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Mega Man Zero 4 Cheats :

This page contains Mega Man Zero 4 cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 9 cheats in our list, which includes 9 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Mega Man Zero 4 on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Z Saber EX Skills and their Corresponding Boss

by pyro777 Nov 13, 2008

Flame Fang- S. Titanion
Thunder Stab- P. Eclair
Sky Chaser- N. Mandrago
Ice Blade- F. Lungedge

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Secret - All you need

by axlexzero Jun 16, 2008

Bosses & Enemies

Fire Renant

Noble Mandrago


Popra Cocapetri

Spy Larue F

Heat Genbelm

Gear Bank

Fenri Lunaedge


Boss Sol Titanion

Spy Larue I

Tech Kraken

Spy Larue E

Pegasolta Eclair

Clabanger NS

Boss Mino Magnus

Commander Craft EX

Random Bandam


Dr Weil (Form 1)

Dr Weil (Form 2)

Codes & Secrets

Z-Buster charged shot:
Press Down, Down/Forward, Forward, Fire.

Hard mode:
Successfully complete the game.

Ultimate mode:
Successfully complete the game with all 51 parts and a fully upgraded Cyber Elf.

Busy Basket mini-game:
Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting.

Elf Chase mini-game:
Successfully complete the game without making any chip recipes. Note: Parts and recipes can still be collected.

Hammer Harvest mini-game:
Successfully complete the game in less than one hour.

Magma Border mini-game:
Successfully complete the game with a complete database.

Plant Panic mini-game:
Successfully complete the game under the normal or hard difficulty setting with a Level 0 Cyber Elf.

Wood Chopping mini-game:
Successfully complete the game with an overall "S" rank.

Energy Laboratory mini-game:
Beat the high scores of all the other mini-games.

Bonus chip:
Use a link cable to connect to Mega Man Zero 3. Select "Comm" to trade any chip into the game.

Hint: Item recipes:

A-Recover1: Poplan, V.fencer
Q-Charge: BeamWalker, RBCannon
Weapon Plus: Bonsect, Bongal, V.Fire, Triaformer
Absorber: Axeloid, Gyrator, Ceratanium
Strongest: GangaGun, Mechameson, NeedBallon, Ceratanium
Quick: Keroberos(3)
Double Jump: Fatial, GangaGun, GyroCannonH, C-Hopper
Spike Type W: V.Claw, Poplan, GlassCannon
S-Crystal: Fatial, Mechameson, V.Fire, Ceratanium
Hint: Sub-Tank locations:
Make the weather sunny in Fenrir Lunaedge's stage. Then, go to the pit near the V.Claws. Use Z-Knuckle on the robot that holds a card key. Note: Do not attack an enemy with the key card because you will lose it. Insert the card key on the door with electric grills.

In Noble Mandrango's stage, climb up near the last vines.

Trade the two S-Crystals to the Reploid in the last room to the right.

Go to the Underground Forest. When you finish fighting the FireRenant, you will find a Gyro Cannon H. Attack it until it leaves its propeller . Then, jump and grab it to fly. Jump off it when you get to... 

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Secret - How to destroy a Scrap Elf + Mini games + Unlockables + S-crystal = Su

by pop001 Apr 23, 2008

Before you get to the Elves Capsule, you have to get a LAMP
Don't know where?
There at the Meteurs hang out, after the Door (where the Sub Tank is)
How to get that LAMP?
The upper part of meteurs(That shines above)use ZERO KNUCKLE (head), there are 4 of them
Not yet destroyed?
Scrap Elf is weak againts LIGHT so, you have to push the elf to the LIGHT!

What about the minigames!
Hammer Harvest = Beat the game in 1 hour!
Elf Chase = Beat the game without making any chips!
Busy Basket = Beat the HARD mode!
Plant Panic = Beat the game without feeding your elf!
Wood Chopping = Beat the game with S rank!
Lava Surf = Beat hte game with a complete Database!
Energy Laboratory = Beat all six mini-games with a HIGH SCORES!

What are the thing you can unlocked?
Hard Mode = Beat the Normal Mode
Ultamate Mode = Beat the game with a complete parts (I don't know if S-crystal and Junk
is included) AND upgraded Elf (Fully upgraded!)

How to make a S-crystal?
Hint: (Look to the Database)
Can ride on top,Has 3 types of Mechaniloids,3rd Variant,Not on the Database & used
making Body Chips (A clue from Hirondelle)

I'm know succesful?
Your half-right,you have to create some chips. I'm not very good at that you please
maybe next time

Do you want a favor?
Yes, just give me THUMBS UP!

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Secret - Weaknesses

by pyro777 Nov 12, 2008

Unlike in the last three games, only one difficulty can you use elemental attacks in. Normal mode.

If you happen to get them...

The boss type weaknesses are as follows:

Ice-Weak against Fire
Electric-Weak against Ice
Fire-Weak against Electric

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Secret - EX Skills

by pyro777 Nov 12, 2008

EX Skills are special skills obtained through beating stages when they have the harder weather on. Except in hard mode, where it's always on the harder weather. You must beat the stage, as well as the boss. Obviously. There may be more requirements, I'm not 100% sure.

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Secret - Z Saber EX Skills and What They Do

by pyro777 Nov 12, 2008

Z Saber EX Skills
Sky Chaser: A non-elemental attack that sends you downwards, which your saber out, damaging enemies that come in contact with it. When it hits the ground, some rocks are sent flying out. (Air+↓+Saber). CAUTION: You can not stop this move once it has been executed, so use it when you know it's safe.
Thunder Stab: Electric element. You stick your saber out forward, and if it comes in contact with a wall of some sort, electric orb things are spread in both directions. (Ground+Dash+Saber)
Flame Fang: Fire element. You jump up a bit, with your saber out in front of you and flaming. (Ground+↑+Saber)
Ice Blade: Ice element. Send a beam of ice forward on the ground. The beam stops if it reaches an edge. (Ground+↓+Saber).

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Secret - Secret Big Laser thingy Boss in the First Level Technique

by pyro777 Nov 12, 2008

Ok. In the very first level, you see how there are cords beneath the laser eye part? Yeah. Use the Zero Knuckle and pluck 'em. It won't be able to use the big beam laser thing.

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Secret - Buster Shot EX Skills and What They Do

by pyro777 Nov 12, 2008

You must charge your buster in order to perform these.
Buster Shot EX Skills
Time Stopper: A non-elemental attack that damges or freezes (Freezes as in stop them) some enemies.
Tractor Shot: Electric element. You hold out your buster, a green ball thing appears on the end, which supposedly absorbs certain energy shots.
Burning Shot: Fire elememt. A large shot that creates an explosion upon impact.
Ice Javelin: Ice element. A slow-moving ice spear eerges from your buster, piercing one enemy.

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Secret - Buster Shot EX Skills and their Corresponding Boss

by pyro777 Nov 13, 2008

Time Stopper- P. Cocapetri
Tractor Shot- M. Magnus
Burning Shot- H. Genblem
Ice Javelin- T. Kraken

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