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coloning pokemon

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Glitch - Cloning:


Cloning is a very dangerous cheat that could destroy your game completly, that's why we

all do it. :D

What I do, just for procaution, I leave one box for cloning only. If you leave pokemon in

a box that are not being cloned, they will be erased.

First, choose a box you're going to use. Make sure you do not do any, ANY, box operations

before this. For example, don't withdraw a pokemon and then clone, it could delete it.

Second, make sure the pokemon you want to clone is in your party. If you want to clone an

item too, atach it to the pokemon.

Third, turn on the PC and go to Bills PC. Once there, deposite the pokemon into the 'clone


Forth, go to change boxes. Change the box to a box WITHOUT pokemon in it. But don't let it


Five, if you play Gold or Silver, turn the game off when it says, "saving, don't turn off

the power" right before the period. If you play Crystal, turn the game off when it says,

"saving, don't turn off the power." three seconds after the period. The reason why is

because in Gold and Silver, the game saved data from most resent data to oldest data. In

Crystal, the game saves from oldest to most resent. Weird.

Warning: It's best to save right before doing this. And if your pokemon come out with

mixed up names, take the items from them and release them. DON'T battle with them!

You can do up to 5 at a time. I hope that I helped and good luck to you. Happy Cloning!