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Pokemon Blue Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Blue cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 20 cheats in our list, which includes 2 easter eggs, 10 glitches, 8 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Blue on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Flaffy11 knows a secret!! - Pokemon Blue

by Flaffy11 Jul 09, 2012

Hello Pokemon Blue secret seekers! So I'm board but that doesn’t stop me from letting you in on a secret. Out of all the secrets I know, you will like this one which can be used on all GBC games! Whilst turning on your Game Boy Advanced, a large screen-taking blue logo will come up reading: 'GAME BOY” with Nintendo at the bottom. Before your game lodes, press the up key/button, down key/button, left key/button or right key/button. As you may notice, your background color will change. *Note: remember that you can press what you want but you have to be quick because if you press the left button (your left) then think for around four seconds, the game will be already loading. When you turn the power off, the color will change back to normal.* Below is a list of all the colors and which key/button you can press:

  • Right button for Green

  • Left button for light sea sapphire

  • Up button for rose pink

  • Down button for peach

As well as pressing up and down, you can press B or A whilst pressing the other buttons. Here is a list for that:

  • Right button and B for Black (where you look invisible!)

  • Left button and b for Grey

  • Up button and B for Brown

  • Down button and B for Peachy yellow

With each colored back ground, there will be a different color logo. When playing your game, the color will affect the game in no way but the colors will be different. When playing Pokemon Blue, your trainer will be a different color. Once you have played the game and turned it off, then it wont be the same color but it can be repeated as many times as you like. Well pleas comment, give thumbs up and ask questions! For any questions pleas ask in comment, by ShoutBox or PM (privet message). Thank you,


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coLor change

by Unregistered Jul 25, 2007

this is 4 blue, maybe even red or yellow.

diffrent colors
When starting your gameboy, as the words "Game Boy" flash across the screen, you can change the colors of your game, but only temporarily. It won't stay like that forever. Anyway, here are the codes

Down= Pastel colors.
Down and B= Dark Autumn colors.
Down and A= More Autumny colors.
Right= Christmas colors.
Right and B= What's light will be dark, what's dark will be light. This is my personal fav.
Right and A= Green.
Up= Chocolaty colors.
Up and B= Really dark chocolaty colors<.BR> Up and A= Another shade of chocolate.
Left= I've got the bluuueees.
Left and B= Black and white, like you're playing Game Boy 1 or Game Boy pocket.
Left and A= A Cadet Blue
One of these makes the Rock Tunnel light, but I forgot which. You're going to have to experiment.this is 4 GAMEBOY COLOR ONLY

4 those who have seen this be4, i got this off of www.computerandvideogames.com.

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MoRe Cinabar boarder fun!

by AquaQueen27 Dec 17, 2007

If you love "the boarder" as much as I do, you'll love this in game secret!

Just go into a place that there are pokemon that you ether want or need. Then walk out and fly to Cinabar. Then surf along the boarder and shure enough, the pokemon that were in that place are in the water now. This is the best when you want pokemon in the forbidin cave. Also, you have to this if you want to go to glich city...

~AquaQueen27, the queen of pokemon blue.

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GlItch pokemon

by crazyboi Nov 02, 2009

Missingno is a pokemon found with the old man glitch. It has the highest atk base in the whole game but it has the lowest Def too! Some players dont catch this pokemon because it may erase your game data (especially if its lvl 0)
How to find
1. Do the old man glitch and fly to chinnaber isle
2. Surf on the east part of the water and you should find MissingNo

PkMnaPkMnfPkMnk is a usless pokemon without a sprite and freezes the game when the player uses it in battle! When you battle it, it would use the sprite of a random pokemon. It has the highest HP in the game. Its stats get pretty high!
How to find
Do the mew glitch and you might encounter one!

p T
p T is a pokemon that might freeze the game when you catch it. like
PkMnaPkMnfPkMnk the pokemon has no sprite!
How to find
1. Mew glitch

PC4SH is a pokemon with no sprite and the cry of Rhydon.
How to find
1. Mew glitch

PkMn is a pokemon with a sprite. it is the weakest(0 atk) and the fastest!
How to find
1. Mew glitch

PokWTrainer is a pokemon who is offically known as Rainer. Its extreamly rare
How to obtain
1. Mew glitch

Chiisai-u is a pokemon that is a feamale and envolves to spearow at lvl 9. You will need to catch two if you want one because the VERY first one you catch will revert to a Rhydon.
How to find
1. Mew glitch or gameshark

h POK is a extreamlly hard to find and catch. It is known as the heaviest pokemon(6,099 lbs)

how to find
1. Mew glich method #3

LM4 is the shortened version of his name(L ||M 4). it envolves into a clefairy at lvl 18 and if the evolution is canceled it would envolve into a nidoking
How to find
Mew glitch

a is a pokemon that may freeze the game anytime
How to find
1.Mew glitch

A is unlike oter glitch pokemon because it does not freeze the game or corrupt save data
How to find
1. Mew glitch

4B 8 4 8
4B 8 4 8 is a pokemon envolved from another glitch pokemon
How to find
envolve from PkMnaPkMnfPkMnk

.4 is a weird pokemon that is pokemaniac-type
how to find
Mew glitch

'M is a brother of MissingNo
how to find
MissingNo glitch

Charizard 'M
A mysterious pokemon
How to find

NOTE: pokemon found by mew glitch are extreamly hard to find

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PeWter City Museum's Spaceship trivia

by Unregistered Mar 26, 2008

don't know if this is a hint/cheat whatever but i think it's interesting to know.

Bklue/red/ yellow was made 97-99 ish yes?

I'm guessing Pokemon was meant to be set in the future, when Spaceships/Shuttles will be defunct and put in musuems which is all fine and good.

however, in Pewter City's museum, there is a Spaceship or shuttle (I can never remember which one). Space Shuttle Columbia to be exact. the same one that crashed on re-entry in 2003.

unsurprisingly this has been omitted from the FireRed/LeafGreen remakes.

PS: before anyone tries to bite my head off (this has happened elsewhere) I know they couldnt have predicted this several years before hand, i just think it's a neat bit of trivia :)

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RaRe Candy

by _answerman_ Sep 24, 2007

Go to Cerulean city and go to the man talks you with the badges.DONT TALK HÄ°M.Go to the other door (NOT THE ENTRANCE)go to there and press A while moving.Move all the backyard and you will found an RARE CANDY

I hope you can understand the secret!

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GeT x99 of your 6th item

by _answerman_ Sep 24, 2007

first get the item that you want 99x of them at the 6th item slot.Then go to the man that shows you how to catch pokemon.Watch him then fly to Cinnibar Ä°sland and surf on the right side of the sea.DO NOT USE LEFT OR RÄ°GHT KEYS WHEN YOUR Ä°N THE WATER!!.JUST SWÄ°M UP AND DOWN UNTÄ°L AN MÄ°SSÄ°NGNO OR A (GLÄ°TCH)M(gLÄ°TCH) POKEMON.DONT CATCH THEM Ä°F YOU DO Ä°T WÄ°LL MESSUP YOUR GAME.WHEN YOU SEE THE MÄ°SSÄ°NGNO OR THE OTHER ONE just run and check out your 6th item there will be (glitch)x9 its not just x9 keep using it then if there be x 9 then that glitch is invisible.use it until it appears x 99. I used to make rare candys and do them to my pokemon its flowing the fun of the game.let me give you an hint too. after x 99 use the item but if you want to do the cheat again there must be at least x 1 of your item.if you dont do (i did it once)you must find another of that item.Good luck!

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hoW to catch the electric bird Zapdos

by jimster Jan 19, 2009

1 make sure your pkmn are strong, and that u have a lot of ultraballs and moves that paralze or sleep
2 find Zapdos at the Power Plant
3 save the game
4 talk to it(battle)
5 weaken it too yellow or red(put to sleep or paralze)
6 throw an ultraball at it until caught

if u failed restart the game

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