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Mother 3 Cheats :

This page contains Mother 3 cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 8 cheats in our list, which includes 8 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Mother 3 on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Hinawa's early present

by Bramblefang Sep 07, 2009

When you first begin the game and you are Lucas in his house, go downstairs. You see Hinawa sitting in the table in her chair. You go behind her and rush into her by holding down B. Do it a couple times and then Hinawa will give you an item. I think it's a roll or some kind of recovering item..

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Secret - 2 Cheats in one: Hard Mode and All PSI

by blaziken1234 Mar 23, 2009

You think that once you beat Mother 3 there's nothing left to do right? Wrong! For those of you who like replaying games these two cheats might interest you:

All PSI Techniques to begin with in the game:

Play through one file of Mother 3 and learn EVERY PSI move there is This will require a lot of leveling up so take your time Once you know every move beat the game and then copy it to file 2 in the main menu Start a new game in File 2 and when you get to play as Princess Kumatora you'll realize she has all of her PSI moves from the start! This also applies to Lucas but you don't get to use them until you unlock your PSI powers all over again This makes the game a tiny bit easier for you and it's helpful for this next cheat

Hard Mode:

When you first go to the Sanctuary in Chapter 1 name yourself (as in the Player not Flint or Lucas) "HARD MODE" Surprisingly enough the game is set on Hard Mode All enemies will attack harder and have more HP as well as a couple other things I shouldn't spoil Great fun if you want a REAL challenge in the game! Can you beat Porky and his army of Pigmasks this time around?


Betcha didn't know that did you? Well they're legit so get ready for some real MOTHER fun when you can find the time to use these!

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Cheats - Mother 3's "Bonus Ending"

by cGub Jul 24, 2006

After the rather unusual manner in which Mother 3's creators opted to end the
game, the bemused player is left with nothing more than a blank screen with text
reading "End?". Wish as one might, this black screen will last until the power
is cut.
Fortunately, there is still a bit more to do: Using the control pad, you can
actually move the "End?" text around (note that the controls are reversed, so up
is down and down is up) and press the "A Button" to initiate conversations.
Continue to move around and "talk" until the game's credits begin (and "yes", it
will take a LOT of talking).

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Secret - Mystical Shoes

by shadowthedark Jun 17, 2010

In chapter 5, the Tower of Thunder, go back to Osohe Castle, specifically, where you fought Lord Passion(music ghost). If you don't remember where you fought him just keep navigating through and you'll find him eventually. I recommend using Smoke Bombs and PK Lighting, and just bashing him. Eventually you'll defeat him(he's a lot stronger)and everything will drop. One of the things that drop turns out to be the mystical shoes! The best shoes in the game(I think)! The stats are as follows:
+40 Offense
+15 Max Health
+5 IQ
+7 Speed

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Secret - Easy way to defeat Porkys

by Sam-I-Am Dec 01, 2009

When you get to the top of Porky's building, Porky will trick you and get 10 of his robots to attack you. They have PSI shields that give you back the damage that you gave to them. PK Love (or whatever you called it) or PK Starstorm will make you faint unless you can quickly heal yourself. Each of them have about 900hp (865 to be exact). Kumatora's PK Thunder will do damage that won't get reflected, but it takes a while to do kill them one at a time. PK Ground doesn't do much either.
But, like the title says, there is an easier way.

Fire doesn't work good against them. Their PSI shields only last for three hits. What does that tell you
Use Kumatora's weakest PK Fire three times, and the shields are gone. :D
Her PK Fire only does around 10 damage, so you won't get much damage reflected back at you.
While you're destroying their shields, you can either normally attack them, up your offense or defense, or lower their offense or defense. After their shields are destroyed, it's easy to kill them with PK Love or PK Starstorm.

After they're all gone, go and get Lucas to pull the final needle. :D

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Secret - Strategies against all MOTHER 3 bosses

by blackfox168 Sep 02, 2009

Remodeled Caribou
Found: Base Cliffs (Chapter 1)
HP: 450
Experience Points: 112
Weakness: Thunder, Numbness
Strategy: The first boss battle in the game can be a bit overwhelming if
you don't know what you're doing. This mechanized caribou has
an attack which will hit all 3 of your party members for 30-40
HP apiece, so be prepared to use some Nut Breads if you get hit
by it. There is a way to incapacitate the boss, however. In
Duster's Skills menu, select the Wall Ladder and use it on the
boss to keep it from moving or attacking for a few rounds. When
the message comes up that the effect has worn off, have Duster
reuse the skill. Meanwhile, Flint and Boney should be attacking
(use Flint's Strength Up skill to enhance his attacks) or
healing when necessary. It's a relatively short battle, so you
will only need to restrain the boss a couple times with the
Wall Ladder.

Found: Dragon Land (Chapter 1)
HP: 730
Experience Points: 486
Strategy: The second and final boss of Chapter 1 is actually relatively
tough, especially if you don't maintain your high HP. You may
notice off the bat that you cannot harm Mecha-Drago normally;
you need to use the Drago Fang in order to cut through its
skin, weakening it enough so you can damage it. Once you do
that, Flint's attacks will hit for around 50-60HP apiece. As
for the boss's attacks, Mecha-Drago can hit you normally for
about 20HP of damage, or use a strong explosion attack which
will take twice as much from you. He has another move which
will lower your offense power, but you can counteract that with
Flint's Strength Up skill easily. The key here is to keep your
HP above, say, 60HP, so that you don't run the risk of dying
prematurely. Alec won't be able to really attack the boss, but
if your HP gets low enough, he may try to heal you, which does
help. When you're about to defeat the boss, he will leave with
a final mega-explosion which will take hundreds of HP damage.
Luckily the fight ends immediately after that, so you won't end

continue →

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Secret - Beat the Final Boss

by PKBeam Nov 21, 2011

To beat the final boss/Masked Man/Claus you really want these...

~ Lifeup Beta & Gamma, Refresh, HP and PP recovery items, Mementos, at least 300 HP & 250 PP

You DON'T want these...

~ Healing Gamma and Omega, incapacitation recovery items, Shield/PSI Shield/PSI Counter Alpha & Omega

Q: Why shouldn't I recover my party with items/PSI?

A: MM's lightning will just KO them again AND he still gets to attack you.

Q: Why shouldn't I use a shield/counter?

A: Because they both count as shields and are removable by the Shield Killer. Plus it's a waste of PSI.


Do not attack. Claus will go twice in a turn. His attacks do 100/80 damage. That's about 180 HP damage per turn!!! Lifeup Beta only restores 120 HP. Keep guarding until you run out of mementos.then every turn use Lifeup Beta or a HP/PP recovery item. If you take mortal damage use Lifeup Gamma or a HP Recovery item. You'll hear Hinawa's voice about 3 times before Claus uses PK Love Omega, dealing 600 damage. Flint jumps in and takes it. You can harm Claus now but Hinawa will just tell you to stop fighting. The other PK Loves Claus fires will hit you. Listen to Hinawa's voice about 5 more times and Phase 2 will begin after the cutscene.

Phase 2 consists of Claus going once per turn and doing a WHOPPING 20 HP DAMAGE! You can harm Claus again but it really doesn't matter.

After about 7 turns of Claus gazing at you, Hinawa's voice convinces Claus to take of his mask. He fires one final thunderbolt at you, so that the Franklin Badge reflects it and does mortal damage to Claus.

The battle then ends. Congrats, you beat the final boss!

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Secret - Flint- secret dialogue

by PKBeam Nov 18, 2011

All right... near the end of the game (when you go down on the elevator and Flint asks to go ahead) when you find Flint he says the Masked Man is Claus. If you keep talking to him he eventually says stuff about you being persistent and being "as bald as a bean"

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Secret - Gameshark codes for mother 3 (earthbound 2)

by EARTHBOUNDer Dec 21, 2009

These are 3 gameshark codes i found from other websites:

ALWAYS 16 combo in battle (keep on pressing A) - A986DFE18532B3F6 7750E1A03FACA8E8 368FBAB54691351A (thats 1 code)

In Chapter 7 MAX oxygen (ocean) - 0200DEB400000708
Most Enemies Run Away From U (not bosses) - BABE1F52A38B0ADA

Thats all!

(im new to cheats guru) plz rate!

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