Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town Cheats

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Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town Cheats :

This page contains Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 13 cheats in our list, which includes 1 easter egg, 1 glitch, 11 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!


by fayor Jun 24, 2009

There are two mines in this game. One is the lake mine and the other is the winter mine.

The winter mine is only allowed into in the winter when the lake my mother;s hill is frozen over. Here is more valuable gems and some cursed tools.

The lake mine is by the hot springs. Here is less valuable items.

In the winter mine, sometimes there is no floors. It may stop.

To go through the mines, hammer rocks to find gems and hoe the ground to find the staircase leading lower in the mines.

Both mines are 255 levels deep.

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JuSt a quck way to save time plus a few tips.

by Harvestmooon Jul 13, 2009

Some of these tips are obvious.. lol. ^^ I tried my best!! <(0.0)>

My first tip on saving time, is take advantage of your chicken coop shipping bin! When I started playing I had no money, so of course I went to the mountain tops & fields to gather wild grass. Well, because the time is so short, instead of walking up to the main shipping bin to empty my rucksack, save yourself 10-20 minutes and go to the coop shipping bin It's much closer to the South exit.. Plus, all time stops when you go inside a building.
After that, I would go about my business in town, and then at the end of the day I would save about 3 to 4 hours to work on my field. Every day you'll get new weeds, so If you clear little by little you won't have a weed mess. Also, MAKE SURE you go to the beach and take advantage of all the wild grass. You can easily get 800 coins or more just from picking up grass (depending on the season, exuding winter)

Here are places where I find the grass-again depending on season the amount varies.

Outside of Gotz place. (About 2)
By the mountains (It varies)
The beach (around 4 depending on season.)
Carters Graveyard (1)
By the spring mine (spa area) (About 2-3)

And that's where I usually get my grass. If you want to befriend Mary (Grays rival) then I suggest giving one or more a day to her, and talking to her twice afterwords. Also, the doctor loves them. Some people you shouldn't give it to are Popouri,Gray,Cliff, Ann,Rick ect.

Last quick tip: When buying chickens or sheep or cows, make a fence for your chickens and plant some grass. You won't need to buy chicken feed (Except on those rainy days) So keep like 20 bushels. For sheep just leave them outside all day, as they'll want to walk around and are easier (BUT SLOWER) to put back. Again, keep some for a rainy day. Same goes with cows. Just make sure w/ your chicken that you take them in before 8pm because there's a creepy wild dog thing that comes and tries to eat your chicken!

I hope I helped a little. ^^

Feel free to comment, add, or correct any tips you see. CORRECTION IS CRITICAL! lol ^___^

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HaVing a dream without using any cheats or glitch

by Unregistered Jan 04, 2010

Do you think your character can have a dream Of course! My character have a dream...
To have a dream in your harvest moon, you these things:
1. It is suppose to be Winter 30 (any year)
2. Sleep at 9 PM or sometimes straightly 6 AM
Then your character will have a dream. 3 sure dreams your character can have, once a year
your chracter will only have one of the three dreams.

1. A battle with Karen (included in this dream : Mary you and Karen of course!)
2. Unwanted marriage (included in this dream : Mayor,Carter,All harvest sprites and you)
3. Harvest Sprites Secret (included in this dream : you, all harvest sprites and gourment the judge of every cooking festival)

After any of these three dreams, your character will wake up and will say this line :
"Dearm" (suppose to be dream) "Oh well back to sleep"

And then somewhat my character and Karen seems to hate each other.... 0_0
And I thought that could the dream is true (sometimes this two lines won't exsist)

And another lot bitter for you especially if you have a lot of money :
If a wild dog touches your character, you will collapse and then wake up in the clinic, then all of your items (except tools,rings and power berries) and money IS GONE!!!!!! You will be terrified! ( Wild dogs appear starting 8 PM )

I hope I help you somewhat...

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GrAss in Winter

by Chouko_HIkari03 Apr 05, 2010

Do you know that there is one grass you can get in the winter... It' s called a White Grass.. It's not very obvious because of it's color... the grass' location is at the forest. Go to the forest through the bridge in your farm, then go to the back of Gotz house... it's not literally there but find the path behind the trees there then at the end of that path you will be able to see the white grass... If you ship it.. it costs 100 G..

Hope it helps...

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WoN's Challenge Brings Wealth and Success

by Unregistered Feb 22, 2010

I have been playing harvest moon friends of mineral town on GBA for many times because my games often gone by itself if I do not play it for months. So I just started my game several days ago. And I wanted to be friends with Won. I really did hate him because he was so rude, but after giving him gold ores every day, he finally be my best friend. And every time I talked to him, he always said like this "No customer. Only you I got, Laluna(my character's name)." And after I make friends with him, he will let me to play his challenge (guessing the apples stuffs). If you done the game, he will give you some tickets. And I have always saved-loaded my game every time I wanted to use the ticket. Using our ticket, we will smash our hammer, and there will be 3 numbers. We have to make these 3 numbers alike or in order. Every time I make them in order, Won will give me a new record, just like a CD. Actually the CD is used to be played if we can purchase the record player from Van (Zack's friend). But since Cliff is in the town, Van will never come to the town and of course I think I cannot purchase the record player, then the CD from Won will be useless. So then I handed the CD and sell it to Won (when you become friend of Won, he will let us sell things to him). I also saved-loaded my game when sell the CD. Then the highest price I can get from Won for the CD is 170,000 gold. I get and sell the CD from Won every day. And now I have 1,019,534 golds which means if I wait for 2 more years, I might be able to build a cottage :) heheee. I hope I helped!
if you have any questions or comments, just email me at mama_lekong@hotmail.com
thank you!

Laluna Sidabutar :)

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hoW to give blue feather

by Unregistered Apr 28, 2008

first u need to have 200 lumber then expand ur house next u need 700 lumber then expand again then get a large bed from the tv shopping every saturday (sat) then give the feather excellent work

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ThE Mayor Lost a Bet . . .

by Unregistered Aug 09, 2007

In my game, in the 1st year Winter 2nd, the mayor said that he lost a bet to another mayor and he'll ask for a golden egg, turn your game off and start the day again, he'll ask for something different, keep doing it until he asks for black grass. Go to the Lake Mine (the one in the middle of a lake, the water is frozen so you can get to it) and use your hoe to plow around in the mine. It doesn't matter what level you plow at. You will
get black grass or bags with yellow stuff in it, that's money, but only 10G. At 7 pm, the mayor will come so give him the black grass and he will give you golden lumber but I don't know what to do with it.

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by game-penguin Feb 21, 2008

you may think if you confess and the harvest godess doesnt forgive you, your rong. The next day would be a tornado if its winter, and not even a harvest sprite could get though. Save before you confess!

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by Unregistered Mar 20, 2008

at the lake mine
in winter only u nid to mytrile all the tool and dig

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moNey money money baby!

by Breanne Jan 09, 2008

SO you want money, hahaha i have the simpliest way to get lots of money. on the horse race days just view one of the races remember the horse that won turn off the game bat like 100 or 1000 dollars on that horse then buy all the necklaces you can carry and out then in your bin where you ship stuff and you will gat 100000 dollars easy and the best part is you will have medals left over for the next horse race so you dont need to bet at the next race just buy more necklaces there EXPECIVE which will give you tons of money hahahha i was broke i did this then i had enough money to updrage my my house twice and get a bathtub :) ttrust me on this hahhah i no its works :)hope i helped just try it

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WoN and his Apple Game

by Unregistered Aug 13, 2007

When you get the opportunity to play Won's apple game use this tip for easy money. Before you have to pick which apple Won is asking for (when the screen asks you to chose, RIGHT, CENTER, OR LEFT) save your game. If you pick the wrong one you can restart and pick the other options, do this until you pick the right one. It will take some time but if you do this ten times you receive a rare flower from Won. You can give it to the Harvest Goddess (does nothing for you) or sell it back to Won and you can get up to 87,000 Gold. I would sell it back, really easy money.

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Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town Cheats


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