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Final Fantasy V Advance Cheats :

This page contains Final Fantasy V Advance cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 12 cheats in our list, which includes 5 glitches, 7 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Final Fantasy V Advance on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

OmEga and Shinryu

by darkone Nov 17, 2008

to beat Omega:
have two people with swords and spellblade and rapid fire
one person with duelcast and white
one person with anything and anything
1. spellblade thundaragra with both people and duelcast blink on the two spellbladerz
2. wait for spellbladerz turn and rapidfire
it should die after one or two rapidfirz

to beat Shinryu

1.get 4 dragon lances and equip them to 2 of your people
2.get those people with jump
3. make sure evryone is wearing coral rings
jump on him till he dies

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wiNg raptor

by darkone Nov 17, 2008

to kill winged raptor:
1. attack it like theres no tommarow

strong ability: breath wing
inflicts alot of damage to all allies

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by darkone Nov 17, 2008

Karlabos: hp 650
mp 100
steal potion
drops tent
1. have a blue mage, monk or knight, whit mage, black mage
2. make sure you get fire blizard and thunder from tule
3. use thunder on it and attack it with knight/monk and blue mage and make your white mage heal you party.

strong abilitys:
tail screw
causes party member single didgit hp

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by darkone Nov 17, 2008

Siren:hp 900
mp 200
steal n/a
drops metal shield/metal armor
1. cast black magic and attack
2. once she becomes gray use cure it hurts hur because she undead

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by darkone Nov 17, 2008

Magissa hp 650
mp 200
steal n/a
drops whip
1. cast black magic and atack with knite/monk and bleu mage
2. after a turn she will call her husband to kill you
3. dont let her do that (he is kinda weak but uses strong attacks like tackle)
4. if she doesnt get to call him dont worry, you get him on your bestary later in the game
5. if she calls him here is his stats
Forza hp 850
mp 100
steal n/a
drops power drink
special abilities
deals heavy physicle damage
1. use strong magic and attacks on him befoe he tackles you to death
2. magissa will cast regen on him so heel gain hp every turn or two

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EaSy fight exdeath and neo exdeath

by darkone Nov 13, 2008

first this might not work for some since my people are levels 67, 66 ,67, and 66
1. get all jobs mastered ( or edleast dragoon, whit mage, sommoner,red mage, ninja,mime, and gladiator) this might be hard but a tip is movers in the void place.
2. have youur charecters with these
:bartz: with two dragon lances (steal from crysle dragon)and abilitys !jump and !finisher
Lenna: holding ragnarok and dragon lance with abilities !duelcast and !white
Krile: holding apocalypse and longinus with !deulcast and !summon
Faris: holding mutsunokami and kagenui with !duelcast and !summon (mastering ninja in this is for fleeing battles before exdeath)
3.go up to exdeath and hell talk and turn into a tree and make people get sucked in the void then suck you in and the dawn warriors will save you then you fight exdeath

First part of battle: Exdeath
idk how much he has but he has less than in his castle
just do the following:1. duelcast golem and carbuncle
2.then duelcast bahumaut
3.then duelcast holy
4. use jump or finisher on him
5.repeat all except duelcast bahumaut with krile
6.keep repeating untill it says exdeath was engulfed by the void
7.then the screen will go blank for a couple seconds and then a big thing will come and say i am neo exdeath bla blaa blaa

second part: Neo Exdeath
Front: 55000 hp
Rest of body parts:60000 hp

just deulcast holy and bahumaust and jump or finisher him
jump does 9999 twice to the front and middle top parts
keep poundin him till he dies

after the battle will be alot of talking
i beat him without being hurt
tee hee!!!!!!!

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hoW to beat wendigo

by naruto2 Jan 11, 2008

to beat the wendigo do not use moves that kill many foes at once such as zanetzuken.Just use regular attacks and he will die very sonn if ur strong enough.

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