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Mega Man Battle Network 2 Cheats :

This page contains Mega Man Battle Network 2 cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 3 cheats in our list, which includes 3 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Mega Man Battle Network 2 on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Upgrade Locations

by Undertaker2009 Jul 10, 2008


Den Area 1
Den Area 2
Den Area 3
Dex's Computer
Statue (Yai's House)
GasComp 2
Yumland 1
Yumland 2
Control Panel (Lan's House)
Mother Comp3
Flight Board (Den Airport)
Hotel Refrigerator
Wide Monitor (Official Center's Conference Room)
Raoul's Radio
Netopia 1
Netopia 2
CastleComp 4
Airplane TV (Economy Class)
Airplane Comp 2
Undernet 1
Undernet 2
Undernet 3
Undernet 4
Undernet 5
Undernet 6
Autolock (Kotobuki)
Apart Comp3


Den Area 1 (Netdealer) x3
Den Area 3 (Netdealer) x3
The Square (Netdealer) x3
GasComp 2 (Blue Mystery Data)
Guardian Statue (Okuden) (Blue Mystery Data)
BombComp2 (Blue Mystery Data)
KotoSquare (Netdealer) x3
MotherComp 1 (Blue Mystery Data)
Curtains (Airplane Business room)
Airplane Comp 2 (Blue Mystery Data)
Airplane Comp 4 (Blue Mystery Data)
NetSquare (Netdealer) x3
Netopia Area 3 (Blue Mystery Data)
CastleComp1 (Blue Mystery Data)
Undernet 1 (Netdealer) x3
Undernet 2 (Blue Mystery Data)
UnderSquare (Netdealer) x3
UnderKoto (Netdealer) x3
Apart Comp2
Yai's PC (Blue Mystery Data)
Mayl's Piano (Blue Mystery Data)
Defeat Mr. Famous
Defeat Mr. Match
Complete Request 2
Complete Request 5
Complete Request 12
Trade #3
Reward of Quiz #2
Hotel Refrigerator
Apartment9F (Left-most door)


Castle Comp 3
Undernet 3
WWW Area 3 (Purple Mystery Data)
Hidden Character 2


Receive ZLicense (4)
Yai's Phone
CoffeeMachine (Official Center)
Okuden Bear
BombComp3 (2)
Yumland 1
Mother Comp 2
Mother Comp 5 (2)
Airplane Comp 1
Airplane Comp 4 (2)
Garbage Dump at Underground (2)
Duty-free Shop (2)
Undernet 1 (2)
Undernet 6 (2)
Broken Toy (ACDC Town)
Kotobuki Vending Machine (3)
Apart Comp1 (2)
Hidden Character 3 (2)
Complete Request 1
Complete Request 3
Complete Request 9 (2)
Complete Request 12 (2)
Receive BLicense
Receive ALicense (2)
Receive SLicense
Receive SSLicense
Receive SSSLicense
Reward of Quiz #3 (3)


Den Area 3 (Netdealer)
Den Area 3 (Purple Mystery Data)
BombComp4 (Blue Mystery Data)
KotoSquare (Netdealer)
NetSquare (Netdealer)
CastleComp4 (NetCastle)
UnderSquare (Netdealer)
UnderKoto (Netdealer)
Apart Comp3
Dr. Hikari's Lab Coat
Complete Request 14
Hidden Character 5

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Secret - WWW Areas/ Green Star

by Undertaker2009 Jul 10, 2008

To enter the WWW Areas, go to Undernet 4, and in the center go up north to the
gate. As long as you have the StarID (have beaten Gospel) you will be able to
get past it and enter the Wormhole to WWW Area 1. In here, the Mystery Datas
are very easy to find and are not worth mentioning them. CHECK THE FAQ SECTION

WWW Area 1-

Items: BugFrag, LavaStge

Start by heading east, north, west, north twice and go the gate. Open it by
being at least Level 70. Then go north a little and face PharoahMan. Beat him
and go on to WWW Area 2.

WWW Area 2-

Items: OldWood W, FullEnrg

Now head south on the arrow path, east, take the center arrow path, then go
west as soon as you have to, then take the arrow path east, and get to the
gate. Pass it by having all v3 Navi chips in your Sack except for the Secret
Navis. Go north and delete NapalMan, and go north again to WWW Area 3.

WWW Area 3-

Items: AntiNavi X, SubMem, BugFrag, Navi+40 *, GrassStge H

It's time to travel south, west all the way, down the ramp, go through the
little walkway taking all the Mystery Data, go up the ramp to a HUGE ramp, go
up that ramp, head west at the top to a path which you should take (still
grabbing those Mystery Datas!) to a warp and another gate. Have a library
above 200 chips to break it and tackle PlanetMan.

Now try to leave the WWW Areas all-together, but when you try to exit WWW Area
1, Bass will appear and fight you for a Bass F chip! Come back to WWW Area 3
when you have a library of 247/250 chips and face BassDelux randomly!

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Secret - All i have to say is

by axlexzero Jun 16, 2008

Bosses & Enemies


Thunder Man

Codes & Secrets

Hard mode:
Successfully complete the game with all five stars. Highlight the "New Game" option at the title screen, then press Left(2), Right, Left, Right, Left, Right(2). The ''New Game'' option will turn orange to confirm correct code entry. Select that option and the "Netbattle" option will not longer be available. Save the game, then restart. A "Hard Mode" option will now be unlocked under the ''New Game'' and ''Continue'' options.

WWW area:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the WWW area. Go to Ula Internet area 4 and look for a glowing red warp. Enter it to access the WWW area. Note: You cannot exit once you enter, so saving the game is recommended.

To enter the WWW Area behind the mysterious gate in Undernet 4, you do not not need a Star ID or a SS license or higher. All you need is to have done is to fight 130 different viruses. Note: You do not need to actually defeat the viruses, you only have to see them. After that you can run, if desired.

In-game reset:
Press Start + Select + A + B during game play. This can be put to good use when you are in Undernet 5 and are trying to get the 50,000 Zenny. Stand next to the ruby, and if it is not the Zenny, use the in-game rest until you get it.

Hint: Gamecube logo:
After defeating Shadowman, reenter the main mother computer. Go to the back of the computer. Stand in front of the "mother computer main server", where Shadowman was standing before you fought him. Slowly go to Megaman's right. Upon a stack of cubes with purple, squiggly lines on them will be the Gamecube logo.

Hint: Battle Bass:
After defeating Planetman, you can fight the real Bass. He has 2000 HP and a Life Aura 1 that will reappear. When you defeat him, you will get his Bass chip.

Hint: Battle Pharaohman:
After completing the game, go to the WWW area from the Undernet. Unlock the security cubes with a S license lock and you will get to Pharaohman. This battle is similar to the fight with Thunderman. He has two coffins that will do most of the attacking for him, but he does not attack very often. When he does, he will put a switch on the battlefield that activates a trap. For this battle, chips like Stepsword and Cannonball work very well, but the coffins act like shields and can block chips such as... 

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Cheats - Hard mode

by Unregistered Apr 30, 2005

If you have completed the game once (when you first defeat Gospel) and have one or more star stars, try to make a deck as follows to get very quick random encounters or easy Boss battles (to get chips for the ACDC Town Chip Trader Special only). For best results, use a Shld style that starts you off with a barrier. This way when you get ZeusHamr in your first set of chips in a battle, you can use it and not get hurt:

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Cheats - Hard Mode

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

If you are very close to the area you need to be when you jack in and need to recover HP and get back quick, just jack out and your HP will be fully recovered. Very useful at the Mother Computer at the big puzzle.

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Cheats - WWW area

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

If you have any type of Shadow Chip and already upgraded the charge in your Mega Man profile, equip the Shadow Chip during battle and charge your Blaster while you are in shadow mode. When the charge is ready, release A and you will immediately transport to the enemy panels. The closest enemy to you will be hit with the Shadow Wide Sword, as well as anyone else in a vertical angle. The damage is the same from your Blaster when charged.

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Hints - Deafeting magnetman

by Unregistered Aug 02, 2005

Magnetman is hard because he has 1,000 hp you'll find him on the plane. The rich looking man uses him. First fix all 4 parts then youll see him on the 4th part. His electric (of course) so use plenty of grass techniques there the best. Once you get him to 500 hp he'll make a copy of himself and try to ram you. Its hard to dodge so crack the magnet panels the ones that pull you in the break them wait till they come back itll be easy to dodge him and the clone then ive never killed him but thats how i get him to 5 hp then im dead so work hard.

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Mega Man Battle Network 2 Cheats


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