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Pokemon Emerald Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Emerald cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 318 cheats in our list, which includes 35 easter eggs, 53 glitches, 230 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Emerald on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!


by Pyro7 Jun 18, 2007

1. Go to battletower
2. Go to your pc and deposit that pokemon you want clone (5 at time)
3. Then save and take them out and go to the multi link person.
4. Take open level or 50 lv and say yes, yes, and then no,then turn off your gameboy and turn it on and check your box

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MuLtiply Pokemon

by Icicles Oct 22, 2007

When In The Battle tower have The Pokemon you want to multiply in your cpu and save. then take your pokemon thata you want to multiply out so youy have the pokemon you want to multiply and 1 spare slot in your team. Got to the lady closest to the Cpu. When your saving just about to enter battle tower off your Sp, gba or ds. On it again and you should have a pokemon in your Pc And in your team :) Please rate me up :)


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poKemon cloning emerald only 6 POKEMON

by venusaur17 Aug 14, 2007

here's how it works
go to the battle tower
1. put the pokemon you want to clone in your party, and i suggest giving them items
2. go to move pokemon and deposit all but one of your pokemon in an EMPTY BOX.
3. take another pokemon in your PC and switch it wih your one pokemon and put it in the same box
4. exit the PC and save.
5. switch one of the pokemon with the pokemon in your party PUT IT IN ANOTHER BOX
6. withdraw the rest of your pokemon.
7. go to the lady closet to the pc NOTE if you have pokemon with the same items, take the items
8. challenge open level, say yes, there will be a gap.
9. when she says DO YOU WANT TO SAVE THE GAME turn the gameboy off.
10. turn the gameboy back on, go to the PC, and there you go six pokemon holding any items you gave the origanal
this works with all pokemon (yes mew, mewtwo, the dogs, the 5 birds, celibi, regis, even Groudon, kyogreand rayquaza) you just need 2 eligible pokemon to enter.
Veusaur with 17 ribbons, out.

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ClOne items

by Google-plus Apr 01, 2009

Head to the battle frontier This is similar to cloning pokemon except your cloning items faster Go to the battle tower then go torwards the PC Give a pokemon an item in your box and it could be any item besides Key items Exit the PC and save where you are Go back to the boxes and remove the item from the pokemon Go to the far right side of the battle tower and tell the woman that you would like to save the game During the moment where you save shut the game off or press A+B+Select+Start Re-enter your game and in you bag and box the number of that item doubled

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clOning pokemon

by Undertaker2009 Jul 09, 2008

1.Beat the elite four.
2.Go to the battle tower in battle frontier and save.
3.Deposit the pokemon you want to clone in a empty box.
5.Withdraw the pokemon you deposited.
6.Go to the lady furthest to the right (muti room).
7.Talk to her.
8.Select any two pokemon in a open level challenge.
9.A two second pause will occur.
10.She will ask you if you want to save.
11.Say yes and Turn the game off before it finishes.
12.If it say a error occur, that's how you it worked.
13.Check your team and the boxes.

*Give a item to the cloning pokemon to clone it.
**I'm not sure if it will work in Ruby or Sapphire.

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ClOning Pokemon and Items

by Undertaker2009 Jun 26, 2008

1.Beat the elite four.
2.Go to the battle tower in battle frontier and save.
3.Deposit the pokemon you want to clone in a empty box.
5.Withdraw the pokemon you deposited.
6.Go to the lady furthest to the right (muti room).
7.Talk to her.
8.Select any two pokemon in a open level challenge.
9.A two second pause will occur.
10.She will ask you if you want to save.
11.Say yes and Turn the game off before it finishes.
12.If it say a error occur, that's how you it worked.
13.Check your team and the boxes.

*Give a item to the cloning pokemon to clone it.
**I'm not sure if it will work in Ruby or Sapphire.

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ItEm cloning

by captjacob33 Feb 04, 2008

This is like the pokemon cloning but its items
#1 got to the battle tower the go to pc have a box thats full of pokemon
#2 give the pokemon the item u want to clone(if you have more than 1 give it to another pokemon)(note: you give the item to the pokemon in the pc not in your party.)
#3exit the pc and save.
#4now go back to the pc and take the item(s) back,DON'T SAVE.
#5 now talk to the wireless multi battle lady(the one you see closest to the pc)and talk to her.take either level 50 or open level.
#6 when you have the 2 pokemon picked press O.K and she will say before you battle you must save select yes and there will be a 2 or 3 second pause when she talks restart the game and go to your pc. the items will be in your bag and the pokemon you gave them to in you pc.
#7then go back to the pc and give the items in your bag to pokemon in your pc not holding items . do steps 3-6 and keep doing this to you have the amount of items you want.
thats it this is my first cheat i ever submitted so i hope this helps.

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POKERUS it is not a lie

by StarScream08 May 26, 2008

i was cruzin through route 119 through that huge grass and ran into a tropius (didn't have 1) i caught it didn't take any notice.... little while after went and healed my pokemon and nurse started talkin about the virus.. i was like wat? then i deposited the tropious and boom all my pokemon got it in like 1 day

its real your stats usually raise like 1-5 points per lvl now they go 8+ its so good

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thE 3rd missingno

by jenny333 Apr 27, 2009

the first species of missingno was in pokemon red. it looks like a cardboard square thats ripped into peices

the second species of missingno was in pokemon ruby. it has the symbol of when you didn't see a pokemon in the pokedex. its black and white with a question mark.

with advanced cheats, cheating tools, and glitches, hackers have discoverd a new species of missingno!

its called IND. the person who discoverd this didnt call it IND. it was already like it!
IND is a missingno that is pink circle. it can learn peck infinity times! to get IND, you need to find a gameshark code that could make pokemon that can't evolve,evolve! try and use the cheat on groundon, use a rare candy to make it level 55. and look ITS THE WONDERFUL IND! the best pokemon ever! lol

warning: during evolution prosses, the game might freeze.

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WaRning:Releasing Pokemon

by sdan12 Jul 11, 2011

When you release a Pokemon make sure it doesn't have an item that you can only get once because if it's holding an exp.share or an amulet coin, you can only get those once. So you have to be carful when you release Pokemon and you should always check and see if there holding an item and if so, you should take it off.

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WeIrd and creepy stuff in Fortree city

by Unregistered Apr 13, 2009

There is some really weird stuff going on with fortree city. I shall explain:
1. When you leave fortree city on route 120, you cross a bridge and if you go all the way to the left you can see a house. Go back to fortree there isn't one there.
2. If you keep on going almost to route 121 and you go up the stairs to the place with the lake and berries, go up through the tall grass to the place with the hiker guy. Look to the right you will see the place that was sunny, only now its not, its raining.
3. If you go from fortree city to route 119, you'll see a river surf on it and go up the first waterfall you come to. Then go on land and you should see some white beams. Using an acro bike you can cross the beams. When you look on the map, you will see that you are southwest of fortree city. Only you are right next to fortree city so you are only west.
4. Go to the second house on the upper half of fortree city. The house is sort of floating because there is nothing to hold it up.
5. Go on to one of the bridges. Take ONE step. It won't move. Now take another step it moves. Take two or three more steps depending on which bridge youre on and youre not even on the bridge and it is still moving.
6. Look at all the big trees theres purple around them like they're ghosts or something! Then look at the little trees and the pokemon center. The little trees have shadows but the pokemon center doesn't so the building just sort of a ghost.
7. The gym is way out of proportion. Well, all gyms are like that right But if you look at the front of the gym, there should be windows. Go inside at the front there are no windows. Now go to the back inside there are windows! Its like the windows switched places! Weird isn't it!
The person with the amazing cheats!

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ClOning pokemon

by Unregistered May 26, 2008

To learn how to clone, follow these instructions:
1. beat the Elite 4.
2. fly to Battle Frontier
3. go into the Battle Tower
4. go to the PC
5. deposit the pokemon you want to clone in an empty PC box
6. log off the PC
7. save your game
8. log back on
9. withdraw the pokemon into your party
10. log off and go to the blue haired lady closest to you
11. talk to the lady and answer "yes" to her question
12. enter the pokemon you want to clone in the battle
13. when she asks you something about your progress being saved, answer "yes"
NOTE: there will be a time glitch and your pokemon will be cloned
14. when the regular save screen comes up, answer no
15. turn off your game and then turn it back on
16. there should be the pokemon in your party and in your PC box

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ThE Blend Master

by ckjkj Apr 22, 2010

When the Blend Master comes to Lilycove City(the tv should tell you)fly over to Lilycove.Enter the pokemon contest building and to the right you should see a bunch of people watching the blend master.Now "SAVE" your game near where the blend master is.Usually the blend master is only in lilycove for a day but since you saved your game, the bland master will be there everyday.You can bleand as many berries as you want to.

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by ckjkj Apr 22, 2010

To get Shedinja, make sure that you have at least 1 PokBall of any type and make sure that you have at least 1 empty space in your team.

Train a Nincada to level 20. Nincada will evolve into Ninjask, and evolve into Shedinja. You get to keep them both.

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ClOning Pokemon and Items

by Poke-Maniac Nov 03, 2009

To clone a Pokemon you must follow these Steps ^_^
Step 1:Go To Battle Frontier
Step 2:Put The Pokemon You Want To Clone In a Empty Box In Your Pc
Step 3:Get Off The Pc and Save Your Game
Step 4:Get On Your Pc and Withdraw the Pokemon You Want to Clone
Step 5:Then Go And Talk To The Girl All the Way in the Right and Choose Open Level
Step 6:She would Ask You to save the Game Don't do anything just Press "Star+Select+A+B" at the same Time (It will Restart The Game)
Step 7: then Go back to the Pc and you will See the pokemon In your Pc and in Your Party.

To Clone an item Just do the same thing but give an pokemon to hold Like a Master Ball and it would clone the Pokemon and the Item.

*NOTE* (IF Dont Under Stand Just Copy and Paste This IN the bottom)
THX and Remember to subscribe Me (*_*)
Thank You

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by mew807 Feb 21, 2008

to clone pokemon(even legendariys) follow the steps in the correct order

1. go to the battle tower

2. deposit the pokemon you wish to be cloned in a box called 'box 9'

3. save your game

4. withdraw your pokemon that you wish to be cloned

5. go to the link battle lady( last one to the right)

6. choose open lev

7. while its saving dont let it save turn off your game so it corrupts

8. you will still have your pokemon on your team and in 'box 9'

9.you have now cloned your pokemon!

-----------------------------------happy cloning--------------------------------------

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by Dingaling Feb 11, 2008

1. Equip the Pokemon with the item you want to clone;
2. Put that Pokemon in a box, doesn't matter which one;
3. Save;
4. Withdraw the Pokemon from the box;
5. Talk to the lady on the far right and agree to do the challenge;
6. Say Yes to the need to save the game;
Now, you have to wait a second before it gives the saving prompt.
7. Do NOT Save, instead, reset (soft and hard both work) the game;
8. When you turn on the game, you'll have the Pokemon in your team and in the box (with the item).

You can clone up to five Pokemon per try this way.

be carefull, you can lose pokemon like this

I lost my regirock because I cloned 6 instead
sniff, sniff T_T

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HOW to get johto pokemons!!!!!!

by ZAQWAN93 Dec 07, 2007

After u beat all the GYMLEADERS n E4 go to the safari zone!!!!!!
there u will find a lot of johto pokemons.....
if u dont spot 1 just keep trying!!!!

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PoKemon Emerald Cloning Glitch

by FluffyAZN Jan 29, 2013


Pokemon Emerald is to me the best Pokemon GBA game because of not only the moving battle sprites and being my favorite Pokemon region, but also because of the total domination you can get from the cloning glitch. Cloning rare items can make EV training much easier, cloning Rare Candies can give you endless lvl 100 Pokemon, and cloning hundreds of the same rare Pokemon can give you the upper hand in trading.


1.) You must first have access to the Battle Frontier after beating the Elite Four.

2.) You must have 2 Pokemon eligible to compete in the Battle Tower in your party (the Pokemon you want to clone can be included).


1.) Go to the Battle Frontier.

2.) Go to the PC in the Battle Tower.

3.) Place the Pokemon you want to clone in any box in the PC and save (if the Pokemon you want to clone is already in the PC, skip this step).

4.) Take the Pokemon you want to clone out of the PC and talk to the Battle Tower receptionist closest to the PC (far right).

5.) Enter the Linked Battle competition (you can choose either the lvl 50 or open lvl one) and accept the receptionist's offer to save.

6.) There should be a slight pause before the save game menu appears. Restart the game when the menu appears (if you restart the game during the pause, you risk deleting your saved game and losing all your data).

7.) When you check the PC afterwards, your cloned pokemon should be in the PC as well as your party. Note: Make the Pokemon you want to clone hold an item to clone that item.

ADVANCED (Cloning Multiple Pokemon At Once):

1.) Follow steps 1-2 of the cloning process.

2.) Put up to 5 Pokemon you want to clone into the PC then save. (if the Pokemon you want to clone are already in the PC, skip this step.

3.) Follow steps 4-7 of the cloning process.

ADVANCED (Cloning Multiple Items At Once):

1.) Follow steps 1-2 of the cloning process.

2.) Give all of the items you want to clone to as much Pokemon you have in your PC (for instance, make any 15 Pokemon in your PC hold as much Pamtre berries you have in your inventory) (if you don't have enough Pokemon, clone more).

3.) Save the game.

4.) Take all the items from the Pokemon in your PC back into your bag.

5.) Follow steps 5-6 of the cloning process.

6.) Repeat steps 2-5 to get as many of the item as you want (after multiple processes, you should be cloning more and more items each time).

IMPORTANT: Remember, when... 

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HoW to get Latios/Latias easy

by Unregistered Mar 27, 2008

First you use the pokemon modifier cheat on any pokemon.Then use a repel.If you walk around in the grass for a little bit, you can find Latios or Latias.It worked for me.

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by sdan12 Jul 06, 2011

When you clone if you don't take your pokemon out of the box after you save and then you go through the rest of the steps then you will lose whatever pokemon that was in there and you will lose the item their holding. I know because i forgot to take out my level 100 blaziken, level 56 ninetales, and my level 51 tropius. So please be careful when you clone.

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CaTching Latias or Latios

by ckjkj Apr 22, 2010

The legendary latias latios are very difficult to find. If you have seen them before but failed to catch it(must not have defeated it), there is a much more easier way to see them again. This glitch is present in ruby sapphire and emerald.There are two methods to do this.

A. Turn & on turn off Method
1.Firstly, save the game.
2.Look in the location of latios/latias in the pokedex.
3. If it is not in your present location,
turn off the game and switch it on .
4.Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have it directly on your present location location
5.When that happens,go to any nearby grass path or any where you can find wild pokemon.The first pokemon you will find is latios or latias(whichever you can get)

B. Go In and go out method
1.Stand outside to the house route 119.
2.Look in the location of latios/latias in the pokedex.
3. If it is not in your present location,go in and come out of the house.
4.Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have it directly on your present location location
5.When that happens,go to nearby tall grass path.make sure that the pokemon the first slot is below lvl40.
The first pokemon you will find is latios or latias(whichever you can get).

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ClOne your Pokemon

by WoWfan001 Apr 07, 2010

Okay, this one actually works but you will have to read it VERY CAREFULLY. If you get one detail wrong, you will lose a legendary (it will be released automatically). This is true:

1.Fly to the Battle Tower
2.Go to the PC
3.Put the desired Pokemon to be cloned in a box ON ITS OWN (if you are cloning two, put each one in a seperate box)
4.Exit and save
5.Take the Pokemon back out
6.Talk to the Battle Tower lady that is closest to you
7.Choose Open Lv.
8.When she asks you what Pokemon to select, choose the cloning Pokemon and another random Pokemon (if you are cloning two, choose both)
9.When she asks you to save, accept and turn off the system when it is saving
10.Turn it back on and you will have one of the clones in your party, the other in your PC

NOTE: Try giving your Pokemon an item and clone it. You'll find not only your Pokemon has been cloned.

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PoMeg Berry Glitch

by BrambleBlast Dec 07, 2009

1.Get Pomeg Berry

2.Get Pokemon Thats Hp is lowered by 2 In order for infinite hp,or 1 to make your egg battle or pokemon battle while it is still Knocked out when Pomeg Berry is consumed.

3.Get Said Pokemon's Hp to 1

4.Use Pomeg Berry on it.


Eggs can be trained just like regular pokemon allowing a lvl.5 Blastoise to be obtaimable.

Pokemon with infinite hp or Pokemon to battle without hp

Bad Effects


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WeIrd and creepy stuff-the route 110 version!

by Unregistered Apr 13, 2009

Since I made a weird and creepy stuff about fortree city I decided to make a weird and creepy stuff about route 110 because it is messed up!! Enjoy!
1. If you are right below mauville in front of the door to the building where the lady kicks you out if you don't have a bike, you should be able to see an old guy. He walks around and so he should be visible from the other side. Go through the building to the other side and even if you wait for 5 minutes you will not see the old guy.
2. This is just really funny. Go on cycling road to where the girl fell of her bike; you will see the girl with the bike under the overpass you are on. Try to bike off at the exaact same point she did. You can't but now your person is dancing! Now try it with an acro bike doing a wheelie it is sped up! But when you are hopping your person does nothing!
3. Okay this isn't really on route 110 this is in mauville but its close. go to the beginning of the city, and all the way to the right. There are houses without doors.
4. If you start walking on route 110 and you surf from the first place you can surf on, go up and there is an island in plain view of cycling road. Look for this island on cycling road; it is shaped differently than it was on route 110.

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