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Lord Of The Rings: Return of the King Cheats :

This page contains Lord Of The Rings: Return of the King cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 13 cheats in our list, which includes 13 cheats codes. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Lord Of The Rings: Return of the King on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

deFeat the three bosses.

by flame Jun 01, 2011

on the last level with gandalf the first boss is three tough axe throwers all you need to do is to get up close and smack them one the next boss is two small cave trolls (i recomend lots of kingsfoil leaves) do the same as you did with the axe throwers the last boss you have to defeat with gandalf is a ringwrith(nusgul) is easy all you have to do is to go in and come out with a few slashs in between and becarful for the ringwriths blade it does poison efect

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DuPe Items

by x-23 Jun 01, 2011

With the charactor that you have the item you want to duplicate and save it under 2 different files. With the second file put the item in the Rangers Hollow and save only for the second file. Then go under the first file and go to the Rangers Hollow and You have 2 of the item you wanted to duplicate.

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DuPlicating items

by cbman3 Jun 01, 2011

equipment needed:2 GBA's1 Link cable2 lord of the rings: the return of the king game cartridgesa weapon u wish to duplicateturn on both systems and go to multiplayer. select a character and then just go anywhere. press start on both screens, then select the item that you want to duplicate and trade it to the other person. the person who recieves the item saves his/her file, but the person who traded it doesn't. when you go back into the files, they both will have the item

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GwAihirs feather

by Jordan May 31, 2011

Ok. I read a few cheats and some of you didn't excactly know how to get this artefact but i know!!!. This is what you do: with gandalf go to the level where you have to light the beacons (the crossroads with a beacon on the right and the left) do ONE of the beacons and come back to the cross roads. go to the place where you first started the crossroads level and gwaihir should fly away leaving a feather

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HoW to Defeat a Ringwraith

by tomi May 31, 2011

When you're playing as Gandalf, you have the hardest game ahead of you. At the very end of the last level, you have to defeat about 4-8 axe-wielding orcs. I would suggest using the lightbeam power, and shooting it at the orcs continually. After you've defeated the orcs, two trolls will come in. They will both hammer at you. There's a 50% chance that one of the trolls will whack the other one and kill it. After this has happened, use your lightbeam to shoot the other troll. Do this continually until the troll is dead. Then a Ringwraith will come in. This is the easy part. Just shoot the Ringwraith with the lightbeam. It took me about two hits to kill him the first time.

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HoW to Defeat Gollum

by bounty hunter 01 May 31, 2011

As Frodo, this level is very simple. Throughout the game, you must boost your knifethrow power all the way up. When you get to Gollum, just repeatedly throw knives at him until you've drained his health. Then continually throw knives at Gollum until he falls into the lava.

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HoW to Defeat Saruman

by luai May 31, 2011

When you first enter the room where Saruman is, he and Gandalf will talk. Immediately when they are done, use the shield power that allows you to have a shield. After you've done this, go up to Saruman. Make sure to avoid his fire and blue zap balls. Use your lightbeam and fire it at Saruman continuously. You should drain his health rapidly that way.

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HoW to Defeat Shelob

by kane123 May 31, 2011

As Sam, all you need for this level is as much Kingsfoil as you can hold. Run up to Shelob. Stand right in front of her mouth. Slash her continually with no pauses, even if she bites you or fires webs at you. If your health gets low, use the Kingsfoil. Keep slashing her front until she's dead. If she turns, follow her, even if you have to slash her stinger or side.

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HoW to Defeat the Mouth of Sauron

by sadsfadsfsd May 31, 2011

I will try my best to describe how to defeat the Mouth of Sauron (MOS) with Aragorn, Legolas or Gimli.Aragorn:With Aragorn, I found it easiest to use the power that allows you to summon the dead to kill off the Mouth's shield minions, and then use the knife throw power and defeat the mouth's poison archers. After you have done this, he should come after you. Hide behind a bush and use the swordthrow power at him until he gets too close. Then run to the side of the bush opposite the mouth and do the same thing, until you have killed the mouth.Gimli:I found that with Gimli, use his axe throw power and throw axes at the mouth's shield minions, until you've defeated them. Then, use axe throw to defeat the posion archers. After you've done this, the mouth will come after you. Hide behind the nearest bush, and use the axe throw to throw axes at the mouth. Do this until he gets too close to you. Then run to the side of the bush opposite the mouth. Do this until you've defeated him.Legolas:Hide behind a bush and shoot at the shield minions. You might want to use the power that allows Gwahir to attack one of the badguys to defeat the shield minions. After you've defeated the shield guys, shoot out the poison archers. Then the mouth will come after you. Run to the nearest bush and hide behind it. Shoot at the mouth until he gets too close to you. Then go to the side of the bush opposite the mouth. Repeat this until you've defeated him.

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HoW to Defeat the Witchking

by sandy999 May 31, 2011

As Eowyn, I have found it very difficult to defeat the Witchking. I myself have only done it two or three times. Here is one way to defeat him.Defeat the Witchking's fell beast, and then the Witchking will dismount. Run away from him. Keep running and he will chase you. Go to the top of the screen. The Witchking will follow you. There is about a 1/20 chance that the game will glitch at that point, and the Witchking will get stuck, and will start running around in circles. At this point, he will not even be able to hurt you, and you can just run up to him and slash him until he is defeated.(It helps if you have the power that makes you able to run really fast.)

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InFinite Damage

by javier May 31, 2011

Pause the game and equip a two-handed weapon. Now equip a shield, which automatically un-equips the weapon. Re-equip the weapon. Do this a couple times and then go check out your damage! Each time you equip the weapon, its damage rating will be added to your total damage. This will remain in effect for the rest of the map.

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PlAy as Sam without a gamecube

by Suicune May 31, 2011

Play as Frodo until you make it to Shelob. You fight Shelob as Sam and if you save there you can use Sam in multiplayer and bonus maps.

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SeCret Room

by Venom May 31, 2011

Playing as Frodo, when you reach the level called "Shelob's Lair:Lair" there is a secret room with a ranger hollow, chest and forge. When you're heading in Shelob's direction, watch Gollum around the middle of the 3 paths to take. There should be a butterfly near some webs. Go to the butterfly and you should enter a secret room. Some people have found uniqe items in this room. Good luck with the rest of the game!!

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Lord Of The Rings: Return of the King Cheats


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