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Mother 3 Review :

The Deserving Sequel to Earthbound

by Bramblefang Nov 26, 2010


A demo of Mother 3 was released on the N64. It gave fans a good impression on what to expect for the full version but that day didn't come for nearly 15 years after the release of Earthbound. In 2006, Mother 3 was released in Japan but never made a debut in America to this day. The only way to play Mother 3 in English is to get an emulator, a Japanese Rom of Mother 3, and an (English Patch for the game.

Story: (Plot Story (Spoilers! Chapter 1 & 4)

Mother 3 is about a young shy called called Lucas. Tragedy soon strikes his town of Tazmilly as a fire starts in Sunshine Forest. Every villager rushes to take out the fire and save every unfortunate person who were in the forest. Flint, the father of Lucas and his brother Claus, helps out and manages to save a boy named Fuel out of the forest. Flint later finds out that his wife and two children have gone missing. A major search party goes out to search for them and the result was that Lucas and Claus had fallen into a river but were thankfully saved. His wife, Hinawa, met death when she ran into a Drago who had killed her. This was a very odd action made by a Drago because they are harmless creatures. As you go through the next chapter, you meet new characters and learn their stories. When you're at Chapter 4, you learn that the peacefully village of Tazmilly evolved into a city. It sounds cool, but it ruins the nature of the area. Claus had also gone missing and Flint is like his heart is broken. It will be time for Lucas to begin his own adventure.


Presentation: There's witty text, fluent and fun battles, good controls, and areas that are filled with secrets. The developers really paid attention to details in this "different world."

Story: A very moving story that can make you cry if you're emotional.

Graphics: Amazing for the fact that it's suppose to be on the Game Boy Advance.

Gameplay: Excellent controls. You won't have to fret over anything odd or unresponsive about it.

Music:You'll love listening to the soundtrack while you play. A sample of a song is below.

Lasting Appeal: The story is separated with chapters, eight in all so you'll spend many hours playing it.

Really. There's no reason that you shouldn't play this game.


Mother 3 is a must play game and successfully caries on the legacy of Earthbound. Now, if only Nintendo would be generous enough to let Americans play the game legally...

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  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
10Story line
A very outstanding storyline. The characters' lines make you smile and move you. I would say this is the best aspect of the entire game.
Simple since it's on the GBA but looks cool especially if you are a fan and played Earthbound. Lots of detail were put in the Mother 3 World.
Contains a lot of memorable tracks. It contains peaceful, serene tracks like "The End" and "Snowman" along with those rocking tracks like "Natural Killer Cyborg."
Very simple controls and you can play without complex strategies and movements. There aren't any Zelda like puzzles or thinking problems so rest your mind and start bashing away at those enemies!
10Lasting Appeal
Eight chapters of intense fun. There are many hours of game play. ~~~ This game is legendary. It deserves the ten.
(Out of 10)


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