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Mega Man Zero 2 Cheats :

This cheat for Mega Man Zero 2 [Game Boy Advance] has been posted at 16 Jun 2008 by axlexzero and is called "All i know is this". Also 1 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up axlexzero and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 2 other cheats for Mega Man Zero 2, look them as soon as possible!

Secret - All i know is this

by axlexzero Jun 16, 2008

Bosses & Enemies

Gigantic Metal Scorpion

Hyleg Ourobockle

Poler Kamrous

Phoenix Magnion

Panter Flauclaws

Kuwagust Anchus

Burble Hekelot




Rainbow Devil

Fefnir v2

Leviathan v2

Harpuia v2

Kuwagust Anchus & Herculious Anchortus


Elpizo, second form

Codes & Secrets

Hard difficulty setting:
Successfully complete the game. Then, highlight the "New Game" option and hold L + A. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Graphics gallery:
Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting. Then, highlight the "New Game" option and hold Select + L + A. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Alternate Zero armors:
Successfully complete the game under the easy, normal, and hard difficulty settings. Then, press Start and press L or R until you get to a menu with Zero's helmet with a different color. There are pink, black, and red versions.

Hint: Using the Whip:
Not only can the Whip get far items, but it can also move some heavy cubes and perform a swinging move. Hold B while in the air, and when it grapples onto something, press Left or Right to swing. Release B to let go the Whip.

Hint: Gain more level with Chain Rod:
Keep hitting on a life or money object to earn more attack points.

Hint: Easy lives:
Keep returning to The Desert Ambush to gain more 1-ups.

Go to the Ice Temple multiple time to get the lives there.

Go to the Polar Freeze zone. On the second ice blocks, dash until you get to the fourth block and grab the extra life. Note: Defeat the Boss and escape repeatedly to get a lot of lives.

Hint: Combo:
Equip Ultimate Form, then use Buster Shot. Keep pressing Down/Forward + B (for Buster attack). Anything in front of you will be obliterated.

Equip all the EX-Skills. Dash and Z-Saber, then hold Up and Z-Saber, and hold Down and press Z-Saber.

To Equip Chain Rod as R and Z-Saber as B, hold B + R until they fully charge. Then, release B then R. Note: This is a close range attack.

Hint: Forest Of Dysis: Rare elf:
The rare elf "Zero" is found in Forest Of Dysis (the stage with the forest) when in easy mode. Once you are in the inside part of the stage where you fight the statue that raises water and throws purple beams, destroy the statue. Afterwards, jump the pit and slide on the left side wall through a secret passage. Keep sliding down and on the way you should find the rare elf. If you keep sliding down, you will reach a secret area with lots of crystals and an extra life.

Hint: Crystal Caves: Secret area:
When you start, go up the hill and destroy two robots. Then, go down but watch out for the spikes at the bottom of the hill. Start going up the second hill. Jump on the ledge but do not jump over the ledge. Instead, slide down the wall on the right in the pit and keep holding it. You should go into a secret area that has a cyber-elf capsule and a life. Note: When you get out, you will need the light-blue armor. If you do not have it, you will fall into the spikes.

Hint: Sand Wilderness: Extra life:
First, talk to the Operator and transfer yourself to Sand Wilderness (the first area that you are in). There is an extra life hidden there. It is after the second mini-Boss, after the bird in its nest next to a gunman, but before the two birds in one nest. You will find it when you are there; it should be in an opening under the gunman.

Hint: Sand Wilderness: Not what it looks like:
In the Sand Wilderness (the desert area) there are mecha-vultures. They launch from what appears to be a nest, but it is actually the ruined remains of an enemy robot.

Hint: Defeating Bosses:
For easy wins against most Bosses, charge the Z-Saber and attack the Boss. Keep hitting him and, with five or six hits, he will be destroyed.

Hint: Defeating Scorpion Hunter:
At the end of the starting stage, you will face a Scorpion. This arachnid will block your buster shots with his claw-shield, as well as launch it at you. Trying to avoid that projectile slows down the battle, but there is a way around it. When the Scorpion launches his claw-shield at you, attack it with your Saber. It should take two or three hits with the Proto Form active in Hard mode. You might receive some damage while doing this, depending on your timing. When the claw-shield is destroyed, the Boss is pretty much open to attacks. Just dash in and hack his head with your Saber, or shoot from a distance with your Buster (the Saber works faster). This will cut the battle down drastically.

Hint: Buster Shield:
Attach Buster Shot as your main weapon, and Sheild Boomerang as your sub-weapon. Enter attack mode B, then hold R and press B. Note: You can charge the Buster Shield.

Hint: Final mastery:
When battling the final Boss, try this strategy. When he rises slightly higher into the air, dash under him and use the Upward Slash technique, which requires the Fire Chip equipped and the "Tenshouzan" EX skill. Also, try using the Active Form, as it is the fastest form in the game. This lets you get in and out faster. This will do an excellent amount of damage, and is fairly safe if you know what you are doing.

Hint: Ultimate form moves:
You can have special moves when in ultimate form. Two of them are Down/Forward + B with the Saber equipped, and Down/Forward + B with the Buster equipped. The saber one uses the charged saber attack without charging; the same with the Buster.

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Mega Man Zero 2 Cheats


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