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Code - Data Clear

by aimeeamberc Nov 11, 2011

If you would like to erase data, press L, Select, and right on the D-Pad immediately after turning the Gameboy Advance on. The delete data option will appear, and if you want to begin again, you can.

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Glitch - Edit Campaign mode or war room

by Unregistered Aug 10, 2007

1. Save a campaign or war room level and turn off game.
2. Go to field training and select naval battles. Make sure to lose in naval battles by letting your t copter get destroyed.
3. Then go to design maps mode. Make an HQ and an infantry then destroy the infantry. your screen will be glitched.
4. Press A on a piece of land click down 3 times where you are and press on options.
5. Then click down 2 times to exit map. Say yes.
6. You will be at the main menu screen. Then go to war room or campaign. Click L and you should be able to put anything in you want in the map. Once your done save. Then turn off you gameboy. When you turn it back on the glitch will be gone but whatever you put on the battlefield will still be there. You can easily beat the game!

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Hints - Hints

by cGub Dec 26, 2006

Hint: Special Intel
After you have finished the Field Training missions (and in the course opened up the War Room, Campaign, Design Maps and Stats features), go back into Field Training. A very short tutorial called Special Intel is now available that gives you extra gameplay tips.

Hint: Clear Data
To erase all saved game data the easy way, turn on your Game Boy Advance and press and hold right, L and Select at the same time. Be careful that you don't accidentally delete your data, though.
Hint: Soft Reset
Press START + SELECT + B + A
Hint: Ghost Mode
Hold B during turn.

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Cheats - Advanced mode

by Unregistered Apr 30, 2005

When turning on the Game Boy Advance, hold L + Right + Select.

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Cheats - Get More Money!

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2005

There is a secret Glitch Mode in this game! Here it is:
Note: This may wind up wiping your cartridge or game, but it hasn't happened to me not once yet, so try it any way, but be careful. Also, if the game freezes at any time after performing this code, then just restart the game. It won't mess up your game as far as I know.
1: Create a new Design Map. Fill it with NOTHING but plains. Then, starting in the top left hand corner of the sreen, fill it from left to right with Orange Star tanks, A-A's, Missiles, fighters, bombers, etc. in random order from left to right until the surplus is exhausted. Place only 15 units per row. There should be 3 rows of 15, then the last row should have 5. DO NOT GO OVER 15 PER ROW! Once you have 15 units in the first 3 rows, and 5 in the last, save this to any slot, with or withour a name, and then get out of this and go to Field Training.
2: Go to the Naval Forces mission. Follow all of Nell's instructions for Day 1. After she leaves you on that day, just end your turn. Olaf will move his units, and it will be your turn again. On Day 2, Nell will tell you something about the sub. Follow her instructions, and then she will leave again. Now, you know that T-Copter she wanted you to save on Day 1? Well, unload it from the Cruiser, and end your turn. Then Olaf will then attack a couple other units, then one of his curisers will attack the weakened T-Copter, and destroy it. Nell will come up saying you lost, and then you'll go back to the Firld Training select screen. Go back to Design Maps.
3: Back in Design Maps, load that Map you made earlier, and then, start destroying all of the units. Start at the top left hand corner, then go left to right, then begin on the next row, and go from right to left, and then, start on the 3rd row from left to right. You seem to skip some units, any how, after destroying about 3/4 of your army, nell will come up, and say that the orange Star Army has lost. *note: when destroying your troops, just hold down A and keep going* Now, just sit back and let the computer delete the rest.
4: Now, you can tell the game is screwed, seeing as how it seems both the Vs. mode and design maps are going at the same time. Now, this is a little tricky, but I'll try helping you here. Click A on an empty space, then try getting the cursor and hand near the End thing. A screen should come up saying Save, Yield, or Exit map. Try aligning the cursor and little hand back up with the Exit Map thing as... 

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Cheats - Cheats

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

Here's how you unlock the various characters:

Andy- --

Max- --

Sami- --

Olaf- --

Grit- Beat mission 5 (Sniper!) and then finish campaign.

Drake- Beat the four Green Earth missions (Captain Drake, Naval Clash, Wings of Victory!, Battle Mystery) with Andy, then finish campaign.

Eagle- Beat the four Green Earth missions (Captain Drake, Naval Clash, Wings of Victory!, Battle Mystery) with Sami, then finish campaign.
Then beat the secret 'Rivals!' mission.

Kanbei- Complete campaign.

Sonja- (Phew) Beat the three Yellow Comet missions like this:

Kanbei Arrives! in 8 days or less (I managed 5!)
Mighty Kanbei! in 10 days or less (I got 9...)
Kanbei's Error? in 12 days or less (I got 10)

Then beat the secret Sonja missions, and finish campaign.

Hire Sturm- Get the characters above.

Nell- Finish Advanced Campaign.

There's how to unlock all the characters...

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Cheats - Advanced Mode

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

Win all levels with a special rank and a score above 500 points.

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