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Fire Emblem Review :

One of My FAVORITE Gameboy Advance Games

by sdan12 Aug 10, 2011

There are three different story's to this game. The first is about Lyn, a nineteen year old girl who finds you unconscious on the plains of Sacae. When you decide to travel together, two knights from the kingdom of Caelin, meet you and Lyn. They tell Lyn that she is the granddaughter of Marquess Caelin. And that her grandfather wants to see her. But her evil granduncle finds out and is trying to kill her because he believes that she wants to inherit a title and become the Marquess of Caelin. With you as the Tactian, you must guide Lyn and her companions to Caelin so that they can destroy her granduncle, Lord Ludgren. The next is Eliwoods story. Eliwood's father went missing months ago and now you have to go and help Eliwood find his father. Meeting up with Hector, Eliwoods best friend, and Lyn, you find out about a plot to bring back the dragons from another realm. And now you must help guide them not only to Eliwoods Father, but to Dragons gate to make sure the portal to the other realm is sealed and that it stays that way! Eliwoods story is the main story. Hectors's story is basically Eliwoods story from another point of view, but with a few different chapters. The original Fire Emblem game brings more action then in any other GBA game and keeps you hooked to the end.

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10Story line
There are three diffrent storylines. They are all about either looking for Eliwoods father or about how Lyn is trying to claim her throne.
The graphics aren't very good but keep in mind that this is a GBA game and that they're graphics were never very good to begin with.
The sound is pretty cool. It goes with whatever is happenening in the game. If it's raining, you hear rain. If someone is fighting then you here the ax being throne or the bow being launched.
The gameplay is really good. This is a strategy game so you have to rely on the gameplay a lot. But this has never frozen on me, so that's good.
10Lasting Appeal
This game is high-action, strategy with one objective: Get through the round. You play as the Tactian, guiding Eliwood,Hector, and Lyn in there journeys to reach their objective. I love this game and I hope everyone loves it too.
(Out of 10)


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