Fire Emblem: Seima no Kouseki Cheats

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Fire Emblem: Seima no Kouseki Cheats :

This page contains Fire Emblem: Seima no Kouseki cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 9 cheats in our list, which includes 7 unlockables, 2 glitches. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Fire Emblem: Seima no Kouseki on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - Get secret characters

by peoplescan Aug 14, 2010

Beat the game once and play Ex.Map in Extra Mode. They will join in the next battle.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Caellach (JP: Keselda) (Class:Hero)Finish the Tower, 3F.
Fado (Class:General)Finish the Ruins.
Glen (JP: Guren) (Class:Wyvern Lord)Finish the Ruins, round 5.
Hayden (JP: Heiden) (Class:Ranger)Finish the Ruins, round 5.
Ismaire (JP: Ismea) (Class:Sword Master)Finish the Tower.
Lyon (JP: Leon) (Class:Necromancer)Finish the Ruins three times.
Orson (JP: Olsen) (Class:Paladin)Finish the Tower, 6F.
Riev (JP: Alvan) (Class:Bishop)Finish the Tower, 7F.
Selena (JP: Serena) (Class:Mage Knight)Finish the Tower three times.
Valter (JP: Walter) (Class:Wyvern Knight)Finish the Ruins, round 7.
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Unlockable - Sound Room Unlockables

by davidbuffness Aug 14, 2010

To unlock each of these songs, just listen to them in game.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
01-The ValiantWatch the start-up sequence
02-Main ThemePlayed on the Menu
03-ProlougeWatch the story for the Prolouge
04-The BeginningWatch the story for the Prolouge
05-21Play through the game on both modes
22-Twisted Shadows AUnknown
23-Twisted Shadows BPlay through Valni 1
24-Envoy From the DarkUnknown
25-AttackSelect the attack command
26-DefenseHave an enemy attack you.
27-The Battle Must Be WonAttack the boss in the Prolouge
28-Powerful FoeAttack a major boss (6 generals, Darin0
29-The Prince's DespairHave Lyon use Naglfar in Final Chapter
30-The Demon KingFight the Demon King in Final Chapter
31-Sacred StrengthUse one of the Sacred Twin Relics
32-TethysHave Tethys dance
33-HealingUse or have an enemy use a status staff
34-CuringUse or have an ememy use a healing staff
35-To A Higher PlaceUpgrade a unit
39-ReunionHave Eirika and Ephraim talk in Ch. 8
42-LaughterPlayed in scenes with L'Arachel
44-LyonWatch one of the Lyon memories
45-Lost HeartWatch a scene with Demon King Lyon
46-Lyon(Organ Arrangement0Final Chapter?
47-The Final BattleStart of Final Chapter
50-ComradesRecruit a Unit
51-VictoryComplete a chapter
52-Into the Shadow of VictoryComplete a chapter
53-Main Theme(Reprise)Watch the Epilouge
54-Combat PreparationUse the Combat Preparation screen
55-ShopsVisit a vendor/shop
56-ArmoriesVisit an armory
57-BondsView the "Support" page.
58-Colosseum EntranceLink Arena
59-In the ColosseumLink Arena/In game Arena
60-Colosseum VictoryWin a battle in the Arena
61-Colosseum DefeatLose a battle in the Link Arena
62-Victory Song AClear 1 floor of Tower/Ruins
63-Victory Song BClear the entire Tower/Ruins
64-Game OverFail a chapter/Lose a lord
65-In Sorrow's ShroudCharacter Death
66-RecordsClear the entire Tower/Ruins
67-Victory and the FutureWatch the Epilouge
68-Fly with the BreezeWatch the Epilouge
69-EpilougeWatch the Epilouge
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Unlockable - Super Trainee class for Ross, Amelia, and Ewan

by davidbuffness Aug 14, 2010

Beat the game twice; once through Eirika's route and the other through Ephraim's route. On your third playthrough, you will have the option of promoting Ross, Amelia, and Ewan into a Super Trainee instead of the two normal options at the appropriate time.

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Unlockable - Unlockable modes

by davidbuffness Aug 14, 2010

Beat the game once.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Map ModeBeat the Game
Support Conversation VeiwerBeat the Game
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Unlockable - Unlocking characters on Ephraim route.

by davidbuffness Aug 14, 2010

Unlockable:How to unlock:
AmeliaChapter 9 : Get Ephraim or Franz to talk to her
CormagChapter 10 : Get Duessel to talk to him
DozlaChapter 11 : Get L'Arachel to talk to him
DuesselChapter 10 : Get Ephraim to talk to him
EirikaChapter 15 : In turn three
EwanChapter 12 : vist the house south of the area
GerikChapter 13
InnesChapter 15 : In three turns
L'ArachelChapter 11 : Get Ephraim to talk to him
MarisaChapter 12 : Get Ewan to talk to her
MyrrhChapter 16
RennacChapter 14 : Get Ephraim or L'Arachel to talk to him.(if you get Ephraim to talk to him you have to give him 10k)
SalehChapter 15 : In three turns
SyreneChapter 17 : talk to her with Tana or Innes
TethysChapter 13
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Unlockable - Unlocking charcters in Eirika's Game

by davidbuffness Aug 14, 2010

First Column: Name of Unit (Class) (Starting Level)

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Ameila (2nd chance) (Recruit) (lvl. 5)Talk to her with Eirika or Franz if she survived Chapter 9, but you didn't recruit her
Amelia (Recruit) (lvl. 1)Talk to her in chapter 9 with Franz
Cormag (Wyvern Rider) (lvl. 11)Talk to him with Eirika in Chapter 13
Dozla (Berserker) (lvl. 1)Talk to him with L'Arachel or joins at the end of Chapter 11
Duessel (Great Knight) (lvl. 10)Joins on turn 2 of Chapter 15
Ephraim (Lord) (lvl. 10-15)Joins on turn 2 of Chapter 15
Ewan (Pupil) (lvl. 1)Talk to Ewan in bottom most house in Chapter 12 with Saleh
Gerik (Mercenary) (lvl. 10)Talk to him with Innes or Tethys in Chapter 10
Innes (Sniper) (lvl. 1)Talk to him with Tana or Eirika in Chapter 10
Knoll (Shaman) (lvl. 10)Joins on turn 2 of Chapter 15
L'Arachel (Troubadour) (lvl. 3)Talk to her with Eirika or joins at the end of Chapter 11
Marisa (Myrmidon) (lvl. 5)Talk to her with Gerik in Chapter 10
Myrrh (Manakete) (lvl. 1)Joins at the start of Chapter 16
Rennec (Rogue) (lvl. 1)Talk to him with Eirika (you must pay him) or L'Arachel (recruit for free) in Chapter 14
Saleh (Sage) (lvl. 1)Joins at start of Chapter 12
Syrene (Falcoknight) (lvl. 1)Talk to her with Tana or Innes in Chapter 17 (either route)
Tana (Pegasus Knight) (lvl. 4)Joins at state of Chapter 9
Tethys (Dancer) (lvl. 1)Talk to her with Innes in Chapter 10
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Unlockable - View Support Conversations Anytime

by sdbb Aug 14, 2010

After beating the game, go to the main menu and choose extras. You will now be able to view all of the support conversations that you got throughout the game!

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Glitch - Infinite turns on Monster Maps

by sdbb Aug 14, 2010

In any free map that has damage tiles, kill every monster or unit except for one. Then, position a few of your units alongside the damage tiles, and remove their equipment, either by discarding it, or trading it to somebody else. If it works, the game's Enemy Ai will move the last unit on top of the damage tile. It will then proceed to attack any units it can, until it dies from the damage received by the damage tile.Once the creature dies, the glitch activates. Even though there's no enemies left on the map, the game doesn't recognize the last monster as "dead", and the match continues until you either Suspend and Restart, or Retreat from the fight.If this occours during the actual story mode, as opposed to a Monster Map, the current chapter will become unbeatable, requiring you to restart the chapter.

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Glitch - Restore any item to new condition (including Dragonstone)

by sdbb Aug 14, 2010

Use the Control Enemy glitch to have a monster with a flashing green "spoils" item in its inventory take the item you want restored from Supply. After making sure that your item is on the bottom of the list and is flashing green as if it were spoils, kill that monster. The monster will drop your item, however it will be totally new.
This trick can also be used on gorgon eggs, but the first item on the list will dissapear, and you must trade with them again after they hatch to regain the item. This glitch can even restore the Dragonstone.

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Fire Emblem: Seima no Kouseki Cheats


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