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Eragon Review :

Eragon Gameboy Advanced Version

by loaf Dec 22, 2010

Eragon is a well developed game about a teenager who finds a dragon's egg. The egg hatches and Eragon becomes a dragon rider. Throughout the game Eragon meets other characters who will join the party and fight along your side. During the game you fight battles, usually a three on three fight. Eragon levels up and becomes stronger. Every bonus detail shows this game is one of the best GBA games there are available. Eragon, the game, couldn't have possibly be any better. There are few ways Nintendo could even improve this game. Eragon the game itself, is a great success when people used the Gameboy Advanced.

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9Story line
The story line of this game is very well done and it it just like the book which it is based off of. The battles are a good part of the game because of the different combinations of attack you can choose from. Overall, the story line of this game is surely one of the best of many other GBA games.
The graphics in this game were superior for GBA games. Every person showed great detail. To walk around in this fantasy world was a great feature mostly because of the graphics in every little object. It's hard to believe that you could make a better detailed GBA game than Eragon.
The sound in this game was pretty well done for a GBA game. Every slash of a sword was on time, and each footstep Eragon would make aligned perfectly with the image. This little bonus made playing the game a lot more fun and more realistic. The sound feature was nearly perfectly done.
The gameplay was greatly done in Eragon. Each battle was beautifully done, usually a three on three fight. Moving around a city, upgrading your own weapons, making herbs, made this game so much better. Every task some random character might want you to do was great. The gameplay was greatly done.
9Lasting Appeal
This game was overall, fantastically done. In a GBA game, you couldn't make a game much better. Every bonus detail or quest added splendor to the game. The game stood above many other GBA games. This most likely is, one of the greatest GBA games ever made. Eragon was nearly perfectly done.
(Out of 10)


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