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This cheat for Mother 3 [Game Boy Advance] has been posted at 02 Sep 2009 by blackfox168 and is called "Strategies against all MOTHER 3 bosses". The Cheat have a rating 1 by 5 our users and has been commented 2 times. Also 1 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up blackfox168 and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 1 other cheats for Mother 3, look them as soon as possible!

Secret - Strategies against all MOTHER 3 bosses

by blackfox168 Sep 02, 2009

Remodeled Caribou
Found: Base Cliffs (Chapter 1)
HP: 450
Experience Points: 112
Weakness: Thunder, Numbness
Strategy: The first boss battle in the game can be a bit overwhelming if
you don't know what you're doing. This mechanized caribou has
an attack which will hit all 3 of your party members for 30-40
HP apiece, so be prepared to use some Nut Breads if you get hit
by it. There is a way to incapacitate the boss, however. In
Duster's Skills menu, select the Wall Ladder and use it on the
boss to keep it from moving or attacking for a few rounds. When
the message comes up that the effect has worn off, have Duster
reuse the skill. Meanwhile, Flint and Boney should be attacking
(use Flint's Strength Up skill to enhance his attacks) or
healing when necessary. It's a relatively short battle, so you
will only need to restrain the boss a couple times with the
Wall Ladder.

Found: Dragon Land (Chapter 1)
HP: 730
Experience Points: 486
Strategy: The second and final boss of Chapter 1 is actually relatively
tough, especially if you don't maintain your high HP. You may
notice off the bat that you cannot harm Mecha-Drago normally;
you need to use the Drago Fang in order to cut through its
skin, weakening it enough so you can damage it. Once you do
that, Flint's attacks will hit for around 50-60HP apiece. As
for the boss's attacks, Mecha-Drago can hit you normally for
about 20HP of damage, or use a strong explosion attack which
will take twice as much from you. He has another move which
will lower your offense power, but you can counteract that with
Flint's Strength Up skill easily. The key here is to keep your
HP above, say, 60HP, so that you don't run the risk of dying
prematurely. Alec won't be able to really attack the boss, but
if your HP gets low enough, he may try to heal you, which does
help. When you're about to defeat the boss, he will leave with
a final mega-explosion which will take hundreds of HP damage.
Luckily the fight ends immediately after that, so you won't end
up dying from it.

Mr. Passion
Found: Castle Osohe (Chapter 2)
HP: 650
Experience Points: 340
Strategy: This ghostly composer is fairly simple to beat, but his attacks
can become overwhelming if you are not careful. He can either
hit you once for 10-20HP damage, or hit you with multiple,
weaker shots. After a while, Mr. Passion may try to increase
his own offense, which could be devastating to you if you let
your HP get low enough. That said, it's best to be safe, so use
the Beef Jerky to keep yourself alive. Use Duster's Tickler
Stick skill to lower the boss's defense to make things slightly
easier if you wish (or the Fear Mask to lower its offense after
it's raised). Besides that, just keep attacking the boss, only
stopping to recover HP when needed (below 60HP or so).

Clay Man
Found: Castle Osohe (Chapter 2)
HP: 900
Experience Points: 200
Strategy: This giant clay structure is the toughest boss you'll face up
to this point, but even so it is not very difficult. The only
thing making Clay Man a formidable opponent is that his attacks
are pretty strong (20-30HP damage each hit). Luckily for you,
both your and Wes's attacks do considerable damage against this
creature. When you cause enough damage, Clay Man will fall flat
on his face for several rounds, causing around 50 HP of damage
to you. Just keep your HP up and continue your onslaught of
attacks to defeat this guy.

Oh So Snake
Found: Castle Osohe (Chapter 2)
HP: 1200
Experience Points: 568
Weakness: Thunder
Strategy: This giant snake is the final boss you will encounter on the
castle grounds, and it is actually fairly difficult to beat.
The boss is able to attack Duster and Kumatora at once, causing
around 20HP damage each goaround. Additionally, Oh So Snake has
an ability that renders one of your party members unable to
move for several turns, which can be especially inconvenient.
Since the battle takes place in the water, have Kumatora use PK
Thunder Alpha to attack since it's the most effective of your
attack PSI at this point in the game, while having Duster
attack normally. Oh So Snake will eventually let loose with a
tidal wave, which will hit both of you for 50-60HP apiece.
However, after that move, the boss will not act for a few
turns, giving you an opportunity to recover HP (use Life Up
Alpha to help with that). Basically, as long as you can keep
your HP up, since the tidal wave can come unannounced, you
should be in good shape here.

Cactus Wolf
Found: Desert of Death (Chapter 3)
HP: 500
Experience Points: 143
Item Dropped: Beef Jerky
Strategy: This fight is more of an endurance match, if anything, since
Salsa can't really attack. The Cactus Wolf only attacks Salsa
each round or so for around 10HP a hit, but Yokuba's
retaliation makes up for that. Try out Salsa's skills,
particularly the Dance skill, and keep his HP above 20 or so,
and you should be fine in this short battle.

Pig Tank
Found: Teri Forest (Chapter 3)
HP: 1750
Experience Points: 624
Weakness: Thunder
Strategy: The heavily armored Pig Tank is the boss of Chapter 3, as you
can tell. Its attacks are relatively strong, and are capable of
taking down 50HP in one shot. The tank can also hit both party
members for around 20HP each. Your best bet here is to use PK
Thunder Alpha to cause the most damage (even though it doesn't
always connect). Salsa's skills can be useful here as well,
particularly the Dance one. Wes's physical attacks, although
you can't control them, are sometimes rather strong, plus he
may throw bombs at the enemy to cause added damage. After you
damage the tank enough, a Pig Mask will come out from atop the
busted tank, and the attacking will continue. Keep battering it
with your PSI and physical attacks, and you will win soon. The
most annoying part is keeping your HP/PP up, so be prepared to
use Magic Jellys on Kumatora, and her Life Up Alpha when it's

Jealous Bass
Found: Club Attic (Chapter 4)
Experience Points: 1172
DP: 624
Weakness: Fire
Strategy: Because the boss is accompanied by two fairly tough enemies,
this can be a difficult battle if you are not careful. Have
Lucas use PK LOVE Alpha a couple times immediately to kill off
the guitar and drum, leaving only the boss. The reason for this
is because if you leave them all together, they will be able to
execute combo attacks one after another to cause lots of
damage. The Jealous Bass also has the ability to double attack,
as well as an ability to greatly raise its offense, so be
prepared for that. Just keep using PK Love and Boney's regular
attacks or Pencil Rockets. Make sure both characters keep their
HP high so that the combo attacks don't spell the end of your

Scary Womanizing Pig Mask
Found: Highway (Chapter 5)
HP: 1680
Experience Points: 1548
DP: 620
Weakness: Fire, DCMC
Item Dropped: Divine Medicine
Strategy: Despite its appearance, this giant pig soldier is really not
that difficult. It only has one attack, but it takes 70-100HP
from the targeted character. The DCMC Pamphlet weapons are
rather effective against this boss since this boss is
apparently a big fan of the band, so if you have them, use them
to immobilize the boss. Have Lucas use PK Love and Kumatora use
PK Fire Beta, while Duster and Boney attack. If you want to use
Duster's abilities to possibly hinder the boss further, go
right ahead. Also, if you have any Pencil Rockets, those will
be great for ending the battle quickly.

Junk Creature
Found: Highway (Chapter 5)
HP: 1800
Experience Points: 2534
DP: 728
Weakness: N/A
Strategy: This strange-looking creature can be a simple boss, although it
may take a while if you aren't aggressive enough. In the first
round of battle, it will cast Shield Alpha on itself, but it
will only absorb three of your attacks before disappearing, so
that's not a huge problem. Use PSI attacks to cause the most
damage, especially PK Fire/Freeze Beta (if the boss gets the
Burn/Freeze ailments, even better). The boss has a tendency to
hit multiple party members at once, so be prepared to recover
HP when needed. Also, be warned that this boss can recover 300+
of its own HP. With that said, you will need to keep your
attacks coming quickly in order to beat it.

Scary Womanizing Pig Mask
Found: Thunder Tower (Chapter 5)
HP: 1680
Experience Points: 3286
DP: 650
Weakness: DCMC
Strategy: This version of the horned boss you fought earlier is a bit
tougher than before. It is only susceptible to DCMC this time
around as well, so make sure to use the DCMC Pamphlets to
render the boss unable to move or attack for a few rounds (then
use it again when the boss is able to attack again). To make
the battle go quicker, have Kumatora use Defense Down Alpha on
the boss, as well as PK Freeze/Fire Beta, while Lucas does PK
Love and the others attack normally. The boss still has the
ability to hit hard, so as always be prepared to heal quickly
to avoid deaths in the party.

Mr. Janitor
Found: Thunder Tower (Chapter 5)
HP: 3600
Experience Points: 4389
DP: 840
Weakness: Ice
Strategy: The fight against this robot is actually rather tough, and it
can be equally tough to make it through without a party member
dying. Every time you hit this boss with a physical attack, it
will counter, hitting you for 20HP each time. Its regular
attacks each round can be quite brutal, taking away upwards of
100HP per shot. Try to use Duster's Wall Ladder to assist in
preventing the boss from attacking you, while Kumatora uses PK
Freeze Beta and Lucas uses PK Love. If he has any, have Boney
use Pencil Rockets and other items that can be used to damage
the boss. After you cause enough damage, the boss will let
loose with a massive attack on the entire party, hitting
everyone for over 100HP apiece. It will then go into a charging
state for several rounds, recovering 100HP each round. Spend a
round or two to quickly heal up your party, then let loose with
the attacks while the robot is charging (it won't counter
attack in this state). After several rounds, it will revert
back to normal and the initial battle pattern will commence
once more, so try and kill it off quickly here. PK Freeze Beta
is particularly effective here too, hitting for 250HP+ a pop.

Found: Chimera Lab (Chapter 7)
Experience Points: 4560
DP: 848
Weakness: Thunder, Crying
Strategy: This mechanical boss is fairly simple, despite its attacks
being up there in terms of sheer power. A normal attack
inflicted by this boss will take away around 100HP each time,
so you will have to definitely stay on top of healing your
party. Use Lucas's PK Love (Defense Up Omega will be a plus
early on), while Boney either attacks or uses various items
like Bombs to attack. If you survive the relatively short
fight, you will be greatly rewarded; if not you will still go
on, but without the added experience points!

Found: Lydia's House (Chapter 7)
HP: 2700
Experience Points: 9432
DP: 710
Weakness: Thunder, Crying
Strategy: If you've been waiting for a truly difficult battle in this
game, well here it is! Every round, this mechanized boss will
hit your entire party, or individual members, with very strong
attacks easily taking over 100HP damage each. Your first
priority in this fight should be to use Lucas's Shield Omega
and Kumatora's Offense Down Alpha PSI spells (use Offense Down
numerous times). When the Shield wears out every 3 rounds, have
Lucas replenish it immediately. As for returning fire to this
boss, use PK Thunder Beta and PK Love Beta, while Boney attacks
or uses attack items. Don't forget to use Life Up PSI whenever
anyone's HP dips below 120 or so, that way there is no risk of
dying here. Also, use PP-recovery items to keep Kumatora and
Lucas going if necessary, otherwise keep hammering this boss
while keeping yourselves protected to win the fight.

New Yokuba
Found: Volcano (Chapter 7)
HP: 3200
Experience Points: 11121
DP: 1200
Weakness: N/A
Item Dropped: High-Class Banana
Strategy: At last you finally get a chance to do battle with Yokuba, and
he is actually pretty tough. He is capable of hitting one or
multiple party members for over 100HP of damage each shot. He
also has a massive attack that can hit everyone for 125HP+ at
once, so be careful. Have Lucas use Shield Omega (hopefully he
has it by now) followed by PK Love Beta while Kumatora uses the
strongest PK Freeze she has (should be Gamma by now), then the
others should attack normally. This boss has no weakness, but
using PK Freeze has a possibility of freezing him. Be sure to
replenish the party's shields after a few rounds, and when the
massive attack comes, take a round or two to get everyone's HP
back up. New Yokuba has a move later in the fight where he will
use a High-Class Banana on himself, recovering 580HP. This only
serves to prolong the fight for another couple rounds. Keep
pummeling him with PSI when your HP is high enough, and you
should be able to win.

Mr. Whirl
Found: Sea (Chapter 7)
HP: 2200
Experience Points: N/A
Weakness: Thunder
Strategy: This boss can be taken down relatively quickly, but that
doesn't mean you can take it easy either. It likes hitting
multiple party members at once, for around 80HP apiece, so your
first course of action should be the usage of Lucas's Shield
Omega (you should only have to do this once). Then, have Lucas
use PK Love Gamma while Kumatora does PK Thunder Beta. Duster
and Boney should attack normally, or heal with items when
needed. After you cause enough damage to the boss, it will hit
each person for 600HP+ damage, and the battle will end.

Barrier Trio
Found: Island Summit (Chapter 7)
HP: 4800
Experience Points: 12346
DP: 1538
Weakness: Varies
Strategy: The fight starts off with the trio huddled together, with a
Shield protecting them (use 3 physical attacks to clear it).
Use this first round to have Lucas cast PSI Shield Omega on the
party, for you will need it. In the next round, the bosses will
go into an attacking stance, and the real fun will commence.
Before you use PSI, have Boney use his skill to sniff out the
boss's current weakness. With that, let loose with the
strongest PSI that the boss is weak against to do damage; all
other spells will do nothing. After a few rounds of using the
PSI they are weak against, the trio will revert back to their
huddled position before going into an attack stance again.
Their weakness will change at this point, too, so have Boney
scope it out before attacking. Beware, since the boss can use
powerful PSI spells to attack your party, so be prepared to
heal up quickly (have Lucas do this while Kumatora uses the
designated PSI to attack). After you've caused enough damage,
the trio will go into a huddle, but they won't immediately go
into their stance like before. It will appear they are
meditating, which means they will use the Starstorm PSI to
attack in the next round, so heal up while you can. However,
this also means the boss is getting weak, so feel free to start
really pummeling it with all you've got for the win!

Masked Man
Found: Chubichuboi Temple (Chapter 7)
HP: 5000
Experience Points: 15474
DP: 1571
Weakness: N/A
Strategy: This boss can actually be a rather tough one, since it seems to
use your own PSI spells to attack in addition to its own
attacks. The Masked Man also starts the battle with a Shield,
which you can destroy with 3 regular attacks. It would be an
excellent idea to have Kumatora use Defense Down PSI on the
boss, and Offense Up on Lucas. After every round of battle,
this guy will hit you 1-2 times with potentially strong
attacks, so be ready to heal on a moment's notice. As for your
attacking, have Lucas attack regularly (so that you don't waste
PP for when he needs to use Life Up Omega), have Kumatora use
her strongest attack PSI (Thunder Gamma works well), while
Duster and Boney attack normally. The battle may be long and
drawn out, but as long as you keep your HP high, you should
have no reason to worry all that much; there will be worse

Miracle Yokuba
Found: Game Room Basement (Chapter 8)
HP: 5000
Experience Points: 28636
DP: 1540
Weakness: N/A
Strategy: Being the final time you meet up with Yokuba, you can expect
this fight to be rather tough. He starts off with a Shield
protecting himself, so you'll need to hit it with 3 physical
attacks to break through. Have Lucas use PK LOVE Omega,
Kumatora use Offense/Defense Down Omega before using PK
Starstorm, while Duster and Boney attack normally. Yokua's
attacks can be rather brutal, hitting multiple party members
for 100HP+, or a single person for over 200HP. That said, you
have to be ready to heal on a moment's notice. After you cause
enough damage, Yokuba will change form and the battle will get
much worse. I say that because after every round, Yokuba will
attack one or all party members for at least 200HP a shot,
which can get VERY annoying fast. You'll need to make good use
of Lucas's Lifeup Omega, but try not to run out of PP (use
Magic Tarts/Puddings when it is safe to do so). Yokuba will
also put up a PSI Shield. Despite this, continue using your
strongest PSI spells, as well as physical attacks for Duster
and Boney, and the battle will be over in just a few more
rounds hopefully.

NK Cyborg
Found: Empire Pokey Building (Chapter 8)
HP: 7500
Experience Points: 34381
DP: 1600
Weakness: Thunder
Strategy: You are going to be in for one annoying/tough fight here! This
giant boss will inflict status ailments on your entire party,
as well as attack one or more party members for 150HP+ of
damage. It can cast Counter on itself, which can be rough for
your physical attackers (Duster and Boney). You should
definitely have Kumatora use Defense Down Omega on the boss
while Lucas uses Refresh and Shield Omega on the party. As for
attacking this creature, use PK LOVE Omega and PK Starstorm,
while Boney and Duster attack normally or with items. Be
careful though, since the boss can take away lots of HP
quickly, you will need to be quick to heal up for the next
round if needed. Refresh will help a little bit, but you will
probably have to use Life Up Omega every few rounds or so to
keep everyone going. PP is not infinite either, so you may have
to use Magic Puddings and other such items to keep Lucas and
Kumatora moving. Late in the battle, the boss will shoot off a
cannon, hitting your entire party for nearly 200HP apiece.
Aside from that, it's just a really long and drawn out battle
that you should be able to win, so long as you play it smart.

Found: Basement (Chapter 8)
HP: 6600
Experience Points: N/A
Weakness: N/A
Strategy: At last you are up against Pokey himself; don't expect this to
be easy though. Pokey's defense is high, and he has a PSI
Shield up almost all the time which will counter your PSI if
you attack with it. Pokey will also lower your entire party's
offense and defense numerous times, so be ready with Lucas's
Shield Omega and Defense/Offense Up, as well as Kumatora's
Defense/Offense Down to be used on the boss. Since your
physical attacks do very little, you have to rely on two PSI
attack spells: PK Thunder and PK Ground. Both will hit the boss
multiple times for lots of damage, though I personally felt PK
Ground was stronger. Have Kumatora attack with those while
Lucas worries about healing and buffing everyone, and the
others give Magic Tarts and other such items to Kumatora and
Lucas when needed. Pokey's attacks will be strong and
plentiful, so you will run through the PP quickly. However, as
long as you keep replenishing the PP while keeping everyone's
HP up, you should be fine. After you cause enough damage
(around 6600HP worth), a large capsule will appear and Pokey
will enter it. After 2 more rounds, the battle will end.

Masked Man
Found: Basement (Chapter 8)
Experience Points: N/A
Weakness: N/A
Strategy: For the final confrontation between yourself and the mystery
masked person, you only have Lucas to control. The boss will
attack you a couple times every round, so you will want to use
Refresh, Defense Up, and Shield as soon as possible. You will
probably have to recover HP after every round, since your
attacks won't hit the enmey for now. After a while, you will
hear voices attempting to get through to the masked person. At
this point, their attacks will start to gradually get weaker
and weaker. Nonetheless, keep your HP up (use Life Up Beta and
Gamma only) since the boss will try to use PK LOVE against you
too. After many more rounds, the boss's attacks will do little
damage to you, and Flint will have joined the fight. Try to
attack the boss yourself and the battle will eventually end
with the boss being unmasked at none other than Lucas's brother

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