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Fire Emblem Cheats :

This page contains Fire Emblem cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 3 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 2 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Fire Emblem on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Unlock Hector Mode

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

Guy (myrmidon): in chapter 13 you will see an enemy myrmidon named guy. have matthew talk to him and he`ll join

Merlinus (transporter): first in chapter 13 visit the village and you`ll get chapter 13x take the sidequest and you have to save merlinus for 7 turns and you`ll get him in the next chapter.

Erk (mage): in chapter 14 you`ll see a green mage (erk) talk to him with serra and he`ll join

Pricsilla (troubodoar): in chapter 14 visit the village at the bottom of the screen wih Marcus or Guy and she`ll join

Raven (mercanery): in chapter 16 there`ll be a mercanery talk to him with Pricsilla before the soilders kill him and he`ll join

Lucius (monk): in chapter 16 have Raven talk to the monk in the room with the guards (lucius) and he`ll join

Canas (shaman): in chapter 16x visit the village that`s to the side of the inn (the huge black building) and he`ll join

Fiora (peg. knight): in chapter 18 a peg. knight will appear after the 2nd turn have Florina talk to here and she`ll join

Legault (theif): in chapter 19 a theif will appear in the top left corner. have Lyn talk to him and he`ll join

Heath (wyvern rider): in the level where you protect nills you`ll see a wyvern rider named heath. to get him to join your party talk to him with a lord

Rath (nomad): in the same level where you get Heath, you`ll find a nomad in a room to the right with a mercanery and a cavilar talk to the nomad with lyn and he`ll join

Hawkeye (berserker): in chapter 22 a berserker will appear at the bottom of the screen talk to him with eliwood and he`ll join

Geizt or Wallace (Geizt warrior) (Wallace general): if you have 2 lords at lvl 20 and another at lvl 10 before chapter 23 the level will change and instead there will be a warrior talk to him with Dart and he`ll join. if not a general will be there talk to him with Lyn Sain Florina Kent or Will and he`ll join

Harken (Hero): in chapter 25 a hero will appear eventually. talk to him with Eliwood Lowen Marcus Isadora or some one else that i can`t think of and he`ll join

Nino (mage) & Jaffar (assasin): in chapter 26 have a lord talk to Nino then have Nino talk to Jaffar. he won`t join then but later you will be asked to embark on a sidequest do so and get Jaffar.

Karla (sword master): in chapter 29x have barte a lvl 5 warrior if so a woman will come out of the arena then have barte talk to here they`ll fight if noone dies she`ll join

Reanult (Bishop) in chapter 30 visit the... 

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Cheats - Control enemy players for one turn.

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2005

Trust me this does work!
Have one players have a mine place it where you know an enemy unit will walk when the enemy walks on it, during the explosion reset the game. You can then control all the enemy players that haven't moved yet, then it will be your turn then the game is back to regular.
(just turn it on and off unless you reset it some other way as long as you reset it it works)
PS: Even though it is for one turn it can be useful to move them next to some one like your strongest player or theif to steal items easily!

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Secret - Leveling Up

by sdan12 Jun 07, 2011

When you want to level people up, you have to make sure they are on level ten or higher. If the character doesn't have much hp or their weapons level is a little low then you might not want to change their status so fast. Their level will go to one when they change into a higher status. They also, will get stronger but the statistics only go up so high. So be careful when you change their status's.

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Cheats - Completion bonuses

by Unregistered Apr 30, 2005

Canas: You can get him to join in the stage in which you have to talk to the pirate captain, Fargus. He is in one of the houses that you start next to. He is a Shaman, who upgrades into a Druid. When upgraded to a level 20 Druid, the highest he can get, he is basically untouchable. He is very strong, even with his lowest spell Flux. With Luna, he can defeat the morph of the Black Fang mage in one critical hit.
Erk and Priscilla: You can get Erk to join you for a second time by talking to him with Serra sometime in an early 10 chapter. Erk is extremely useful in the later parts of the game. If you go to the village south of where you get him to join, you can find Priscilla. She is a healer, and is another highly useful character, considering she rides a horse and can get to injured units faster. She is also required to get another character to join your game.
Farina: You can get Farina by giving her 20,000 gold. She is Florina's sister and is a Pegasus Knight. She has a good lance and a javalin. She gains levels quickly and will be at level 12 when you get her.
Fiora: She is Florina's sister. Get her to join by talking to her with Florina. She is also a Pegasus Knight. She appears on the first mission on Valor, or Doom Island.
Gietz: You can get Gietz by talking to him with Dart. He is a Fighter. He has a silver ax and a steel bow. He can kill Wyvrens easily.
Guy: He joins if you talk to him with Matthew. He apparently told Matthew that he owed him his life after being forced to do so in order for Matthew to give him some food. He will join, not willingly, but it does not matter.
Harken: You must not kill the Sage, Bishop, and Druid in the chapter with the Boss Kenneth. In nine turns he will appear. Talk to him with Eliwood for him to join.
Hawkeye: You can get Hawkeye to join by talking to him with your main character (Eliwood or Hector). He appears in a sandstorm a few turns later in the southeastern part of the desert in which you are supposed to help Pent defeat the desert bandits.
Heath and Rath: Another Wyvern rider. You will meet him by talking to him with Lyn in the same chapter in which Rath reappears. You can also get him to join by talking to him with Lyn or perhaps your main character (Hector or Eliwood).
Karla: You can get her in the side quest battle preparations. You will talk to her with Bartre. She attacks you, and if you survive, you get her on your team. She is Karal's sister and is a Swordmaster on level 5. She has a... 

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Cheats - Control enemy units

by CheatsGuru May 15, 2005

Type in A, B, Select and Start in order and it will reset the chapter.

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Code - Game shark codes

by ELBERT21 Oct 14, 2011
98C524A71FFAmaster code
241A814B8FFFinfinite funds
919261642BAFwepon lvl s for 1st character
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Secret - Do this

by Unregistered Nov 05, 2007

instead of using your mine when you just get it, wait until you get to a tough level and plant it. as usual, turn of the game when some one steps on it and let all the enemies drop all their weapons. Also, in the chapter where you will fight linus, there is a cavalier near you who has a mine. you can steal it with a thief. I recommend you do this where there are a lot of tough enemies so weaker units will benefit from killing them.
also, dont forget to let nino talk to jaffar. i forgot to do this and dont have him. you'll benefit having him when you are fighting limstela because he has the abiliity silence, which kills an enemy instantly. dont forget to talk to jaffar!!! i forgot to and i am suffering. also, just rescue jaffar and nino, bring them close to eachother, talk to nino with eliwood and nino to jaffar. in this same level, there will be a thief on the lower right corner of the map. he will enter a chamber with a delphi shield. let him steal the items, but trap him in the chamber with a cavalier or paladin. dont kill him until you steal the delphi shield.

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Hints - Hint

by cGub Jun 13, 2006

Get Jaffar to Join Your Party
Get Nino to join your party and in the same chapter have Nino talk to Jaffar.
Hint: "Valorous Roland" Chapter 28 Tip
Mclose enough to a lava square to make an enemy stop on it to deal damage to him.
Hint: Buried Treasure
In the chapter where you first meet Pent and Hawkeye, go near the fossils on the ground with a thief character to find some rare items. There are two items by each fossil.
Hint: Yet More Hidden Characters
Guy: Talk to him with Matthew.
Erk: Talk to him with Serra.
Priscilla: Visit the village in the same level with Erk.
Raven: Talk to him with Priscilla.
Lucius: Talk to him with Raven.
Fiora: Talk to her with Florina.
Rath: Talk to him with Lyn.
Hawkeye: Talk to him with Eliwood.
Wallace: Talk to him with Lyn, Kent, Sain, Wil, or Florina.
Geizt: Talk to him with Dart.
Vaida: Talk to her with Eliwood.
Renault: Visit the ruins in the top left corner of Chapter 30.
Hint: Hidden Character Karel
Ch.25: Pale flower of Darkness The snow will stop right after Nils tells you it will. Then Nils warns you that the snow will start up again. When it starts up again a Blade Master named Karel will appear in the top left corner just under where the Druid was. Talk to him with Eliwood and he will join your cause. Little tip: if you do get him, use him and Lord pent to kill Kenneth.
Hint: Control Enemies
In the chapter where you get your first mine, set it down somewhere. Hopefully an enemy will step on it. When he does turn it off while it's exploding. When you go to resume chapter it will show the enemy getting blown up. When it does you can control the enemies!
Hint: Get Karla
In chapter 29x Battle Preparation have Barte a level 5 Warrior. When you do a woman comes out of the battle arena. Have Barte talk to her. When he does he fights her. If you don't kill her and she doesn't kill you she joins your party. Karla's a sword master and she is Karel's sister.
Hint: Hidden Characters
Harken: At the level where it snows, after it starts to snow the 2nd time, if you have not killed more than 3 upgraded enemies (Sniper, Druid, etc.) Harken (a Hero) will appear in the upper left hand corner. Talk to him with Eliwood, Lowen, or Marcus and he will join your party.
Canas: Canas specializes in magic like Flux and Luna, the opposite of Erk's abilities. As you progress through the game you will eventually be asked to "Accept this side Quest?" When you are asked for the first time,... 

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