Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town Cheats

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Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town Cheats :

This page contains Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 17 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 3 unlockables, 1 easter egg, 1 glitch, 11 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Full Recipe Book

by Unregistered Feb 22, 2007

AEPFE Apple: Apple + HMSGB Apple + SUGDW Apple

Apple Jam: Apple + Pot + Sugar

Apple Pie: Apple + Egg (any size) + Butter + Flour + Knife + Pot + Rolling pin + Oven + Sugar

Apple Pie: Apple + Egg + Butter + Flour + Knife + Pot + Rolling Frying Pan

Apple Pie: Apple + Egg + Butter + Flour + Knife + Pot + Rolling Pin

Apple Souffle': Apple (Regular/ AEPFE/ HMSGB/ SUGDW) + Frying Pan

Autumn Sun: Cheese (X)+ Mayo (X)+ Egg (X)+ Milk (X)+ Wool (X)+ Yarn (X)

Baked Corn: Corn + Oven

Baked Sweet Potato: Sweet Potato + Oven

Bamboo Rice: Bamboo Shoots + Rice Ball

Bodigizer XL: Bodigizer + Blue Grass + Mixer

Bodigizer: Honey + Orange Grass + Black Grass + Red Magic Grass + Pot

Boiled Egg: Egg (any size) + Pot

Buckwheat Chips: Buckwheat Flour + Pot

Buckwheat Noodles: Buckwheat Flour + Knife + Pot + Rolling Pin (onion, eggs, bamboo shoots, fish)

Butter: Milk (any size) + Mixer

Cake: Butter + Flour + Egg + Sugar + Whisk + Oven (apple, pineapple, wild grapes, strawberry, honey, knife)

Cake: Egg (any size) + Butter + Flour + Sugar + Whisk + Oven

Candied Potato: Sweet Potato + Honey + Pot

Candied Potato: Sweet Potato + Honey + Sugar + Pot

Cheese (X): (S) + (M) + (L) + (G) + (P) Cheese

Cheese Cake: Cheese + (any) Egg + (any) Milk + Pot + Whisk + Oven + Sugar

Cheese Fondue: (any size) Cheese + Bread + Pot

Chirashi Sushi: Scrambled Eggs + Sashimi + Rice Balls + Knife + Vinegar

Chocolate Cake: Chocolates + Butter + Flour + Egg + Sugar + Whisk + Oven (apple, pineapple, wild grapes, strawberry, honey, knife)

Chocolate Cookies -Flour + Egg + Chocolates + Butter + Rolling Pin + Oven + Sugar (honey)

Cookies: Flour + (any size) Egg + Butter + Rolling Pin + Oven + Sugar (honey)

Corn Flakes: Corn + Rolling Pin + (Oven/ Frying Pan)

Corn Flakes: Corn + Rolling Pin + Oven, Corn + Rolling Pin + Frying Pan

Curry Bread: Bread + Oil + Curry Powder + Frying Pan

Curry Noodles: Noodles + Curry Powder + Pot

Curry Rice: Curry Powder + Rice Balls + Pot

Curry Rice: Curry Powder + Rice Balls + Pot Stew: Flour + Milk (S) + Pot + Salt

Dinner Roll: Bread + Butter

Egg Over Rice: Egg (any size) + Rice Ball + Pot

Egg Over Rice: Egg + Rice Balls + Pot + Salt + Soy Sauce

Elli Leaves: 6 Types Burnt Food + Bodigizer XL + Turbojolt XL + Knife + Frying Pan + Oven + Pot + Sugar + Salt + Vinegar + Soy Sauce + Miso

Fish Sticks: Fish (Medium/Large) + Mixer + Salt
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Code - Cheat codes for codebreaker on your GBA emulator

by ~Chidori~ Mar 30, 2009

open up the emulator click on cheats(at the top across from file) and then click on cheat list Copy the cheats onto the big area of the thing that pops up

820027CC 009AFull upgrades on your house (put all five codes together)
820025D8 000FHave The Villa The Beach House & The Mountain Cabin
820044C8 FFFFRed heart for Docter (you still have to trigger the heart events)
82004508 FFFFRed heart for Cliff (you still have to trigger the heart events)
820043C0 FFFFRed heart for Gray (you still have to trigger the heart events)
82004354 FFFFRed heart for Rick (you still have to trigger the heart events)
82004548 FFFFRed heart for Kai (you still have to trigger the heart events)
820045D0 FFFFRed heart for Kappa
8200458C FFFFRed heart for Won (you still have to trigger the heart events)
820045A4 FFFFRed heart for Gourmet Guy
820029F8 00FFupgraded chicken coop
82002BD8 FFFFLargest barn
820029F9 FFFFmax food for chicken
82002BDA FFFFmax food for cow
82004204 00FFmax power berry
82004090 FFFFmoney
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Hints - Helpful Fairy

by HarvestMoonMFOMTFairy Oct 09, 2006

Hii ^^ My name is Fairy (Not really, its undercover :P) im Harvest Moon crazy! Im gonna be giving a whole bunch of hints :) and here comes the first one!

Cliff: Loves- Whine & grape juice
Like- Flowers, honey ect brooches
Dispises- Unknown <:D
Rival- Ann

Gray: Loves- Ores branches
Likes- Honey, eggs (not boiled, I think <_<)
Dispises- A whole bunch of stuff :D
Rival- Mary

Kai: Loves- Pinapple
Likes- Honey, flowers, summer crops0
Dispises- Weeds, branches, stones ect...
Rival- Popouri

Rick: Loves- Eggs and spa-boiled eggs
Likes- Flowers, honey, crops
Dispises- Weeds, stones, branches, Kai :D
Rival- Karen

Doctor: Loves- Milk
Likes- Herbs, mushrooms, crops
Dispises- Weeds, stones branches

*Helpful Hint* I suggust not to give anybody anything that you can find on your lawn, besides Gray. You can give him branches

Remember, im just a ding away :D

Helpful Fairy, OUT!

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Secret - Mines

by fayor Jun 24, 2009

There are two mines in this game. One is the lake mine and the other is the winter mine.

The winter mine is only allowed into in the winter when the lake my mother;s hill is frozen over. Here is more valuable gems and some cursed tools.

The lake mine is by the hot springs. Here is less valuable items.

In the winter mine, sometimes there is no floors. It may stop.

To go through the mines, hammer rocks to find gems and hoe the ground to find the staircase leading lower in the mines.

Both mines are 255 levels deep.

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Cheats - Want to know how to get more different kind of seeds? READ HERE!

by Jack0fAllTrades May 10, 2007

to unlock the seeds , must ship 100 of different crops(plants). MAKE SURE IT IS 100 , after u ship finish a letter will come to inform u that the supermarket is now selling _______ seeds. Each season(except winter ) got new seeds. If u are observant enough, each season's crops ship will unlock the same season as the seeds can be planted at.

Strawberry seeds(spring)
Pumpkin seeds(summer)100 corn,100 tomatoes and 100 onions
spinach seeds (atumn)*dunno spelling correct*100 sweet potato,100 eggplant and 100 carrots
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Hints - HMMFoMT Bachelor Heart Events!

by ~NintendoGirl97~ May 04, 2007

Gray's Heart Events

Black Heart

Head into the Blacksmith shop on Sunday, Tuesday, Friday, or Saturday between 10:10 am and 1:00 pm. Inside you'll find Gray very upset at his grandpa Saibara. You've walked into the middle of an argument! The two of them finally notice that you're standing in the doorway. Gray rudely demands to know why you are looking at him. Saibara interrupts and yells at him for being discourteous to a customer.

Saibara welcomes you to his shop. He then becomes embarrassed at his actions and beings to make up an excuse. Gray says that he's doesn't feel appreciated and plans on giving up, so you tell him to keep practicing with his training (response #1). Gray is surprised and thanks you for your kindness. He's going to talk to his grandpa and learn what he can.

Purple Heart

Visit the 2nd floor of Doug's Inn on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm. Upstairs Gray will apologize for his behavior during the Black Heart event. He says he is not use to having people around but that he is somehow comfortable with you.

Gray then remembers that you like to get stuff out of the Mine. He says he too is into gems and ores because it is part of his work. Gray then starts the "whoa is me I am a bad blacksmith" speech, so to cheer him up tell him that he does a Great job. Gray thanks you for your vote of confidence and says he will use his skills to make you something.

Blue Heart

You must own the largest Rucksack to see this event.

As you walk out of your farmhouse door on Monday between 6:00 am and noon, you may bump into Gray. He says he is getting better with his blacksmith training even though Saibara still yells at him. He asks if you are interested in jewelry. If you tell him you like jewelry a little bit, he will blush and says he wants to give you something. Gray then gives you a Broach that he made without Saibara knowing about it.

Yellow Heart

Visit the Blacksmith shop on Monday between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm. Saibara will ask to talk to you. He is glad that you have become friends with his grandson, but he thinks Gray is preoccupied with something. Saibara asks Gray to stop with his work and then requests that he spend some time with you today.

Back at the Inn, Gray apologizes for his Grandpa. He asks if you plan on staying in town for a long time. If you tell him you are, Gray will be glad. He is pleased that you are the type who would not move around and he... 

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Hints - New harvestmoon

by cliffsgal May 03, 2007

new harvestmoon
every1 rune factory is coming in july the new harvest moon game it looks sooo cool! go here www.natsume.com and go 2 coming soon and click on runefactory

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Secret - Just a quck way to save time plus a few tips.

by Harvestmooon Jul 13, 2009

Some of these tips are obvious.. lol. ^^ I tried my best!! <(0.0)>

My first tip on saving time, is take advantage of your chicken coop shipping bin! When I started playing I had no money, so of course I went to the mountain tops & fields to gather wild grass. Well, because the time is so short, instead of walking up to the main shipping bin to empty my rucksack, save yourself 10-20 minutes and go to the coop shipping bin It's much closer to the South exit.. Plus, all time stops when you go inside a building.
After that, I would go about my business in town, and then at the end of the day I would save about 3 to 4 hours to work on my field. Every day you'll get new weeds, so If you clear little by little you won't have a weed mess. Also, MAKE SURE you go to the beach and take advantage of all the wild grass. You can easily get 800 coins or more just from picking up grass (depending on the season, exuding winter)

Here are places where I find the grass-again depending on season the amount varies.

Outside of Gotz place. (About 2)
By the mountains (It varies)
The beach (around 4 depending on season.)
Carters Graveyard (1)
By the spring mine (spa area) (About 2-3)

And that's where I usually get my grass. If you want to befriend Mary (Grays rival) then I suggest giving one or more a day to her, and talking to her twice afterwords. Also, the doctor loves them. Some people you shouldn't give it to are Popouri,Gray,Cliff, Ann,Rick ect.

Last quick tip: When buying chickens or sheep or cows, make a fence for your chickens and plant some grass. You won't need to buy chicken feed (Except on those rainy days) So keep like 20 bushels. For sheep just leave them outside all day, as they'll want to walk around and are easier (BUT SLOWER) to put back. Again, keep some for a rainy day. Same goes with cows. Just make sure w/ your chicken that you take them in before 8pm because there's a creepy wild dog thing that comes and tries to eat your chicken!

I hope I helped a little. ^^

Feel free to comment, add, or correct any tips you see. CORRECTION IS CRITICAL! lol ^___^

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Hints - EVERYTHING You need to know about HMMFoMT!!!

by ~NintendoGirl97~ May 07, 2007

Harvest Moon More Friends in Mineral Town Cheats
Rating: ---Bachelor's and Their Favorites
Gray: All ores and gems except junk ores. You can get Gray up to a yellow heart by mid winter if you buy the large rucksack and give him 8 ores a day.
He isn't too hard to get to a red heart.

Rick: All eggs and spa-boiled eggs. It's very easy to get him up to a red heart.

Cliff: Wild Berries and Wine. It's a bit harder to get him up to a red heart because you have to buy his wine and berries only grow in one season.

Doctor: Herbs and milk. It's easy to get him to a red heart.

Kai: Eggs, flour, and summer crops. It's hard to get him to a red heart since he's only around one season.
Rating: ---Birthdays
Alternate dates are when your birthday is on their original birthday.

Bold: Spring 4 (alternate date Spring 9)
Harvest Goddess: Spring 8.
Saibara: Spring 11
Staid: Spring 15
Elli: Spring 16 (alternate date Spring 20)
Barley: Spring 17
Lilia: Spring 19
Aqua: Spring 26
Sasha: Spring 30

Popuri: Summer 3 (alternate date Summer 10)
Harris: Summer 4
Cliff: Summer 6
Basil: Summer 11
Timid: Summer 16
Ann: Summer 17 (alternate date Summer 22)
Kai: Summer 22
Mayor Thomas: Summer 25
Zack: Summer 29

Gotz: Fall 2
Stu: Fall 5
Hoggy: Fall 10
Manna: Fall 11
Chef: Fall 14
Karen: Fall 15 (alternate date Fall 23)
Doctor: Fall 17 (alternate date Fall 19)
Carter: Fall 20
Anna: Fall 23
Rick: Fall 27

Gray: Winter 6
Doug: Winter 11
Ellen: Winter 13
Duke: Winter 15
Won: Winter 19
Nappy: Winter 22
Mary: Winter 20 (Alternate date Winter 25)
May: Winter 26
Jeff: Winter 29
This cheat will only work for Kai.
Don’t you just hate it when boys cheat on you? Don’t you just want to catch them red handed and hit him with a hammer? Well here's how.... every night at the summer Kai goes to the beach with Popuri. Follow them but don’t talk to any of them. After about 3 seconds leave the beach then go back in. (note: Kai's heart should be orange or red) You would find something different...Kai is holding hands with Popuri!!!!! Go up to him and talk to him he will be surprised and keeps on apologizing to you and they will say forgive him? Or Don't. Pick don't (don't worry he's heart won't lower down and he won't hate you) but you get to hit him with your hammer! This is a pointless cheat but its fun to watch Kai getting hit and at the end, the next day he will be at your door with a box of... 

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Secret - Having a dream without using any cheats or glitch

by Unregistered Jan 04, 2010

Do you think your character can have a dream Of course! My character have a dream...
To have a dream in your harvest moon, you these things:
1. It is suppose to be Winter 30 (any year)
2. Sleep at 9 PM or sometimes straightly 6 AM
Then your character will have a dream. 3 sure dreams your character can have, once a year
your chracter will only have one of the three dreams.

1. A battle with Karen (included in this dream : Mary you and Karen of course!)
2. Unwanted marriage (included in this dream : Mayor,Carter,All harvest sprites and you)
3. Harvest Sprites Secret (included in this dream : you, all harvest sprites and gourment the judge of every cooking festival)

After any of these three dreams, your character will wake up and will say this line :
"Dearm" (suppose to be dream) "Oh well back to sleep"

And then somewhat my character and Karen seems to hate each other.... 0_0
And I thought that could the dream is true (sometimes this two lines won't exsist)

And another lot bitter for you especially if you have a lot of money :
If a wild dog touches your character, you will collapse and then wake up in the clinic, then all of your items (except tools,rings and power berries) and money IS GONE!!!!!! You will be terrified! ( Wild dogs appear starting 8 PM )

I hope I help you somewhat...

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Cheats - Easy way to increase sprites heart level

by Animallover#1 Apr 16, 2007

Give flour to sprites on there birthday

Bold's heart level
Staid's heart levelgive flour to it on spring 15
Aqua's heart levelgive flour to it on spring 26
Timid's heart levelgive flour to it on summer 16
Hoggy's heart levelgive flour to it on fall 10
Nappy's heart levelgive flour to it on winter 19
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Easter Egg - Who wants CLIFF???

by DarkJester May 02, 2008

ok about cliff, i'm sure lots of people LOVES him_includes me ^^

i manage to marry him in my second year summer9. for me its fast enough to get him since most people say he's hard to get. so here's some tips from me about how to get him fast.

it is recommended to start giving him gifts from the very start of the game.
since you just started game, you got almost nothing except for the beehive^^
give him honey in the spring and always talk to him.

during summer you can find some wild grapes to give him, he likes wild grape. give him gifts once a day because the first item you gave him will increase his love_affection towards you. the second and more gifts of the day will just increase both of your friendship. the second wild grape you can store it in your fridge to cook or give him some other seasons, however you want.

when falls_autumn arrive there will be three_3 apples, give cliff one of your apples everyday. the other two, you can keep them or if you want, give it to other people. guy or girl, whoever you want.

then after fall, came winter. nothing you can find to give him during this season. in this season, you can give him either apple, wild grape, or honey. remember, give him a gift everyday, unless there's a storm_you can't go out XD

if you have your kitchen, you can cook him food he love most. such as, curry rice, curry noodle, and curry bread. anything thats with curry, he loves curry ^^

it is also recommended to show him you pet dog to him, he likes animals.

buy everything from tv shopping, get him to red heart, buy blue feather and try to go through most of his heart event. most important of all, the most important event you must go through before you can marry cliff, the one about an argument(it is i think) between duke with his wife, manna(is it? did i spell it wrong?). after that, you will be able to propose cliff without cliff turning you down.

have fun woo him over before ann does XD (ann will never able to, cliff's mine ^^)

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Secret - Grass in Winter

by Chouko_HIkari03 Apr 05, 2010

Do you know that there is one grass you can get in the winter... It' s called a White Grass.. It's not very obvious because of it's color... the grass' location is at the forest. Go to the forest through the bridge in your farm, then go to the back of Gotz house... it's not literally there but find the path behind the trees there then at the end of that path you will be able to see the white grass... If you ship it.. it costs