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Megaman Battle Network 5 : Team Colonel Cheats :

This page contains Megaman Battle Network 5 : Team Colonel cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 3 cheats in our list, which includes 2 unlockables, 1 secret. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Megaman Battle Network 5 : Team Colonel on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Password For The Engine Room of Queen Bohemia

by game sage Dec 29, 2005

The Pass word to the Engine room is 11922911.

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Cheats - Easy Zenny

by game sage Dec 29, 2005

At Cosmo Man's Liberation Mission. Switch To Number Man and get the item with 1800 zennys. Retreat the mission and repeat it. You could get the zennys you could have.

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Unlockable - All Mega Chip Location

by UnknowMan Sep 08, 2008

there have 10 mega chip which you have to prepare 110 bug frags & 96180 Zenny to buy them, 2 of them is get from your friend, 1 of them is get from the Lotto number, 36 navi chips & 6 mega chip are have to jack in and search, and 5 of the less are have to complete the Liberation under the fixed phases.

(total mega chip : 60)

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Super Valcanbuy at Higsby's shop for 9880 zenny.
NeoVarifind in Undernet 2.
Meteorsbuy at Undernet 3 for 16000 zenny.
Numberballbuy at Higsby's showcase for 9500 zenny.
Gardianbuy at Oran Area 1 for 10500 zenny.
Jelousybuy at End Area 1 for 12000 zenny.
Poltorgistbuy at SciLab Area 3 from bug dealer for 60 bugs.
Bug Fixfind in Dad's computer.
Full Custcomplete Liberation # 4 about (fixed - 2) phases.
Life Aurafind in Nebula Area 6.
Sanctuaryfind in Undernet 1.
Attack +30buy at Undernet 2 from bug dealer for 50 bugs.
Dbl Pointfind in Nebula Area 4.
Murasamacomplete Liberation # 8 about (fixed - 2) phases.
Anubiscomplete Liberation # 9 about (fixed - 2) phases.
Black Wingcomplete Liberation # 7 about (fixed - 2) phases. ((OR)) buy at Nebula Area 2 for 28000 zenny.
JustcOnefind in Nebula Area 1.(after doind Liberation # 7)
Z Savercomplete Liberation # 6 about (fixed - 2) phases. ((OR)) buy at Nebula Area 2 for 28000 zenny.
Rollget from Mayl.
Roll SPget from Mayl.
Roll DSbuy at Undernet 2 from Nebula Navi for 3000 zenny.
Colonel/ProtoManrandom encounter in Undernet 3.(after finding Colonel/ProtoMan (DS) in Undernet 3)
Colonel/ProtoMan (SP)complete Liberation # 6 about (fixed - 1) phases. ((OR)) random encounter in Undernet 3.(after finding Colonel/ProtoMan (DS) in Undernet 3)
Colonel/ProtoMan (DS)find in Undernet 3, the empty place which is right side of the dealer.(complete Liberation # 6 1st which is the Liberation between Team Colonel VS Dark Colonel)
ShadoMan/GyroManfind his program in SciLab Area2.(after defeat him in SciLab Area 2)
ShadoMan/GyroMan (SP)random encounter in Oran Area 1.(after finding ShadoMan/GyroMan (DS) in Oran Area 1)
ShadoMan/GyroMan (DS)hiding in Oran Area 1, left hand side of the long/small dead end when you 1st come in.(after defeat his program in SciLab Area 2)
NumberMan/SerchManfind his program in End Area 4.(after defeat Dark Megaman in Liberation # 5)
NumberMan/SerchMan (SP)random encounter in End Area 3.(after finding NumberMan/SerchMan (DS) in End Area 3)
NumberMan/SerchMan (DS)hiding in End Area 3, go down from the 1st stair, turh right.(after finding NumberMan's data)
TmhwkMan/NapalmManfind his... 

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Unlockable - DarkChip Areas

by Jareno789 Jul 14, 2008

The Following shows where each DarkChip s located and how to get it. (I also Include extras to help out) I do not use these Chips. Only in my folder so I can use DarkCross.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
DarkSword ZAfter the ShadeMan Liberation, Go to SciLab and after the first flight of stairs, Move right and talk to the old man. He'll give it to you for 500 Zenny.
DarkThunder MAfter the ShadeMan Lberation, Go to SciLab Docks and go up to the Woman standing near the building. Answer her 5 Questions to get it.
DarkTornado TAfter the CloudMan Liberation, Go to Oran Isle Mines. Somewhere, there is a Scientist next to a couple of stacked crates that will give it to you or 500 Zenny.
DarkMeteor FAfter the CloudMan Liberation, Go to SciLab Docks and go near the ship. There will be a tiny slope and there is a girl at the bottom whom will sell it to you for 3000 Zenny.
DarkCircle RAt the Nebula Base, go in the back door and head foward. Before the first security machine, your team will all be looking at a machine. Jack in and find the Blue Mystery Data to get DarkCircle.
DarkRecovery HAfter the CosmoMan Liberation, go to End Area 1 and there will be a Heal Navi that will give it to you for free, but then you have to fight him.
DarkSonic EAfter the ShadeMan Liberation, there will be a guy in a green shirt hiding behind Higsby's Shop. He will give it to you for 2000 Zenny.
DarkDrill DA Heal Navi in End Area 1 will sell it to you for 3000 Zenny. The Heal Navi is past an Invisible Route on the SouthEast of the bottom layer.
DarkInvis IObtain from NumberMan Lottery Machine. Code:
DarkLance W(I cannot remember this, but it's one of these two) Go to SciLab and go to the outside Vending Machine. There is a little boy there whom will give you something if you answer his questions. (Or this) Go to Oran Isle and head to where Dex, Yai, and Mayl were trapped. There will be a Man there who will give you something if you answer his questions.
Nebula IDGo to Oran Isle and look around outside the mines. Somewhere up there is an Ex-Nebula member who will give you his D for 2000 Zenny. This ID will unlock doors with purple skull marks on them.
DarkPlus *Go to End Area 1 and go to the NorthWest of the bottom layer. Find an Invisible Route leading to a platform with a teleporter at the end. Go in and you'll be in UnderNet. Head to the left and unlock the skull door with the Nebula ID and pick up the Blue Mystery Data behind it to get DarkPlus. BONUS: In that area, there is a Black Heal Navi... 

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Secret - Beating dark mega

by the5thofthechosen4 Oct 05, 2010

First, take your navis out of range of the mega buster. heal them as much as you need. next, take knightman and shadowman or colonel in front of dark mega. go in battle. get his health down. then either win or lose. if you win you do nt need t his. ifyou lose go and get tomahawkman. use gardian(battle chip.this is optional) alot. also throw your tomahawk alot. you should win. if youdont sorry!

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Megaman Battle Network 5 : Team Colonel Cheats


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