Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Protoman Cheats

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Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Protoman Cheats :

This cheat for Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Protoman [Game Boy Advance] has been posted at 16 Jun 2008 by axlexzero and is called "All i know is". The Cheat have a rating 2 by 2 our users and has been commented 1 times. Also 2 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up axlexzero and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 2 other cheats for Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Protoman, look them as soon as possible!

Secret - All i know is

by axlexzero Jun 16, 2008

Bosses & Enemies










Codes & Secrets

Crossover Battle mode:
Note: This trick requires two Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapters and another Game Boy Advance with Boktai 2. When the game is powered on, attach the Wireless Adapter before the title screen appears. A "Crossover Battle Mode" option will now appear below the "Continue" option at the starting menu. You can play against the Boktai 2 player to see who can defeat Shade Man faster.

Alternate saved game icons:
Complete one of the following tasks to replace the standard saved game icon.

Dark Complete icon: Collect all Dark Chips
Forte's Icon icon: Defeat Forte SP in Nebula Hole Area 6
Gigi Complete icon: Collect all Giga Chips
Mega Complete icon: Collect all Mega Chips
P.A. Complete icon: Use all Program Advances
Protoman's Icon icon: Defeat Neubla Gray.
Stand Complete icon: Collect all Standard Chips
Chip variations:
After getting the corresponding chip, use one of the following combos using it in a battle to vary its attack.

Gyroman/SP/DS bombs on one enemy: Hold L + R.
Z-Saber extra slash: Press Left + B.
VarSwrd forms:

Long Sword: Hold A then quickly press Down, Down/Right, Right.
Wide Sword: Hold A then quickly press Up, Right, Down.
Ftr. Sword: Hold A then quickly press Left, Down, Right.
LifeSwrd: Hold A then quickly press Down, Left, Up, Right, Down.
SonicBoom: Hold A then quickly press Left, B, Right, B.
NeoVarSwrd forms:

CrossSwrd slash: Hold A then quickly press Down, Right, Up.
Double LifeSwrd slash: Hold A then quickly press Up, B, Down, B, Up, B.
SuperSonicBoom slash: Hold A then quickly press Left, B, Right, B.
Shademan SP/DS extra attack effects:

Confuse enemy: Press Down, Down/Left, Left + A.
Paralyze enemy: Press Down, Down/Right, Right + A.
Chaos Unison abilities for Team Colonel:

Chaos Shadow Soul: Its behavior becomes the same as if you used a Dark Chip. Mega Man uses any random chip from your library. Note: You do not lose HP.
Chaos Knight Soul: A powerful drill that is best used for Nebulagray. Damage: 600 if done with perfect timing.
Chaos Number Soul: Increase a chip's attack by 10.
Chaos toad Soul: Does a wideshot. Damage: 300
Chaos Tomahawk Soul: Does a Drk Lance. Damage: 200
Chaos Colonel Soul: Paralyzes enemies. Damage: 0
Hint: Decoding message:
At the start of the game you must go to Sci Lab and finds out who is invading it. When you jack in you must decode letters. The following is the order that the word goes in, starting from the first one.

1. 762
2. OWL and RAT
3. DOCK and HALL
4. HIP, TOE, and ARM
5. 53214
After you are done you will have a fight ahead, depending on your game.

Use the following to use the SCILab codes in Team Colonel.

The first code is: 762.
The second code is: NAP.
The third code is: OWL RAT. To do this code: TWR OLA. Change O for T, T for A, A for L, L for R, and put the R where was the O.
The fourth code is DOCK HALL. To do this code: AOLK CHLD. Change D for A, A for H, H for C, C for the First L and put this L where was the D.
The Fifth code is HIP TOE ARM. To do this code: EAP IOM HRT. Change H for E, E for M, M for T, T for I, I for A and put the A where was the H.
The Sixth code must be found in Dad's office. It is on the table.
When you get the letter, go to Lan's house. It will then give you a hint. Go to Oran Isle. Go to the Mine. Soon you will find an air machine. Jack in and go to the right top corner of the net. Select it and you will get another clue.

Hint: Quiz Master answers:
The following are the answers to the Quiz Master questions at the Sci-lab Dock area. The prize is a DarkLance W.

#1: A one-two Punch
#2: 60
#3: Spicy
#4: Energy Drinks
#5: 4
#6: Scilab Area 2
#7: #7
#8: The Right one
#9: A BattleChip
#10: A Virus
Hint: Quiz King's answers:
The following are the answers to the Quiz Kings questions at Oran Isle, in the mine where Maylu, Yai, and Dex were trapped. The prize is a NaviCust Program: Chivalry.

#1: 8
#2: Gridman
#3: 8
#4: M-Cannon
#5: Red
#6: 49,56,63,70,77,84
#7: 33
#8: Delete
#9: Me
#10: Kyle
#11: DrillArm1
#12: Cancer
#13: 12
#14: Queen Bohemia
#15: Maylu's
Hint: Liberation mission bonuses:
Complete the indicated mission with the listed condition to earn the corresponding bonus, plus Zenny.

AntiNavi M: Complete Liberation mission 4 in 9 to 10.
Anubis A: Complete Liberation mission 9 in 14 or less.
BlakWing W: Complete Liberation mission 7 in 10 or less.
BlizzardMan B: Complete Liberation mission 1 in 6 to 7.
BlizzardManSP B: Complete Liberation mission 1 in 5 or less.
CloudMan C: Complete Liberation mission 3 in 8 to 9.
CloudMan DS C: Complete Liberation mission 8 in 13 to 14.
CloudMan SP C: Complete Liberation mission 3 in 7 or less.
CosmoMan C: Complete Liberation mission 5 in 8 to 9.
CosmoMan DS C: Complete Liberation mission 9 in 15 to 16.
CosmoMan SP C: Complete Liberation mission 5 in 7 or less.
Fullcust *: Complete Liberation mission 4 in 8 or less.
Muramasa M: Complete Liberation mission 8 in 12 or less.
ProtoMan B/Colonel C: Complete Liberation mission 6 in 9 to 10.
ShadeMan DS S: Complete Liberation mission 7 in 11 to 12.
ShadeMan S: Complete Liberation mission 2 in 8 to 9.
ShadeMan SP S: Complete Liberation mission 2 in 7 or less.
Z Saber Z: Complete Liberation mission 6 in 8 or less.
Hint: Mr. Hide and Seek's locations:
To start the hide and seek game, find him hiding at the end of a small path by the building at the docks.

1. AC DC Area 3. He is a Program Navi near the furnace portal.
2. Jack-in the last Battlechip sculpture in front of the Scilab building.
3. Third Drill comp. He is dressed as a Nebula Navi.
4. Turn the furnace on in Yai's house and go to AC DC Area 3. The portal to the furnace should now be active. HE is a girl Navi.
5. In the Oran Mines, look for a pile of rocks with a Mettaur Helmet.
Hint: Banner codes:
Talk to one of the Program Navi's at the indicated location.

Yaibanner: Jack in at Yai's house.
Dexbanner: Jack in at Dex's house.
Maylbanner: Jack in at Mayl's house.
Casbanner: Once given the CasPcode, jack into the man sitting down in the castle.
Scibanner-Jack into the computer near Baryl in Scilab's deepest room.
Hint: Ship security door:
When Lan is in the ship full of rich people you will reach a point where you need a number to open the security door. The password is "11922911".

Hint: Defeating Blizzard Man:
With Snowball 1, he will roll out a pair of snowballs at you. With Snowball 2, Blizzard Man himself will become a snowball and roll at you. He will strike the back row and cause a pair of snow drifts to build up on two random panels on your side. With those are there, you will lose access to the panels. They will, however, eventually melt. With Frost Breath, He will jump to the front column on his side and try breathing ice on you. You have two columns and he has four. If you do not kill him within one phase, he will heal and drop a pair of snowballs on you, doing 40 damage per Navi. Blizzy does not really do much, so attack as desired. After the fight is over, Blizzard Man blows up and the whole area is cleared of Dark Panels. The first Liberate Mission has been a success. You will get a Blizzard Man B chip from Proto Man when you defeat Blizzard Man.

To defeat Blizzard Man in one turn, use the Dark Lance Chaos Unison. It will do 800 damage each time because he is weak against Wood.

Hint: Defeating Cloud Man:
To defeat Cloud Man in one turn, use the Chaos Unison Dark Lance. Use the charge up attack (Darklance) to defeat him in one turn. It does 800 damage because he is weak against Wood.

Hint: Defeating the Nebula Gray:
Before you fight Nebula Gray, the last Boss, enter your Navi Customizer. There, you need the "Air Shoes" program. Rotate it until you can also fit in "the BusterPack" program nicely. After doing that, you will see three empty spaces. Put two "Speed+1" in those spaces, then run it. Quit the customizer and go to the Boss. Then, use your Double Soul (either Napalmman Soul or Tomahawkman Soul). Do not press the button for the custom screen in battle. Just dodge all the Boss's attacks and hurt him as much as possible.

Note: When you destroy Nebula Gray, go to the Nebula BBS and jack in. Then, go to Undernet Two where you can see a yellow program. He will open the door to Nebula. When you go in you will have to do a liberation mission.

Hint: Defeating Bosses:
To easily defeat any Boss, you will need a Django, DjangoSP, or DjangoDS Mega Chip. When you face one, use the chip on the Boss. It will do lots of damage (depending on the amount of sunlight) and will continue lowering the Boss' HP, even after you use the chip. You can also use it on Nebula Grey, but it does not have the same effect. However, it still does a lot of damage depending on the amount of sunlight. To get the chip to work correctly, you must be in the same panel line as the Boss. For example, if he is in the middle line, you must be in the middle line. There also should not be any obstacles.

Hint: Fight the final Bosses:
After the ninth liberation (with Blizard Man and Cosmo Man) are the final Bosses. They are Dark Team Colonel. To get to them you must defeat their Omega Navis in the net and get a rank through 10-S. After you defeat all of them, it opens a door to Nebula Grey, but it now has 2500 HP. Jack out and do it again. The bad thing is you must fight all of the Colonel again. If you defeat Nebula Grey in under 2:00:01 to 3:00:00 you will fight Bass. Then, jack out and go back. You must still fight the Navis again. If you defeat Nebula Grey in under 2:00:01, you will fight Dark Mega Man. Then, jack out. Repeat the process and fight Nebula Grey with 3,000 HP, then 3,500 HP, and finally with 4,000 HP. If you defeat him, there will be a secret story.

Hint: Fight against Dark Mega Man:
To fight against Dark Megaman you must defeat all your DS Soul Navis under two minutes. If not, you will keep fighting Forte or NebulaGrey depending on the time it takes for you to defeat all your DS Soul Navis in Nebula 6. Dark Megaman is under two minutes; Forte is two to three minutes; and NebulaGrey (which is enhanced) if higher than three minutes.

Hint: Fight against Forte:
In order to fight Forte you must defeat NebulaGrey, but known as ChaosLord there. After you defeat ChaosLord in Nebula 6 you must jack out and jack in again then go back to Nebula 6. Fight your Dark Navi Souls again, but this time you must defeat all of your Navis combined in under three minutes, otherwise you will keep facing ChaosLord. The bad part is you will not know how long it is taking you to defeat your DS Navis because the elapsed time does not appear.

Hint: Magnet Man goes crazy:
To do this, you must have the Team Protoman version of the game and access to Nebula Area 6. Fight Magnetman DS and use Magnet Soul. When the battle starts, let him come back to the middle row and reel him in with the charge shot magnet. When he is paralyzed, press Left + B to stun him with magnetism. If you stay in front of him, hey may use his Magnet Energy Ball on you more than once very fast. Note: This may not work due to the DS level of the Navi. Hey may choose not to do the above, but almost always does.

Hint: Liberation mission:
When you make it to a Mystery Marked Square, save the game then liberate it. If you receive something useless, turn off the Game Boy Advance and do it again until you find a good bonus.

Hint: Extra liberations:
When you are in the Nebula area there are three more liberations. The first one is Shade Man. Then next one is Cloud Man. The last one is Blizard Man and Cosmo Man. They are very difficult, but can be defeated.

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